‘Change human rights laws to stop encouraging terrorists’

* Making sense one step at the time. Perhaps too late, but better late than never. ‘Human rights’ laws that seem to be written in stone in civilized nations don’t count for much in Islamistan, and never will.  So what is the point of upholding such laws if they protect terrorists who want to destroy us and flock to our countries to bomb us into submission?

Richard  Ford/ Times Online

The UK must withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) because its interpretation by the courts encourages terrorists to come to Britain, according to a report published today.

Ministers will continue to find it almost impossible to kick out terrorist suspects or those who have served a sentence for terrorism while the UK remains in the convention.

Human rights laws should be rewritten to take account of the new age of terrorism by excluding terrorists from its provisions, the report by Migrationwatch said.

Migrationwatch says that the convention and its interpretation by the courts is acting as a “positive encouragement” to terrorists to come to the UK because it is almost impossible to deport them to foreign states with poor human rights records.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said: “The ECHR was drawn up 50 years ago in entirely different circumstances. We must now pull out of it and write our own laws to protect human rights for the majority.

“We now face a terrorist threat of a completely different order from past threats.”

Migrationwatch says the UK should give six months’ notice that it will withdraw from the convention and announce that that any foreigners convicted of a terrorist offence will be deported to their home country at the end of their sentence. The report adds that the Government should also be allowed to detain suspects for long periods of time.

* comment:

The Human Rights Act should be amended, or better still scrapped. But there’s a much more proactive way to sort out these foreign terrorists who live in Britain. Once they’ve served their very long sentence they must be removed from this country and at the beginning of their sentence their whole family including relatives must be removed from this country as well. This is the only way to stop these people carrying out their poisoness ideals. If these families and relatives knew that they will lose the lifestyle which they enjoy living in Britain their loyalties will change radically. There should be no appeals, no waste of British tax payers money to line the pockets of solicitors and barristers, just removal to the country from whence they came. No ifs, buts or maybe. No excuses. All their assets or wealth accumulated in Britain should be confiscated to pay for the miscreants board and lodging during his incarceration. Attitudes may then change for the better
Lynda Plum, London, england

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  1. Makes sense to me! As far as Im concerned, once someone intends to, or succeeds in committing acts of violence against other people, why should they be extended any grace whatsoever? Their rights are more or less forfeit in my opinion.

  2. Linda Plum ……..you are sooooo right.

    To add also that people who commit a terrorism offence will have their citizenship and that of their families revoked.

    It is so ludicrous to keep people who would kill us because the country they came from already knows they are criminals and might be nasty to them. This puts at risk an entire law abiding society.


  3. Sorry to say this but NOTHING will change. The left have too much of a strangle hold.
    One thing you all must understand, most people are MORONS.
    Explain to me how the ALP got back to power in NSW.
    The left always use doublespeak to make things sound better than they actually are.Since WW2 the left have slowly crept into our lives and they intend to destroy us even if millions of lives are lost.
    Just look at Global Warming and the crock that is, but people truly believe it and the likes of Gore are making millions from a lie.
    Dont expect a change until one of these lefties family are blown apart.
    Also the left are in kahoots with the islamists.

  4. D.T.

    You are right. I have faint hope that something good may happen.
    However, a quick look at western leaders and one quickly realises there isn’t a remote chance.

    Howard stands out a lot relative to all the others, but that isn’t going to be enough. I just hope the Libs get re-elected.

  5. Kafeel Ahmed (the Glasgow Ramavan driver) grew a traditional Islamic beard, talked about “fighting for Islam” and rented a room at the Islamic Academy in Cambridge – but it was nothing to do with Islam, don’t mention the muslims or the war on fluffy dice, and help fight the “cancers of racism and islamophobia” that are “tearing the UK apart”. Right, Mr Brown?

    Who needs suicide bombers when Western nations are committing national suicide?

  6. DT:
    Don’t hurt yourself in your contortions to connect Global Warming and coming Caliphate.

    Global warming is pretty much our only hope. When sea levels rise and drown Islamic Asian cities and drought burns down most of Islamic Africa, we’ll be rid of 10s of millions of Islamicysts.

    Nature’s intent is pure.

  7. Re:ThePessimist, I’m not connecting Global Warming with islam at all what I’m saying is Global Warming is a LIE just like islam.

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