Bat Yeor’s “Eurabia” will not be printed in German


Today Politically Incorrect informs us that Bat Ye’Or’s book Eurabia will not be published in German. The translators found it too “violent” in content and too “shocking” for the German public, so the contract between the author and the publisher was cancelled. Where is the old Hun who felt doubly well when Jewish blood was spurting from his knife?

Now it’s everything not to irritate the Arabs. They might not like us anymore.

Here’s the link to the German text


Under Belgian law, the Brussels Journal is prohibited from publishing this text: 

Khudayr Taher: Europe and America Should Deport All Muslims – Including Myself

Khudayr Taher, an Iraqi Shi’ite writer living in the U.S. and a regular contributor to the liberal Elaph website, had a quite illiberal suggestion – he asked why Europe and America shouldn’t deport their Muslim populations. He wrote:

“Countries have the right to defend themselves and assure their citizens’ safety from terrorism. Likewise, it is clear that the source of the terrorist crimes in Europe and America is the Muslims who live in these countries.

“The security services cannot know people’s intentions and sort out who is the noble immigrant and who is a terrorist criminal. [But] wherever there are Muslims, their presence has produced crimes of terrorism and murder.

“Among those Muslims in Europe and America who do not practice terrorism, most of them do not have loyalty and sincere attachment to these countries that have offered them all of the means of life in dignity – housing, studies, work, and citizenship…

“The legitimate question is this: Since the security services cannot sort out the good immigrant from the bad terrorist… why don’t these countries deport all Muslims, of all races, from Europe and America, and [thus] find rest from the danger of terrorism, and protect their peoples?

“I, as an Arab Muslim immigrant, sincerely call on the countries of Europe and America to deport all Muslims from their territories – including myself, despite my love and my sincere attachment to the U.S…” [4]

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  1. We won’t do it because our politicians are too freaking stupid. They chose their ignorance while sucking up to the likes of Saudi Arabia, paying our dhimmi payments to the Palestinians, Pakistani, etc.

  2. “Eurabia” needs to be published BECAUSE it’s shocking. The more people know of the menace, the better they will be able to combat it. But then again, “Mein Kampf” was availbale in Germany in the 1920’s and yet all that book called for ended up happening anyway.

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