Muslim Public Affairs Committee: Britain is to Blame for London Car Bombs

* Stop Resisting Islam or Else…!

The UK’s Muslim Public Affairs Committee is getting out in front of today’s attempted mass murder attacks in London, and pushing their usual jihadi propaganda—it’s Britain’s foreign policy that’s to blame, and if they don’t change it to be more in line with the Islamic agenda, they can expect more: MPACUK – Foreign Office’s top official: Iraq war fuelling Muslim extremism.

The Foreign Office’s top official warned Downing Street that the Iraq war was fuelling Muslim extremism in Britain a year before the 7 July bombings, The Observer can reveal.

Despite repeated denials by Number 10 that the war made Britain a target for terrorists, a letter from Michael Jay, the Foreign Office permanent under-secretary, to the cabinet secretary, Sir Andrew Turnbull – obtained by this newspaper – makes the connection clear.

The letter, dated 18 May 2004, says British foreign policy was a ‘recurring theme’ in the Muslim community, ‘especially in the context of the Middle East peace process and Iraq’.

And in case one post at their site doesn’t get the message across, there’s a second, featuring a graphic picture of a bloody baby: MPACUK – UK’s wars ‘leave EU at risk of terrorism’.

* The Moonbats will gobble it up like a new religion…

* And the Muhammedan’s already prepared the exit strategy:

MPACUK Recieves Death Threats

* You can’t beat the bastards. They seem to be always one step ahead….

and the nutroots support them, even if they see their own son’s head’s chopped off (Nick Berg and his moonbat father who blames ‘Bush’) and the wife of Daniel Pearl who was naive and dumb enough to waltz around Pakistan looking for the jihad until he lost his head…


Shiva from the Illustrated PIG has a great history piece up on his blog: A Prelude to the French Riots


“Any person with even the slightest knowledge of Islam would know that this sort of behaviour is totally anti-Islamic.”

3 thoughts on “Muslim Public Affairs Committee: Britain is to Blame for London Car Bombs”

  1. Same old tactics are going on and they always blame others. Why can’t people from other faiths do the same? Why can’t they understand the evil ideology they follow and can’t they blame that?.

    We have to stop to listening to these people. We should make them understand that we don’t need to listen to them, instead we want to fight in the way they fight. If they are British citizens, the first thing they should understand is to be loyal to their country not Islam. If they can’t follow this, deport all those muslims living in Europe and America. To do this we should pay US$10,000 to each muslim and ask them to go to their own muslim countries.

  2. The funy thing is tha, if the Western civilized nations were to leave Iraq to its fate, the islamo-nazis would beg the West to get back there, just like they begged the West to fight Muslim Saddam when he invaded Muslim Kuwait.

  3. “MPACUK Recieves Death Threats”

    The “death threat” doesn’t look like it was composed by the sharpest knife in
    the drawer. However, the MPACUK site has a link to a recent BBC story of
    two “Asian men” driving a burning Jeep Cherokee into the main Glasgow
    airport terminal building. Now who would do such a thing? I have no idea.
    ( )

    P.s. I love the way the UK Police stay calm in a terror emergency: “Excuse
    me ladies and gentlemen, could you please move away”.

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