BLiar crawls out of his suit

Blair launches stinging attack on ‘absurd’ British Islamists

* While Britain, the beautiful people, the nutroots and the Anglo-MSM around the world indulge in a perverted song & dance contest around the butterfly ‘Lady Di’ -waste-of-time-princess-of -nothingness-, the news about the attempted bombings in the UK are obscured, distorted and obfuscated in a way that makes you wanna puke.

Empty suits appear out of nowhere, introduced as ‘terrorism experts’- interviewed by clueless male and female bitches who never, not once, dare to speak about ‘Islam’- ‘Muslims’- or the terror that is is preached in the mosques and in the Koran, by the followers of the pedophile profit Muhammad.

Then comes BLiar:

Surprise, surprise:

Oppression? You’re not oppressed, says former Prime Minister Tony Blair to British Muslims. We have taken issue with him many, many times over his silly statements about Islamic jihad terrorism and related matters, but he has this right.

By Nicholas Watt in The Observer
…’The idea that as a Muslim in this country that you don’t have the freedom to express your religion or your views, I mean you’ve got far more freedom in this country than you do in most Muslim countries,’ Blair told Observer columnist Will Hutton, who presents the documentary.
‘The reason we are finding it hard to win this battle is that we’re not actually fighting it properly. We’re not actually standing up to these people and saying, “It’s not just your methods that are wrong, your ideas are absurd. Nobody is oppressing you. Your sense of grievance isn’t justified.”‘

* A bit late in the day, Tony. Yesterday you were in parliament, now you’re out!
Blair held out the example of the overthrow of the Taliban in Afghanistan – criticised by Islamists as an example of the heavy-handed imperial West oppressing Muslims – to highlight unfounded claims of grievance. He asked how it is possible to claim that Afghanistan’s Muslims are being oppressed when the Taliban ‘used to execute teachers for teaching girls in schools’.

* Don’t you read the Koran Tony?

Blair added: ‘How are [we] oppressing them? You’re oppressing them when you support the people who are trying to blow them up.’

Blair, who normally chooses his language carefully when he talks about Islamists, also takes a swipe at critics who accused him of undermining civil liberties. ‘When I’m trying to change the law in order to make it easier to deport people who engage in terrorism – the idea that that’s an assault on hundreds of years of British civil liberties is completely absurd. Some of what is written on this is loopy-loo in its extremism.’

* Yeah. Take a break, Tony. Forget about making big bucks with the Arabs. Read the Koran. Learn about Islam. Learn to breathe. Learn about your own history. And learn to defend your civilization instead of selling out for thirty silver shillings….

* One of our readers answers Tony BLiars mental acrobatics:

“It’s not just your methods that are wrong, your ideas are absurd. Nobody is oppressing you. Your sense of grievance isn’t justified.”

You’re wrong, Mr Blair. Muslims are most definitely oppressed. You just don’t understand what constitutes oppression in the Muslim mind.

So long as the British people will not acknowledge that there is only one God, Allah, and that Mohammad is his Prophet, and so long as Britain requires that Muslims live by the laws passed by a democratically elected Parliment, and not the Sharia laws of God, And so long as Britain protects freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of religion, Muslims will consider themselves oppressed.

In other words, when Britain is an Islamic state, and Muslims are free to oppress others, Muslims will no longer feel oppressed.


Blair missed the bus.

The sometime leader of the Liberal Democrats summed Blair up quite well saying “He believes what he is saying at the time he says it”.
Which explains why a red hot Guardian reader calls him Baloney Blair. Blair thinks he is so clever he can fool all of the people all of the time. 

A Jihad Watch reader nails it:

Who let them into our countries trailing behind them their aggressive attitudes, their Jihad, their multiple wives, and now their multiplying broods who become radicalized by the imams at the mosques into Jihad fighters? Why was this allowed to happen? Lack of forethought? Ignorance of this ‘religion’ of peace? Obviously, there needs to be a complete audit of the whole government apparatus, a complete systems check, to see where freedom failed to reign in these imports of hostile masses who now wish us ill. So your questions, or statements, are not to be directed at Muslims, since they are cast to be as they are, as they had been for 1400 years, and our challenging their ideology will not only fall on deaf ears, but will be misunderstood in its entirety. The real questions should be asked of us, ourselves, of both the electorate and our leadership: What are these hostile people doing here? And who let them in?

That is the question, Mr. Blair, not asked of Muslims, but asked of us. We let this happen on your vigil, and your predecessor’s vigil, and now we are reaping the dubious benefits of bad policy. How can this be reversed? Ask us.

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  1. Why didn’t he say that years ago? Why now? No one is going to listen to him anyway, not any more.

  2. The free world has yet to declare war on islam but, when these attacks continue in the name of islam to jeopardize the well being of the populace a war on the ‘oppressive’ and ‘fascist’ nature that is islam will surely be declared. We have been a decent lot giving muslims the benefit of the doubt and they keep giving us dots to join and the picture is starting to take shape, no amount of lies can deter people from investigating the core elements of islam when all we see is bigoted muslims acting out their rage…

  3. “The real questions should be asked of us, ourselves, of both the electorate and our leadership: What are these hostile people doing here? And who let them in?”

    In Australia’s case … “We will decide who comes to this country, and the circumstances under which they come.” – JH

    Ultimately, someone will have to clean up the mess.

    Islam – a dog turd on the front lawn of life!

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