Don’t Watch This Stinker: Breach


Hollywood found another enemy: The Catholics!

BREACH- The sheik yer’mami movie review

After ‘Syriana’ and Jodie Fosters crap-flick where the air-crew was the terrorists and a few wrongly suspected ME types turned out to be valiant warriors for what exactly?- Spielberg gave us ‘Munich’- a bleeding-heart conscience building exercise, a desperate attempt to tell us ‘we Jews are not like them, we have morals, you see, if we kill the terrorists we have nightmares, even when we have sex with our wives, its just wrong to kill assassins and it makes us just like them…’ etc. etc.-

Now Hollywood’s coke-heads take on the Catholics: Director Billy Ray created this ‘gripping thriller’- which is ‘based on an actual case’ of course, and it sucks, it sucks because it deflects from the enemy we face and it doesn’t have a foothold in reality. And Billy Ray would never take on the Muslims because that wouldn’t be politically correct. And anyhow, why risk getting your throat cut, Billy Ray?

Wake me up when someone in Hollywood produces a reality based flick on Islam terror and the history of Islamic conquests!

Meanwhile: Don’t waste your money for this schlock!

3 thoughts on “Don’t Watch This Stinker: Breach”

  1. I rarely watch or buy today’s movies-too much crap out there that’s anti-West, pro-terrorist and lefty leaning. What a contrast to WW2-nobody would have thought of making a movie where the Germans or Japanese were the heroes. We’ve sure come a long way-in the wrong direction.

  2. I haven’t been to a movie in more than a decade now. And it is due to their bashing me, my religion and everything I stand for. I cancelled HBO, Cinemax, and all those other movie channels that I forgot what their names are. I just have enough cable so I can watch Fox news and channels like the Discovery Channel and the Science Channels.

    The hollywierdos are too stupid for me to consider watching. In fact, even when their movies go on the regular channels – loaded with commercials – I don’t watch them there either. I won’t watch a movie if they have the loons such as Penn, Streisand, and other notables that quite frankly – don’t appeal to me anymore.

    Actors emote – that is all they do. They remember lines from a script. That job does not mean that they can elevate themselves to my political advisor, especially since most of them are substance abusers.

  3. “Munich” was the last straw for me. I used to think Speilberg was really something then; not any more. He wiped out all the good of “Schindler’s List” and his Shoah Project in one hit. I suppose he thought he was entitled/obligated to show both sides.

    I am truly not interested in hearing the political point of views of any celebs. They should stick to what they think they “know”: be it the Dixie Chicks or Streisand.
    The cult of celebrity has gone too far.

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