New Hampshire Muslim leader:”Outlawing of polygamy is denying certain citizens their full freedom”

* Because the sharia is ‘above man-made’ law. Because polygamy is not bad. Its only that we stupid infidels  are ignorant and ‘misunderstand’ Islam, you see.

And hey, why worry? Fewer than 20,000 Muslims in America practice it! Nothing to see here, move on, no need to wake up…

Sharia Alert from New Hampshire: polygamy is, like all of Islam, just great and severely misunderstood. “Multiple wives often misunderstood, Muslims say,” by Chloe Johnson for Foster’s Online, with thanks to Dhimmi Watch.
While the practice is not legal in the United States, polygamy is accepted in some parts of the world and permitted under certain circumstances in some religions, including Islam.



Abu-Ibrahim Mohamed, a member of the Islamic Society of the Seacoast Area in Dover, said Muslims look to their faith for guidance in life, including a perspective on polygamy.

“Islam presents a unique world view and a complete way of life,” he said in an e-mail to the newspaper.

Muslims look upon marriage as a scared institution and a serious commitment, he said.

Polygamy is a highly regulated contract that multiplies the vows of marriage. So it’s an additional challenge for the faithful, he said.

“Many times, polygamy is looked at as man’s right to legally marry more than one woman,” he said. “This is a totally flawed way of looking at the matter.”

He said people should consider looking at it as a woman’s right to be cared for and provided for, and to have the full legal rights of a wife.

The Quran regulates polygamy, like other aspects of life, he said.

* Sure. What he didn’t tell us is that a good muslim husband can throw the woman out in the street when he is fed up with with her…

Read it all…

The sympathetic tone of this writer is infuriating…

But here’s what its -really- all about:

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