Thank God its Friday!

With the knighting of Salman Rushdie we have already seen the usual response from planet Islam, the fanatical frenzy, which, according to Winston Churchill, is ‘more dangerous than hydrophobia in a dog’-

Now, today, after Friday prayers, the imam’s, mufti’s and mullah’s worldwide will whip the believers into the usual amok-inducing lunacy that makes them go on a rampage looting and killing, firebombing embassies and attacking westerners or unbelievers wherever they are, we shall see…

Meanwhile, a few pic’s in retrospect from this weeks demo’s in Islamistan:


This guy seems to be a regular protest-monkey, he already has a history and is known  as ‘rage-boy’ here

And Britain will not apologize for Rushie award

One thought on “Thank God its Friday!”

  1. Nice pic of Rage Boy. I can see why the ummah is so poor-nobody goes to work there. They’re all busy demonstrating on Illah’s behalf all the time because there’s never a shortage of things to enrage them. That explains why we seemingly see the same faces of hatred over and over again. Protesting IS their job-too bad it won’t get them out of the Third World because it doesn’t pay well.

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