Bolt’n down with Islamic terror sympathizers

* Whatever it was, the Tuscan sun or the Chianti wine (or both) it seems to have affected the judgment of Australia’s ‘right wing’ columnist and blogger Andrew Bolt, who shows great sympathy for the Muslim doctor Haneef, who was trying to flee Australia after some of his close associates and relatives tried to blow up Glasgow airport and a London disco. Haneef, who couldn’t be tried (for lack of evidence) on a sim card he left behind with his co-religionists, took off with some 150 K from Australia’s 60 minute TV show, where he was interviewed by a dumb blonde who asked all the wrong questions. Haneef was sent off after being grilled for nearly 4 weeks and immigration minister Andrews revoked his visa, which the nutroots consider the ‘real’ crime. Haneef sports the Islamic beard and his wife wears the hijab, but political correctness would prevent us from looking at that at all.

* Which brings us back to Bolt’s strange affliction with Islamic terror sympathizers:

“The 60 Minutes interview with Haneef last night makes Haneef seem not just an innocent guy, but a lovely man”


Then, in an about face he attacks the nutroots over an interview with Alexander Downer, sort of:


Then comes the naked gun:

How to make 1 billion enemies

Has Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews really played safe or just made us more friendless by stripping Dr Mohamed Haneef of his visa?

Just see how India has welcomed Haneef back as a martyr following the collapse of the bungled terrorism case against him:

* A martyr? Perhaps our government prevented him from becoming one. You have a problem with that?

In Bangalore, a rapidly expanding city of more than five million inhabitants, and India’s boom IT town (not dissimilar in its robustness to the city of Brisbane he had been forced to leave behind), Dr Haneef needed the help of police to gain safe passage through a throng of waiting media and well-wishers at the airport. He became in that instant a new type of celebrity – one born of the war on terror.

* Hmm, wonder why that is? Could it be they have something in common?
Like the London suicide-bombers funeral in Pakistan that attracted more than 20.000? What does that tell you?


Heaven knows what Muslims in Australia think about it all

* Okay, lets ask the catmeat sheik Hilali. Or sheik Omran or Feiz Mohammed, they’ll tell you in unison: ‘ Its because of the Jooozzz…’

* Why should we care? Shouldn’t we show them that we are vigilant?

* So by interrogating and finally evicting a terrorist sympathizer we are making ‘a billion enemies?’ A strange view indeed. Islam has declared war on us. Since 1400 years Islam is waging war on the World, the global jihad rages in more than 30 theaters of war from Israel to Thailand and from Sulawesi to India and we are now ‘making enemies of a billion muslims’ because our government ships ONE out?


The Australian has a slightly different take:

Andrews documents Haneef suspicions

CHAT room conversations suggested to authorities that Mohamed Haneef may have had prior knowledge of the UK bombings, Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said tonight.

Mohamed Haneef, right, at a media conference at Bangalore before tonight’s bombshelll revelations by Kevin Andrews. Pic AP

Mr Andrews this evening detailed what he said was intelligence information gleaned from chat room conversations that Dr Haneef had with his brother in India to back his decision to cancel the doctor’s working visa.

He released advice from the solicitor-general which found information provided to him from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) was sufficient grounds to revoke Dr Haneef’s visa.


Christopher Hitchens: Why Are We So Scared of Offending Muslims?

* Hmm, why could that be? Because Muslims have a habit of throwing hissy fits, start beheadings and bomb embassies, buses and trains when they don’t fly jets into buildings?

This has to stop, and it has to stop right now. There can be no concession to sharia in the United States. When will we see someone detained, or even cautioned, for advocating the burning of books in the name of God? If the police are honestly interested in this sort of “hate crime,” I can help them identify those who spent much of last year uttering physical threats against the republication in this country of some Danish cartoons. In default of impartial prosecution, we have to insist that Muslims take their chance of being upset, just as we who do not subscribe to their arrogant certainties are revolted every day by the hideous behavior of the parties of God.

It is often said that resistance to jihadism only increases the recruitment to it. For all I know, this commonplace observation could be true. But, if so, it must cut both ways. How about reminding the Islamists that, by their mad policy in Kashmir and elsewhere, they have made deadly enemies of a billion Indian Hindus? Is there no danger that the massacre of Iraqi and Lebanese Christians, or the threatened murder of all Jews, will cause an equal and opposite response?

Read it all


Evidence Haneef knew of bomb plot

By staff writers and AAP
MOHAMED Haneef was told “nothing has been found out about you yet” and advised to leave the country on a seemingly false pretence by his brother in an internet conversation on the weekend of the foiled terrorist attacks in Glasgow and London.

The internet chatroom conversation between the Gold Coast doctor and his brother in India showed he had an awareness of the terrorist plot, Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said today.

Mr Andrews released advice from the federal solicitor-general which said information provided to him by the Australian Federal Police (AFP) was sufficient grounds to revoke Dr Haneef’s visa.

Mr Andrews said the solicitor-general’s advice covered matters such as contact between Dr Haneef and his cousins in the UK, who are accused of involvement in the failed plot to bomb central London and Glasgow airport.

“Importantly, there was a computer room conversation, a chat room conversation, with Dr Haneef’s brother in India on the afternoon before his attempted hasty departure from Australia,” Mr Andrews said.

“In it, the brother of Haneef says `nothing has been found out about you’ and asked when Dr Haneef would be getting out, to which Haneef replied `today’.

“The brother asked whether he had permission to take leave and what he told the hospital.

“Dr Haneef said he told them his baby was born in an emergency caesarean. The brother told him to `tell them that you have to as you have a daughter born, do not tell them anything else’.

“The brother then said not to delay his departure and not to let anyone else use his number in Australia, nor to give it to anyone.”

Mr Andrews said the AFP had told him before he made his visa decision that police suspected the internet conversation may be evidence Dr Haneef had prior knowledge of the UK bomb plot.

“And secondly, the AFP consider Dr Haneef’s attempted urgent departure from Australia on a one-way ticket for a purpose which appears to be a false pretext to be highly suspicious and may reflect Haneef’s awareness of the conspiracy to plan and prepare the acts of terrorism in London and Glasgow.

Mr Andrews said Dr Haneef had not applied for leave from the Gold Coast hospital where he worked until after he had received two phone calls, including one from India, in which he was told there was an issue with his SIM card.

“The whole circumstances surrounding Haneef’s attempted hasty departure from Australia, including chat room conversations, when viewed against his clear prior association with the Ahmed brothers, led me to form a reasonable suspicion as required by the migration legislation,” Mr Andrews said.

He said he would not release the full, protected material because it prejudice or jeopardise further investigations.

* Guilty as sin. Don’t say I told you so.


And then there are the shysters:

Lawyers sap our will to combat terrorism

We lack the toughness of our European neighbours
Michael Burleigh/Times Online

While we agonise about 28 or 56 days custody, it is not uncommon for terrorist suspects in France to be held in preventive detention for four or five years before their case goes to court. The use of intelligence intercept evidence in courts is being debated here, but the Italian security services have long made transcripts of this material available, so revealing the lying cynicism with which, for example, Milan-based Arab jihadis regard European asylum laws. And then there is the internet, one of the key means of radicalising Muslims. Wolfgang Schäuble, the German Interior Minister, wheelchair-bound since a 1990 assassination attempt, has argued recently in favour of hacking into the computers of Islamist radicals.

* Scheuble has also called for the targeted assassination of known terrorists, which caused the nutroots to throw hissy fits…

Bomb suspect loaned Haneef cash

Evidence mounts that Haneef is dirty:

During questioning, Dr Haneef, a devout Muslim, allegedly told police he was travelling to India to see his wife, who experienced a complicated childbirth on June 26, but gave no particular reason for purchasing the one-way ticket.

He denied it was related to the Glasgow or London attacks and has so far refused to discuss his political views with police.

* What does that tell you?

He has admitted to maintaining contact with the Ahmeds via internet chat sites
and said he had left his mobile phone and SIM card behind in the UK to “minimise excess baggage” and to allow Sabeel Ahmed to take advantage of the phone company’s “extra minute deal”.



In case you were wondering whether a ‘fifth column’ was operating in Australia, I provide this as exhibit A:-

The Australian
Andrews dishes dirt on Haneef

The Sydney Morning Herald
‘He’s protecting his hide’
Peter Beattie says he’s unconvinced by information revealed by Kevin Andrews to justify cancelling Mohamed Haneef’s visa.

The Age
Minister ‘destroying’ Haneef
Andrews accused of inflaming suspicions against Indian doctor with selective details from ‘secret’ dossier.

*Fifth Column from Wikipedia:-
The term originated with a 1936 radio address by Emilio Mola, a nationalist general during the 1936-39 Spanish Civil War. As four of his army columns moved on Madrid, the general referred to his militant supporters within the capital as his “fifth column,” intent on undermining the Republican government from within.

Sounds like sections of the Australian media to me…….

Alan of Sydney

16 thoughts on “Bolt’n down with Islamic terror sympathizers”

  1. So much to digest here. This is going to go on for a while.

    I am not that much of a techno-geek, but I have asked everyone I know, including geeks, why on earth you would give someone your SIM card?
    I have not had a satisfactory answer yet. Does anyone here know?

    The “excuse” re saving money is a little shallow:

    1) as doctors on a good income surely a few $$$ won’t make a big difference.

    2) since many are so PC-literate in India or wherever they go, surely they have heard of Skype. VoIP. It is so cheap you wouldn’t even bother using a phone card. (I am assuming all this and could be wrong.)

    Another thing:
    The government gets slammed for keeping him locked away, and now that they have released him they are getting slammed for letting him go.
    The left is so predictable.

    They really are trying to get the Government: that’s all.

  2. Gramfan said “So much to digest here.”

    Exactly. This “internet chat room” came up before, with Mo Haneef reported as having an internet chat with “Sabeel Ahmed, one of the accused in the botched London and Glasgow car bomb cases, who has been charged with having information that could have prevented an act of terrorism.”
    (Deccan Herald)

    The SMH reported this internet chat on 19 July as:
    Haneef spoke with suspect about baby
    Connie Levett and Amrit Dhillon
    July 19, 2007

    JUST days before the attack on Glasgow Airport, Mohamed Haneef spoke with his second cousin Sabeel Ahmed in an internet chat room – about the birth of his first child. […]

    I am assuming that this “internet chat room” is Islamic, & I accept that investigators are unlikely to name it, but if anyone knows more about it, I’d be interested to hear.

    Again, al-Guardian mentions a chat room:
    Guardian Unlimited, UK – 4 Jul 2007
    One of the suspects on the list had posted a comment on an Internet chat room condemning cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad published last year in Danish …
    (search news) islamic chat room haneef

    Obviously the suspects have been using (Islamic?) chat rooms that condemn the cartoons, as well as just for chit chat, so it is reasonable to assume that they tend to be somewhat militant chat rooms.

    As far as the SIM card goes, if Haneef gave it away with unused credit around a year ago (Astrolabe report), it may well have expired, unless topped up since.???

    But still, why did our Govt let Mo Haneef into this country, along with all the rest of the Ummah freak show that is taking over our suburbs, esp since “9/11”. National suicide, and Rudd offers to outlaw cartoons promoting junk food as a diversion.

  3. Hi Gramfan. I took your advice (posted at FH’s blog) and decided to pay sheikyermami a visit. Not stalking you – promise!

    Based on my reading of this post, I’ll most definitely be coming back. Great stuff.

    With regard to Bolt, I hope he’s clever enough, at least in hindsight, to see the error of his ways. Here’s hoping that the chianti hasn’t permanently addled his brain.

  4. Old Wolfgang’s right on the ball. His ideas need to be put into practice. The fact that he’s caused the usual suspects a lot of angst is confirmation that his ideas are indeed great.

  5. Hi Simone.
    That was quick! Glad you made it here 🙂

    This is a great Aussie ‘blog, and perhaps you have also been to Eloivsdiablo’s?

    We were disappointed with Bolt on another occasion, but he came good eventually. I just hope he isn’t loosing his nerve.

    there is a lot there isn’t there? I read yesterday he left washing on the line and dishes in the sick,,lots of weird things. No doubt he is a committed muslim. Now he wants it all: $150K, his visa back,,,and to clear his name.

    Hope Channel 9 will regret this.

    Some people just see what they want to see. (ok,,maybe I am one to!)

  6. Gramfan – “I read yesterday he left washing on the line and dishes in the sick,,lots of weird things. No doubt he is a committed muslim.”

    He is a “devout Muslim” (Lateline 17/7/07 – Dr Haneef told police he’s a devout Muslim)

    Also, this is an interesting background article in the Brisbane Times, with hindsight:
    Bomb suspect loaned Haneef cash
    Christine Kellett | July 17, 2007 – 4:38PM

    * The UK doctor accused of driving a car bomb into Glasgow Airport allegedly loaned money to Gold Coast terror suspect Mohammed Haneef so he could sit a medical exam.

    * Stuff about mobile phone & SIM card, including original story about being found in Jeep in Glasgow.

    * Haneef arrived in Australia with his wife on September 11, 2006 on a four year business visa. Arrived on “9/11” 2006?

    * He has admitted to maintaining contact with the Ahmeds via internet chat sites – which ones? ?

  7. WHo is paying for this lawyer who is flying around with Haneef and so eager to jump in front of the camera and denounce Andrews? Someone should tell the Australian politicians that Mo summed up his plan in three words ‘war is deceit.’

  8. R-not,

    Your link doesn’t work but I managed to get onto the site of your paper. The only advice I can give you is: Don’t buy it anymore! The whole concept of this pathetic rag is feel good schmooze and disinformation, and there is too much of that already.
    You would find more truth in Pravda.

  9. Thanks Sheik. I don’t buy it – I saw someone reading it on BART. I got livid and had to find the article online because I just could not spend a penny on it.

    I cut/pasted the web site, but I guess they can be misleading.

    Thanks and thanks for your website forum! Many of us appreciate your keeping us abreast of what is happening.

  10. I just wanted to say good on Kevin Andrews. After being involved in police matters regarding “young men of middle eastern appearance”, I fully understand why all of the AFP info can’t be published. Surely what has been pubished is enough? And as far as Haneefs’ lawyer is concerned, he seems to have swallowed the ‘Religion of Peace’ mantra hook, line and sinker.

  11. John
    Lawyers need an income too. lol!
    Still wondering why Russo went to India with him. Perhaps he is planning a law suit to get even more money? And first class tickets,,my,my!

  12. Hi I’m an Indian..most Indians are NOT freakin Muslims aka mudslimes ! Most Indians i.e. Non mussies loathe and hate muslims. snip Thats the best way to express our disgust with our Politically correct marxist govt. in India which panders to asshole minorities like Mudslimes ( snip. But hey…as the sayin’ goes : you can’t keep a good man down ! The world and people all over ( including India are waking up). F-K Islam !

  13. During the greater part of last week, Slate’s sister site On Faith (it is jointly produced by Newsweek and, both owned by the Washington Post Co., which also owns Slate) gave itself over to a discussion about the religion of Islam. As usual in such cases, the search for “moderate” versions of this faith was under way before the true argument had even begun. If I were a Muslim myself, I think that this search would be the most “offensive” part of the business. Why must I prove that my deepest belief is compatible with moderation? Read more: Why are we so scared of offending Muslims? – By Christopher Hitchens

  14. What is very difficult for the average Australian to understand is the threat of terrorism. They have not lived it. Don’t understand people who are so fanatical about their religion that they are willing to kill and die for it. The only thing Aussies are fanatical about is their sport . For their sport they will get into a punch up but not kill. The other thing Aussies are fanatical about is the “fair go” – everyone deserves one. The way the Haneef episode palyed out, it appeared that he was not getting a fair go and that is what they were up in arms about. Being an Aussie I feel uncomfortable with what has happened with Haneef. I will admit it. Maybe he is innocent. However, and this is the point that the media and the average Aussie is missing – the statement that the Australian Government made with recinding the Visa was this. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE ANYONE WHO KNOWS ANYONE WHO KNOWS SOMEONE WHOSE COUSIN MIGHT HAVE SAID HELLO TO A TERRORIST. In our day and age I think this is an important message. By missing the point of the message, the media et al have forgotten that the visa given to Haneef was a privelage not his right. They have missed the point that our government is doing what it must to protect Australians from the threat of terrorists – even if it means sending a Doctor back to his home in India to his wife who has just given birth.

    PS You would think by the medias reaction that he was sent to guantanamo bay

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