Pay the Jiziyah, you filthy Kufars!

Current aid will not stop Gaza humanitarian crisis: UN

* Fitzgerald: It is absurd that the American government, that any Infidel government, that any Infidel taxpayers are being forced by their governments anywhere to support Muslims in the style to which they have grown accustomed — to wit, living on the disguised Jizyah of foreign aid from Infidels. They consider themselves entitled to this even though they remain implacably committed to the Islamic view of Infidels and, certainly in the case of the “Palestinian” Arabs of Fatah, determined to make life hell for the Israelis. 

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A Palestinian family crowd at their window to watch the funeral of Hamas militants in Gaza City, May 2007. Humanitarian aid flowing into the Gaza Strip since Hamas violently seized power two weeks ago is not enough to prevent a dire humanitarian crisis, the UN has warned.(AFP/File/Mohammed Abed)

Humanitarian aid flowing into the Gaza Strip since Hamas violently seized power two weeks ago is not enough to prevent a dire humanitarian crisis, the UN warned on Friday.

Over 1,500 tonnes of food, including nearly 400 tonnes of wheat and 569 tonnes of animal feed, as well as an additional 300,000 litres of milk, passed from Israel into the Gaza Strip on Friday, the army said in a statement.

But this fell far short of the amount of food, medical equipment and cement needed daily in Gaza to prevent a severe humanitarian crisis in the impoverished territory, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) said.

“One hundred and seventy-five truckloads of basic humanitarian aid have to get into the Gaza Strip every day in order to stave off a humanitarian crisis,” spokesman Christopher Gunness told AFP.

“The amount of supplies getting in today is not enough to stop a humanitarian crisis in Gaza,” where 80 percent of the 1.5 million Palestinians depend on external aid flowing mainly through Israel, he said.

Israel sealed Gaza’s borders when Hamas, whose charter calls for the destruction of the Jewish state, seized control of the territory on June 15 after routing Palestinian Authority security services.

Although Israel has allowed emergency deliveries in through various crossing points, the general closure has raised alarm about the impact on Gaza.

“We need the Karni crossing fully functioning now in order to allow food and cement necessary for urgent infrastructure works and housing projects to get in,” Gunness said referring to the main imports-exports terminal.

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  1. At the next Great Depression type event in the world millions of people all over the West are going to string up their idiot “leaders’ for this kind of BS and they will richly deserve it. Until something like that happens we will all continue to be oppressed by our “leaders” through the higher taxes they want to give those who would kill us all a better shot at doing so.

  2. Why (if evolution is true) do we continue to prop up the weakest link?
    Let them rise or fall on their own merit.

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