Al Bebeceera Reporter Released

Did Johston ‘revert’ to Islam? Did they treat him well? Does he hate the Jooozzz more than before now? Surely he wouldn’t blame the Islamanics who held him, or would he? We shall see…

We didn’t hear much from Steve Centanni after his Pali-kidnappers released him, after forcibly ‘reverting’ him to Islam. Needless to say, the MSM won’t mention anything about it. Here he is; Link

Couldn’t possibly be a ‘rootcause’ of the conflict, could it? Nah, nobody takes religion seriously, that’s all so passe’- its all about the Jooozzz, if they would only give up more land….


What? No suntan?


Kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston is all smiles after being freed following four months in captivity in Gaza City 04 July. Johnston was freed early Wednesday in Gaza City after nearly four months in captivity, following an agreement reached by the Islamist movement Hamas with his abductors(AFP/Mohammed Abed)

GAZA CITY (AFP) – BBC journalist Alan Johnston was freed early Wednesday in Gaza City after nearly four months in captivity, following an agreement reached by the Islamist movement Hamas with his abductors.

“He was freed following an agreement with his kidnappers and he is in good health,” read a Hamas statement.

* Translation: ‘Agreement’- means $$$$$$

Johnston was seen outside the house of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya wearing jeans and a blue T-shirt with BBC colleagues, an AFP journalist said.

BBC’s director in Gaza, Sayed Abu Samallah, confirmed to AFP that “Alan is in our hands and he is in good health.”

Johnston, an award-winning journalist, was the only Western reporter still based permanently in the Gaza Strip when he was snatched at gunpoint on March 12.

The Army of Islam, the extremist group which claimed to have kidnapped the 45-year-old reporter, had threatened to kill him if any rescue attempt is made.

On June 24, Johnston appeared in a video, saying he was wearing a bomb-belt that his captors would detonate if there was any attempt to rescue him.

The Army of Islam had demanded the release of prisoners held in Britain and Jordan, has accused Hamas of exerting undue pressure for Johnston’s release in spiralling tensions between the two groups.

Hamas fighters on Tuesday fought gunbattles with Army of Islam militants in the Gaza suburb where Johnston was believed held, Hamas and witnesses said.

The clashes came after members of Hamas’s armed wing set up checkpoints at the entrance to the Sabra neighbourhood, searching vehicles and fanning out around a compound, witnesses said.

Sakher Abu El Oun reports for AFP:

GAZA CITY (AFP) – BBC journalist Alan Johnston was freed in Gaza on Wednesday after 16 weeks held hostage by Palestinian extremists, looking pale and drawn but delighted that his “terrifying” ordeal was over.

The Briton, by far the longest-held Westerner in the radicalised and impoverished Gaza Strip, stepped into the outside world before daybreak clutched by Hamas officials and surrounded by men waving guns in the air.

* ‘ Radicalised and impoverished Gaza strip?’ Hmm, who’s fault is that? And why are thy waving guns in the air? Must be a cultural thing…

“This case was a first priority for the Hamas government,” Haniya said.

* You see, Hamas are the good guys. The others are ‘extremists’… but who are the ‘others?’

“We made a big effort in past months to free him. He is the friend of the Palestinian people,” he said, expressing hope that a deal would be reached allowing the release of Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, who has been held in Gaza for a year.

* Sure he is a ‘friend of the Palistanian people’- that’s why Al Bebeceera sent him there…

Before Johnston left, Haniya pinned a Palestinian flag on Johnston’s lapel and draped a Palestinian flag around his shoulders.


Johnston all wrapped up!

Johnston then drove across the Erez border terminal in a BBC car with the broadcaster’s Jerusalem bureau chief Simon Wilson, accompanied by a British consulate car, before getting his passport checked by the Israeli authorities.

* Should read: Heading for safety to Israel. But an Arab would never write that…

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