Clinton Supporters let it all hang out

Blowjob Billy was bad enough. Who needs a female Clitman in the white house?

Topless Protest by Breasts Not Bombs and Code Pink at Hillary Clinton Campaign Launch Party
San Francisco, July 23, 2007

We will only put up 2 of the pictures which are scary enough. If you want to see more click on the link above:


Do you think they understand what they’re doing?


Hitlery calls Obama ‘Irresposible and Naive’

* And Obama has never come clean about his Muslim background. But she wouldn’t mention it, because that wouldn’t be politically correct. One Islamo-fascist congressman is one too many, so it is quite puzzling why nobody takes this smiling upstart by the short and curlies…


Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-N.Y., said today that Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, her chief rival for the Democratic nomination, made comments that were “irresponsible and frankly naive” when he said in Monday night’s debate that he would meet with leaders of rogue nations during his first year in office.

Clinton’s response, made in an interview with an Iowa newspaper, marks the sharpest exchange to date between the top two Democratic candidates for president — and the first time Clinton has explicitly attacked another Democratic candidate.

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8 thoughts on “Clinton Supporters let it all hang out”

  1. If you’re going to San Francisco
    Be sure to let your boobs sway in the air

    It was OK in 1967, but a bit dated in 2007

  2. President Barak Hussein Obama? I know it’s only a name, but good luck with that America! How about President Badolf Hutler, or Mosef Starpin.

  3. Nothing but the dregs of humanity are running for president from the Anarchist Party-a party that will do nothing to stem the tide of Islamania after decades of preparing the ground for it to take root in the USA with PC and all its little brothers. Madame Mao is a self serving, power hungry opportunist megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur while Obama might very well be the Manchurian Candidate. Anyone voting for either of these two should lose their right to vote for life because they will enrich themselves at the expense of the nation’s interests. And while that happens, Islamania will make giant strides as well.

  4. Sadly, that’s about as rational an argument as you’ll hear from the anti war left.

  5. Why is it that you neocons are terrified by bare breasts? No wonder you’re cowards and have raised cowardice to hero status. The beast you can do is to invoke Ronald Reagoon who was deaf, wouldn’t use a hearing aid, and admitted he never heard his CIA chief, Casey’s daily intelligence brief. He also had alzheimers for at least his 2nd term which does exonerates him from perjury about all his “I don’t remember” and “I don’t know” answers given under oath to the Iran-Contra investigation when we had a congress. This is your hero, a deaf President with Alzheimer’s disease. It was Nancy Reagan who was able deny the neocons the power they sought and which they have achieved during Bush2. Even his father referred to them as nut cases.This is just further evidence that Bush2 has some seriously unhealthy Oedipus Rex issues with his father along with his alcoholism and cocaine brain.

  6. I mistakenly used breast in the second line and meant’ best you can do is to invoke’. I suppose it is a Freudian slip.

  7. Hi Sheik,

    Will you please consider adding the photos from the ‘breast’ protest to NoComment News at ? The idea of NoComment News is to show in pictures what’s happening around the world now. Your photos are great for it.

    Thank you!

  8. I have to say, that I could not agree with you in 100% regarding Clinton Supporters let it all hang out by Sheik yer’mami, but it’s just my opinion, which could be wrong 🙂

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