Pakistan Daily Admits that Radical Islam is Supported by Islamic Scriptures

An article in the Pakistan Daily Times makes interesting reading:


Usually Muslims, when confronted with the Koran or the hadith, come up with all kinds of excuses and weasel and lie and deny, in order to deceive the pesky, inquisitive infidel; Islam must not be questioned. But here we actually have an editorial that not only confirms this, but also that those who argue against the scriptures -where are they?- would commit blasphemy and you know what that means in a place like Pakistan:

There is a lot of confusion in Pakistan over understanding the nature of violence in the country. What the Taliban want in the Tribal Areas is articulated in the mosques of the big cities in the settled areas. At any given time in Lahore, for instance, you will hear demands for the setting up of precisely the kind of governance demanded by the Taliban and implemented in the tribal areas. Most of us think that this kind of worldview in Lahore comes from fringe elements, but on close examination more and more people are embracing this discourse as their key to replacing the present “America-enslaved” system.

Most of us shy away from disputing this worldview with the clergy because the clergy quotes the Quran and hadith, thus exposing us to the possibility of blasphemy through repudiating the scripture. This is the “winning” discourse in Pakistan and elsewhere in the Islamic world — and the expatriate Muslim communities now at odds with the societies in which they live. This discourse comes to the fore on a daily basis through the nostalgic Urdu columns praising the “Golden Age of the Taliban rule” when “you could travel across Afghanistan with a box of jewellery without being robbed”.

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Immediately comes a steaming pile of taqiyya from Pakistans PM to put the minds of ignorant infidels at ease:

Here Shaukat Aziz repeats platitudes we have heard many times before, and yet again pretends that the problem of Islamic terrorism stems from “Islamophobia,” while never acknowledging or confronting the fact that the “few” who are committing terrorist acts are the ones who are making the equation between Islam and terrorism. If they would stop equating Islam and terrorism, non-Muslims would stop making the association also.

“Attempts to equate Islam with terrorism must be rejected: Shaukat Aziz,” from APP, with thanks to APP via  JW

The actions of a few should not influence perceptions about Islam and Muslims, the majority of whom are peace loving, responsible citizens across the world”, he added. 

And infidel wankers sit and listen to such drivel without a word of protest.

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  1. This guy jihadzeb came on Jihadwatch polluting the forum:

    If you want to learn about Islam, then talk to people who truly follow it, not someone who slanders it.
    Posted by: ~JehanZeb~

    Jihad Zeb.. take the kitman and the taqqiyya and SHOVE ’em!! We’re sick and tired of you ugly terrorists.. you filthy scragglebeards..

    the constant lying and deceiving..

    the stealing and the badgering.. the harrassment and the deceit.

    Stay in YOUR lands and we will all be happier.

    Back to what I was doing.. drinking my beer.

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