Australia: Muslim cabbies recruiting for jihad

All our wheels are standing still, if it is in Allah’s will


* Muslim cab drivers from Minnesota to London, from Frankfurt to Brussels and from New York to Melbourne refuse to transport passengers who carry alcohol and refuse to take blind people with guide dogs,  because dogs are ‘haram’- unclean.  A record number of Muslims are driving fuel-trucks and other hazardous materials, and nobody ever questions their loyalties to the infidel nation state. How much longer?

Recently in a major American city I had another Wahhabi cab driver, with the distinctive Wahhabi beard. He didn’t offer me any DVD’s, but he did spend the ride proselytizing, and showed great curiosity as to where exactly I lived, which was one detail I was not all that disposed to tell him. Anyway, in Australia, some of that gentleman’s coreligionists who also drive cabs are much bolder.

“Muslim taxi conversions,” by Paul Anderson in the Herald Sun
TAXI authorities have condemned an Islamic recruiting drive by some of Melbourne’s Muslim cabbies using propaganda-style DVDs featuring radical preacher Sheik Khalid Yasin.
Three DVDs, two featuring Sheik Yasin, have been handed to the Herald Sun by an unwitting cab driver after a night trip.

The pro-Islamic discs were handed over in what appeared to be a sales pitch.

A controversial cleric, Sheik Yasin’s past outspoken visits to Australia have concerned security agencies and the Federal Government.

The DVDs given to the Herald Sun, with titles including Death . . . Your Time Is Up! and What Do You Really Know About Islam? feature Sheik Yasin preaching.

Meanwhile, the Victorian Taxi Directorate wants to stop this in order to protect…the cabbies:

The Victorian Taxi Directorate and police sources have condemned the practice of cabbies handing religious material to passengers.
It contravenes regulations and police say it could lead to violence against cabbies.

“The directorate is concerned with any driver conduct which may cause offence to the public,” a VTD spokesman said in a statement.

“The VTD will investigate all complaints lodged through our feedback and complaints service, and strongly encourages passengers to lodge complaints when they are unhappy or concerned with the service they have received.”

Two of the three discs given to the Herald Sun name Sheik Yasin as executive director of the Islamic Teaching Institute, dedicated to “conveying the message”.

“In the past 10 years, the ITI has delivered more than 5000 persons to Islam and an additional 1476 since the September 11 attacks,” the DVDs say.

“Sheik Yasin delivered a lecture in Saudi Arabia in 1994, which resulted in 43 persons accepting Islam on that very night.”

In one of the DVDs, Sheik Yasin says: “Let me for a moment introduce you to death so you know his name, know his characteristics.

“You will feel him. You will smell him. You will taste him. You will touch him.”

Tu-quoque Alert:

In another, the Malcolm X-inspired preacher says: “Many of you have heard or you’ve been told that Muslims are terrorists, fanatics, heretics, extremists, murderers and hostage takers.
“In some cases that is true . . . but let us be objective.

“Have not Jews and Christians also done those things, and are they not also doing those things? Yes, they are.”…

* Yes, I’ll never forget the day those Christian terrorists flew those jetliners into those high-rise office buildings.

Victoria Police would not officially comment on the issue, saying unless the DVDs were inciting violence it appeared no crime was being committed….
Sheik Yasin, a US-born preacher, has visited Australia on several occasions and lectured Islamic community groups and universities.

He gained notoriety in Australia by announcing on TV it was God’s will homosexuals be executed, and husbands could beat their misbehaving wives.

In 2005, Sheik Yasin wanted to set up a TV channel to convert Aborigines to Islam.

He also claimed the September 11 attacks were not the work of al-Qaida, and there was no such thing as a Muslim having a non-Muslim friend.

Australian politicians have called for the cancellation of his visa so he cannot come back.

There’s a start. But what about all the cabbies?

10 thoughts on “Australia: Muslim cabbies recruiting for jihad”

  1. “There’s a start. But what about all the cabbies?”

    Well, us dhummies have to pay a $2 airport taxi levy to pay for muslim cabbies’ prayer rooms and wudu washers in airports; they need somewhere to pray, when they aren’t preying on passengers.

  2. Getting a bit sick of all the concessions we make to them, and to have to pay for them as well is disgusting.

  3. Ahh, the old “Jews and Christians are doing it too…” mantra. Us Christians sure get bad press from these guys. It makes me think I should be even more fundamentalist and extreme… “Love your enemy, do good to those that hurt you, …..turn the other cheek,……. if he asks for your shirt, give him your coat also, …walk the extra mile….”

    I’m sure those words weren’t from mohammed….

  4. I guess this was inevitable-first the refusal to carry passengers with booze or dogs, now this. Wait until cabbies start beating up their riders who refuse to listen to the conversion BS-can THAT be far behind? Or how about the cabbie who ends up dropping off a rider to the nearest mosque for a little forced conversion? I know it sounds far fetched but when it comes to the peaceful ones anything goes. After all, who would have thought of using airplanes as missiles prior to 9/11?

  5. The two bucks was for the electronic gates and airport staff directing the taxis to the ranks, the driver pays the two bucks when s/he enters the final holding bay on the grounds and recoups it from the passenger(s). Another 20 bucks is payed by the driver for the honor of possessing this plastic charge card used at the charge points, this charge of two bucks was introduced before the wishy washy head banger facilities were installed. The first pray room that was erected was a 10 by 10 tin shed about 10 yrs ago but now they have all the mods and cons. It was quite an education watching them wash their feet under a tap outside that shed back then.
    Rest assured, the Victorian Taxi Directorate are mean mothers and will drag any asshole driver(s) over the coals when the passenger(s) bother to complain, that is also if they know who to complain too. As for my well being, have you any idea how pleased some people are to get an Aussie taxi driver? When you catch a taxi asked the driver if he likes driving a taxi, it will give you a clue of his state of mind…

  6. EloiVsDiablo
    Thanks for this and the comment on JW as well.

    How do I get in touch with you in case I need you?
    (not kidding!)

  7. I won’t fly which means the lesser likelihood of me taking a taxi. Until this whole industry gets a clue – I will not fly. I can’t figure out why people trust them with their lives, but they can do what they want to do.

    As for needing a taxi in any other circumstance – I will walk, thank you. If they can’t answer my question of, are you a muslim, then I won’t trust them with my infidel life.

  8. R_not Says:
    July 17th, 2007 at 2:18 pm

    I won’t fly which means the lesser likelihood of me taking a taxi. Until this whole industry gets a clue – I will not fly. I can’t figure out why people trust them with their lives, but they can do what they want to do.

    Many are coming around to this conclusion. If many people stop flying and use their car for journeys within Europe and the US, the airlines will certainly notice. What transpires then, is difficult to say. I hope they start profiling.

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