Peanut Khadr wants US to ‘fix’ Nepal Maoists


Jimmy Carter, the world’s leading appeasement weasel, the former president who doesn’t know when to shut up, now calls on the United States to “talk” with the Maoist thugs of Nepal.

KATHMANDU (AFP via LGF) – Former US President Jimmy Carter called on his country’s government Saturday to establish relations with Nepal’s former rebel Maoists, who remain on a list of US terrorist organisations.

“My opinion is that the US should establish some communication with the Maoists. The people of Nepal have accepted them as political players,” Carter told journalists at the end of a four-day visit to Nepal. …

* No surprises here. Khadr always had a big heart for commies, murderers and third world dictators… 

During his visit, Carter met with Prachanda, the Maoist leader whose nom-de-guerre means “the fierce one.” The 82-year-old former president admitted he was worried about the activities of the Young Communist League (YCL), the Maoist youth wing that has frequently been accused of using mafia-like tactics.

“I am still concerned about some of the activities of the YCL. My hope is that they will be corrected,” Carter told reporters at a hotel in the capital. “I have expressed my concern to him (Prachanda) and he has assured me he will do whatever possible to correct the problem,” Carter said.