Tariq Ramadan beats the Islamophobia Drum: “Blair can no longer deny a link exists between terrorism and foreign policy”

And the far left Guardian provides a platform for Islamofascist propaganda:


“Let us look closely at recent developments in government policy toward Muslims. The British Muslim reaction to the July 7 attacks was exemplary, as Ken Livingstone pointed out, and this was a proof that they were well integrated into society. A policy of constructive engagement would have spared no effort to make the best of these tragic events.

“Instead, the British government has adopted an attitude of double denial, at home and abroad. Obsession with the ‘terrorist threat’ rapidly colonised debate and drove the government headlong into an approach restricted to the ‘fight against radicalisation and extremism’…. Further, this policy was accompanied by a demeaning – and frequently paternalistic – argument on the necessity of ‘integration’. Muslims, so it went, must accept those British values (liberty, tolerance, democracy, etc) that make up the essence of ‘Britishness’.”

* Frere Tariq, agent of the Muslim brotherhood, takes projection to new heights.

All of this and more on infidel stupidity and willful ignorance …

I think I wanna puke…


Melanie Phillips injects some sense of sanity in all the madness:

The stupor of Britain’s useful idiots

The charismatic Tariq Ramadan is the British establishment’s favourite Islamist radical. In a magisterial piece of writing in New Republic Paul Berman, author of ‘Terror and Liberalism’, reviews a clutch of books by Ramadan and not only manages to disinter the extremism that Ramadan goes to such lengths to conceal but he also comprehensively shreds the various useful idiots who have sanitised Ramadan’s thinking for public consumption – the people who, in Berman’s cutting terms, in applauding or merely in growing pensive, seemed to have accepted his categories of analysis, as if in a stupor.

So great is this collective stupor that, despite the fact that Ramadan was excluded from the US because of his suspected links with extremism, Oxford university has given him an academic berth – and the British government appointed him as one of its advisers on how to deal with… Islamist extremism. Berman’s article shows just how deeply the west’s collective brain has been put to sleep.

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  1. Tariq Ramadan can no longer deny a link exists between islam, muslims and terrorism.

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