UK: More Lies, More Denial, More Whining, More Taqiyya from the Muslims

Another vidclip from UK Channel 4, an interview with Abdurahman Jafar from the Muslim Safety Forum (key advisory body to the Metropolitan Police) and Shahid Malik, MP for Dewsbury, on the disturbing new survey of UK Muslims. Jafar tells the interviewer that “two thirds of the US public overall believe 9/11 was an inside job.”

From a poster on youtube:

I don’t think that this poll really means that many muslims don’t believe they were responsible. it just means that when faced with siding with the umma, or siding with the infidels, many muslims are going to lie no matter what. It goes against their religion to side with infidels. I’m sure many of the ones polled were the same ones who said the 4 men were ‘martyrs’ too. Just like the celebrate bin laden but publicly blame 9/11 on the jews “