Hamas, Fatah truce collapses in bloodshed, 8 dead

Once again Al Reuters Nidal Al Mughrabi dutifully reports that some kind of  ‘truce has been broken’ between the ‘Palestinians’- 

At what point will the media start calling this what it is—a civil war—and stop trying to hoodwink the public with this ridiculous “truce” nonsense?

Palestinian gunmen fought inside a hospital and fired on the prime minister’s offices after a truce collapsed on Monday, killing eight people in factional violence that cast fresh doubt over the future of the unity coalition.

“Everybody is shooting at everybody,” a doctor at the Beit Hanoun hospital in the northern Gaza Strip said as a gunbattle raged between the Islamist Hamas and secular Fatah groups.

A member of Hamas’s Executive Force, two Fatah fighters and another person, who was not immediately identified, were killed and 19 people wounded, hospital officials said.

The heavy fighting doomed an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire announced just hours before and threw a shadow over long-term prospects for the unity coalition that Hamas and Fatah formed three months ago.


AP Photo: Palestinian mourners carry the body of Hamas supporter Mohammed Rifati during his funeral

The truce was the latest attempt to end internal strife in which some 620 Palestinians are estimated to have been killed since Hamas beat Fatah in a 2006 election.

The hospital battle, waged inside and outside the facility, was triggered by the shooting of a bodyguard of an intelligence officer affiliated with President Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction.

Relatives of the dead man and Fatah fighters then stormed the hospital, which is guarded by the Executive Force, a security contingent loyal to Hamas.

In a separate incident, two gunmen — one from Fatah and the other from Hamas — were killed in a clash in a refugee camp in Gaza City. A Hamas fighter was killed in violence in the town of Beit Lahiye in northern Gaza.

Earlier, gunmen fired on the offices of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas. No one was hurt in the attack, which an aide to Haniyeh blamed on Fatah.

But the cabinet session that had been under way in the building was suspended because of the gunfire from a nearby rooftop. Fatah denied its fighters were involved. Only one Fatah minister attended the meeting.


Gunmen also stormed a mosque in Gaza City, damaging a library, Hamas said. The incident touched off a gunbattle outside the house of worship. Fatah denied any involvement.


Palestinian Hamas militant takes position in front of Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh’s office during clashes with gunmen in Gaza, June 11, 2007. (Mohammed Salem/Reuters)

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Militants battling on the rooftops of Gaza fired on the Palestinian government headquarters on Monday, forcing the ministers to flee the building. The unusually brazen factional fighting left seven Palestinians dead, including three killed in a hospital gunbattle.

Fighting between Fatah and Hamas forces resumed over the weekend, and the attacks have grown bolder. Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh’s home was shot at early Monday, and hours later a Hamas supporter was killed in a firefight near Beit Hanoun Hospital, witnesses said. The fighting shifted into the hospital, where three people with ties to Fatah were killed.

On Sunday, two militants from the rival sides were dragged onto high-rise rooftops and thrown to their deaths.

* As always we are rooting for both sides in this conflict… 

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  1. No honor among scum. Another truce broken. Inevitable, given Islamaniacs were on both sides of it.

  2. Idiotism I would call that, who are these people who claim to represent the palestinian people, fighting against each other certainly helps the palestinian cause,.

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