Clowns and other Assholes

Summer is not far away and the nutroots are out in force for some serious demonstrations:


Germany: Heiligendam G8 Summit Protester


THOUSANDS of naked cyclists toured the streets of cities around the world yesterday to protest against oil dependency and the car culture. 20070609romeanarchy01.jpg

America, the evil empire: Who could could argue with that?


Rome, Italy





Zombie has more if you can bear it: 

Some of the comments from other blogs:
p.s. – and when shariah law is imposed in major parts of their country,these same cycling tree monkeys will wonder why and how it happened—

Would have been an interesting sight, though not as interesting as a scrotum caught in a bike chain.

Any comments?

3 thoughts on “Clowns and other Assholes”

  1. Could do with a Blitzkreig Bicycle Seat Removing Commando.

    That’d sort ’em out.

  2. When sharia comes to these idiots I’m opening a sword factory. The beheadings will never end so someone should profit on the deaths of such fools.

  3. I wonder how many of the protesters will be riding their bikes to work, from now on. Will they ride to the grocery store? Will the answer to these questions depend on whether the skies are sunny or rainy?

    Or, are these just idjits who wanted to ride around in the nude? The thing about this protest is that in a week no one will remember exactly why they saw these cycling nudists. They’ll only remember nude bicyclists. The whole stunt looks like it Pledge Week at the local University.

    Protest is good, but it’s an event. Changing your own lifestyle is a process.
    (And, yes–my money is where my mouth is. I live too far from work to walk or ride, but I live close enough to my grocery store to walk, and yesterday, I did.)

    A hint: My Igloo cooler on wheels, (with the long handle, like the ones on the suitcases nowadays) kept my frozen food frozen for a mile and a half, in high 80’s weather. Not bad, I thought.

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