Australia: Bleeding Hearts For Dr Haneef

From the Bolt Blog:

The handling of the case of Dr Mohamed Haneef, investigated for suspected links to British terrorists, gets even more farcical:

When the case against Haneef collapsed, Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews nevertheless ruled he wouldn’t reinstate the visa of Haneef, who had to leave Australia:

* Not necessarily a bad thing. Why take a chance?

Sure, Haneef is innocent until proven guilty. Yes, he was not proven guilty and that’s why he was released. Does that mean he is not a terrorist? This guy lived for years with the Glasgow perps and is closely related to them, he shares their belief-system and the Koran taught him to hate infidels and Jews and that terror made Muhammad victorious.

Haneef believes that his prophet Muhammad was the perfect man, uswa hasana, al insan al kamil, for all mankind, for all time, to be emulated by every true believer. Muhammad said ‘strike terror in the hearts of the enemy’ and ‘terror made me victorious’- a believing Muhammedan is by nature a terrorist, the Koran teaches to terrorize infidels and Jews.

Haneef knows more, much more than what he wants us to know. The sympathies from Australia’s left are as predictable as they are undeserved from the right. What surprises is that even the perceived ‘right wing’ journo Andrew Bolt gives Dr Haneef kudo’s:

‘…the 60 Minutes interview with Haneef last night makes Haneef seem not just an innocent guy, but a lovely man.’



Terrorism not in my nature: Haneef

By ninemsn staff and wires

Mohamed Haneef has been interviewed for the first time since his controversial detention, telling the Nine Network’s 60 Minutes that he is innocent of supporting a terrorist organisation.

Asked if he has ever been a member of a terror organisation, Dr Haneef said “no”, expressing surprise at the prospect that anyone would think he would be linked with terrorism.

* Surely he would tell the truth to a few dumb journo’s from a far left TV channel after keeping his mouth shut under interrogation

It is “not in my nature to ever support such activities”, he said.

* Right. Hitler loved dogs, Mohammed Atta had a father and OBL has a mother who thinks a great deal of him.


Bedlam in Bangalore as Dr Haneef is greeted by a massive media pack.

The exclusive interview, made before Dr Haneef caught a flight out of Australia, offered an insight into the Indian doctor’s detention without charge and his explanation for the apparently suspicious events that led to his arrest.

“I never imagined, even in the remotest corner of my brain, that I would be labelled [a terrorist],” he said.

“I had my plans prior [to leaving]. These were all circumstantial things,” he said. “All my friends knew I was going … everything here was left over.”

He denied having any knowledge that his cousins in the UK were involved in terrorism or Islamic extremism, and said he felt most for the parents of the accused men.


Australian authorities victimised me: Haneef


* Have we ever seen ONE Muhammedan who was not, -somehow- victimized?

Amrit Dhillon in Bangalore

Dr Mohamed Haneef, who returned home to pandemonium in India today after a terrorism-related charge against him was dropped, says he was “victimized” by the Australian authorities.

And Dr Haneef’s wife and lawyers lashed out at Australian Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews for his “shocking” remark that the former Gold Coast doctor’s rapid departure from Australia heightened suspicions about him.


Making sense: A comment from the Bolt blog 

Re Dr Mohamed Haneef: Before everyone gets too carried away in defending this fellow who clearly does have some sort of connection to Islamic terrorists who have proved time & again their desire to kill the very same type of people defending him who are so critical of our AFP & Govt for doing their job, let them consider these few points.

1) It was the UK authorities who alerted the AFP to Dr Haneef’s sim card in the first place.

2) Haneef was alerted to this by someone & arranged to have a one way ticket to be purchased in India which costs about the same as a return ticket purchased here. Why do this if he intended to return?

3) The rent on his Gold Coast apartment which bore all the signs of a hasty departure was not paid ahead. This too goes against his statement saying he intended to return there after he had visited his wife and child.

4) He attempted to change his appearance before leaving by shaving off his beard which goes against his religious belief.

5) The reasons for the Federal DPP dropping the charges against Haneef is that there isn’t sufficient evidence at the present time to be sure of a conviction in our Courts It doesn’t mean or imply that a person is innocent, it merely says there is insufficient evidence to obtain a conviction on the basis of; “ Beyond Reasonable Doubt”.
Hannef and his cousins etc were refused entry into Western Australia as Doctors under the sect 457 work permits Visa’s & the visual media are now calling Haneef’s Visa a business Visa.If that was the case he would have had to put up $500,000 and actually prove that he was investing in a business here which of course he wasn’t. I doubt we have heard the end of this matter yet, El-Ninyo will keep an open mind as to guilt or not until all the facts are revealed.

PS: Most of the questions asked of Dr Haneef on 60 Mins did not get a direct answer and the questions that should have been asked were not. No wonder this guy is happy, first class air fares back to India and $150K tax free as well. Shame on you Channel Nine. Not too shabby for a couple of weeks in the pokey and given a heroes welcolm home eh?

El-Ninyo of Brisbane

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  1. these days just being a Muslim seems to be a crime. The only other time in history this has happened was in Nazi Germany when just being a Jew was crime.. History is repeating itself all over again .

  2. Muslims are liers and they will keep on doing this until they rule the world. I had a descussion with one Muslim who is a moderate and one of my class mates called Mr.Afzal. When I started showing him some errors in Quran, especially, the Fathiha Sura, he got angry and when I started talking about the characters of Mohammed he got worse and said to me” all non believers are enemies of Islam and should be killed, this is what Mohammed advised them to do”. This is what is happening here in this small Maldives with a population of 300,000. In Maldives radicals islams are winning and no body can talk against them becuase radical mean good muslims and terrorists means muslims who are following their prophet in the proper way. All good Muslims love Bin Lade. The western world knows nothing.

  3. Mohamed Shahid, you are correct, the West for the most part, knows nothing and continues to try to appease islam.
    Not all of us, however, and we are trying to educate those around us in the danger and lies that are uttered in the name of islam, a false god and a false prophet.
    Good luck to you and to all of us who fight against this evil cult.

  4. “atheist Says:

    July 30th, 2007 at 6:15 am
    these days just being a Muslim seems to be a crime. The only other time in history this has happened was in Nazi Germany when just being a Jew was crime.. History is repeating itself all over again .”

    Your logic is truly amazing. I don’t get it at all.

    I can’t see any cattle trucks shipping muslims off to Aushwitz. Where are they?
    Where is any western leader rounding up muslims to deport them to anywhere?

    Where are the French collaborators being tht first to hand over the children?

    Where were the Jewish homicide bombers in the 1930’s?

    When did Jews ever go around vowing to take over the world?

    When did Jews ever say ‘kill the infidel wherever you find him?”

    When were Jews ever a fifth column in a host country demanding everyone fit in with them? I know that the Torah has a line that echoes, “when in Rome,,,”.
    The Koran doesn’t have any such line.

    How many muslims are there on the planet? 1.2 billion. If such an awful scenario were to happen again to the ones in the west they would all be able to go to some muslim country to save their lives. In the 1930’s there was NO Jewish homeland for European Jewry to escape to, western countries including Britain and Australia closed their doors to Europe’s Jews.

    I don’t have the time to list any more differences.

    Many months ago we had a muslim poster who said the same.

    I don’t agree with you here at all, and it isn’t an issue of atheism versus religion.
    It’s plain history. I think you have insulted Jews with this comment. Perhaps that was your goal? Perhaps not.

  5. atheist Says: “these days just being a Muslim seems to be a crime”

    The greater “crime” is the ineffective response to Islam’s dominionist goals by elected Western leaders & law enforcement agencies. Muslims make no secret of their plan to establish a unified Ummah under Sharia law, through interlocking networks of groups & individuals that may or may not have “terrorist” intentions. Terrorism is simply a means to an end; while our officials dither over perhaps, maybe, wave their hands, grovel and eat dirt Downer-style, and well, have another inquiry into doing nothing about Hizb-ut-Tahrir – the Caliphate rolls on. Hizb knows what it wants, and there
    is no shortage of useful fools helping them to achieve it:
    International Caliphate Conference 2007, London
    Hizb ut-Tahrir Britain

    As Part of a Global Campaign during the Month of Rajab Hizb ut Tahrir Britain Presents an International Conference addressing

    Liberation of the Muslim Lands from Occupation through the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate State

    Unity of the Global Muslim Community (Ummah) through the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate State

    The Correct Method to establish the Islamic and the Political Challenges

    Distortions of the Image of the Islamic Caliphate State Propogated by Western Governments through the War on Terror

    The Islamic Caliphate State the only way to establish Justice and Stability in the Muslim world

    Is that an “eye in the triangle” I see in the Hizb KHILAFAH poster?

  6. Gramfan said “Good stuff!!”

    Thanks, but wait, there’s more!

    The “support ad”??? for the conference is on YouTube. Nauseating,
    but recommended viewing for ineffective politicians of all parties.
    The “religion of peace” is on the march, all over the planet:

    Khilafah Conference International 2007 Support Ad

  7. Haneef might not behead an infidel with his own hands, but he probably wouldn’t shed any tears over someone else doing such fine work either.

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