Duped And Living In Jihad Denial


Bruce Thornton: Reality & Censorship

Its not US, its not the Jooozzz; its not colonialism or the crusades:

Its the jihad, stupid!

Notice that metaphor: jihad––for that is what the terrorists are engaged in, as they repeatedly tell us––is a cultic deformation of otherwise healthy cells in the body of Islam, an alien growth that needs to be excised so health returns. Yet this received wisdom, repeated over and over, even by the Bush administration, is simply false to Islamic history, theology, and jurisprudence. If one attends carefully to that record, it is obvious that jihad is not an alien “tumor” but a vital organ of Islam.

Of course, one can try to avoid this unpleasant fact by denying that what the terrorists are engaged in is jihad. One can indulge the laughable rationalization that jihad is really “inward striving” to be a better Muslim. This minority interpretation of jihad appears late in Islamic history, and is looked on with scorn by many Muslims themselves. Listen to the Ayatollah Khomeini, creator of the first modern Islamic nation, writing in 1942: “Those who know nothing of Islam pretend that Islam counsels against war. Those [who say this] are witless. Islam says: Kill all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all! . . . Islam says: Whatever good there is exists thanks to the sword and the shadow of the sword.” And again in 1979, from a speech delivered at the Feyziyeh Theological School: “Islam grew with blood . . . . The great prophet of Islam on one hand carried the Koran and in the other a sword . . . . Islam is religion of blood for the infidels but a religion of guidance for other people.”


Some Westerners, following duplicitous Muslim apologists, no doubt would argue that Khomeini, a revered Muslim theologian, is distorting the traditions of his faith. But given that the 1979 speech was delivered at a theological school, where the audience is knowledgeable about their faith and so could identify distortions of its tenets, this rationalization is incredible. Common sense tells us that Khomeini and the other modern jihadists know their own faith and its doctrines, and are speaking squarely in that tradition, as can be documented from the Koran, Hadiths, and subsequent Muslim theologians, jurists, and other commentators (see Andrew Bostom’s invaluable anthology, The Legacy of Jihad). All these sources tell us that jihad indeed is the imperative to follow the example of the prophet Mohammed, who said in his farewell address: “I was ordered to fight all men until they say, ‘There is no god but Allah.’”

No, it is we who are the dupes of distorters, all those apologists, propagandists, and Western useful idiots who obscure the truth of Islam and its history. And they are successful: Washington Times columnist Diana West, writing on July 6 about Robert Spencer’s important web-site jihadwatch.org, reports that “very ominously, Mr. Spencer’s Web site is being blocked by assorted organizations which, according to his readers, continue to provide access to assorted pro-jihad sites. Mr. Spencer reports he’s ‘never received word of so many organizations banning this site all at once.’ These include the City of Chicago, Bank of America, Fidelity Investments, GE IT, JPMorgan Chase, Defense Finance and Accounting Services and now, a federal employee in Dallas informs him, the federal government.” Why? “Some Internet providers deem the factually based, meticulous analysis on display at jihadwatch.org to be ‘hate speech.’”

This is the pass that we have come to: facts about the motives of an enemy sworn to our destruction are censored as “hate speech.” This betrayal of the truth demonstrates perfectly the West’s self-loathing failure of nerve that confirms the enemy’s belief in his spiritual superiority–– and his ultimate victory.


In support of Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch

Unblock Jihad Watch!

When Political Correctness Runs Amok:


Even the Washington Times Comes Out in support of Free Speech

In the last few weeks, e-mails began trickling to Jihad Watch Director Robert Spencer that his Web site had been blocked on the senders’ office computers as “hate speech.” The same blocking was also happening in some instances against the site memri.org, a translator of Arabic-language media. The sites are being blocked by private firms such as General Electric and JPMorgan Chase, plus a few state and local government agencies, whose filtering services had somehow decided the sites were “hate speech.”

Hate speech” exists on these sites, all right, but not the kind that filters should be blocking — not as long as there exist doubletalkers who say all the right things in English but breathe anti-Western fire in Arabic. These sites shed much-needed light on this phenomenon, and as long as private firms are allowing political content on office computers, they should not be duped into blocking some. How they got blocked in the first place is a story of political correctness run amok. But it is also a story of what happens when citizens speak out in opposition.
First, the good news. Over the last four days, blocks have been lifted at Fidelity Investments, Whirlpool and a handful of other major companies, Mr. Spencer reports, following a wave of complaints by users. The complaints trigger a corporate reality check, which causes some to reconsider. “People need to realize that this kind of filtering is politicized, just like anything else. Leftists will be willing to use filtering services” just like any other medium, Mr. Spencer says. Various and sundry pro-Islamist Internet opinionists slap the “hate speech” label repeatedly, hope it sticks and sometimes, it does. But with a counter-campaign, their work can be undone.

The other piece of good news is that federal agencies, especially the ones we’d most like to read such material, have not been duped. The sites are available on computers at the Department of Homeland Security, the Pentagon and the State Department, according to our correspondents. Whether they are actually read there is a separate matter with a likely depressing answer. But at least the material is available.

We don’t doubt that the corporate blockers do their blocking in many cases unwittingly through politically unsavvy filtering services which in turn find themselves on the receiving end of various political campaigns. All these companies simply want to avoid social or political controversy.

But it is not really possible to avoid taking a position here, irrespective of these firms’ rights to block whatever they choose to, as long as the policy is fair and consistent. Essentially, these firms must either block all political speech — and we would counsel strongly against this heavy-handedness — or they would need to allow a wide range of material through, with only very obviously pornographic or incendiary material being blocked.

With any other approach, firms will be caught in the type of politicization that Jihad Watch and MEMRI know all too well. It does not serve anyone’s interests.


Asserting that terrorism is not inherent to Islam is either uniformed or willfully untruthful.

Let’s look at what one of Islam’s own “holy books” say about the subject. The reports of the Prophet’s sayings and deeds are called Hadith. Al-Bukhari’s Hadith is second only to the Qur’an in importance to Muslims. It is comprised of the most authentic traditions associated with early Islam and the words of Muhammad.

Bukhari:V4B52N220 “Allah’s Apostle said, ‘I have been made victorious with terror. The treasures of the world were brought to me and put in my hand.'”

Bukhari:V1B7N331 “The Prophet said, ‘I have been given five things which were not given to anyone else. Allah made me victorious with terror. The Earth was made for me…. Booty was made lawful for me yet it was not lawful for anyone else.'”

Other Hadith by other authors also go into this, but this one source alone reveals the lie about Islam being a “religion of peace.” The Qur’an and other Hadith also say that it is OK to lie and use deceit and trickery against the infidels in the furtherance of the muslim cause, and that’s what they are doing when they talk about the “religion of peace.”

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  1. It is most maddening to realize how loudly the truth shouts out regarding Islam and yet so many choose to believe otherwise. The texts tell all. The “respected scholars” confirm all and yet the majority of the world remains ostrich-like. Hitler should have been a Muslim in this day and age-he would have easily captured the world.

  2. The sponge (mind) is slowly soaking up the water (knowledge) readying itself to wipe the filth that is islam off the face of the earth, but the oily little bastards are going to leave an ugly smudge requiring a cleaning agent that will devastate our economy creating an environment suitable for these bloodsucking predatory ground feeding criminals…

  3. I say, keep it simple. Why bother to read the koran and interpret it. Why listen to khomeni etc etc? Why talk about “moderates”? Why the road map in Israel? why anything to do with muslims? (I could go on…)

    All you have to do is look at the news. It’s there. Not in enough places, but it’s there.
    When was the last time we had an islam-free day?

  4. Gramfan – When was the last time we had an islam-free day?

    Each day, I search on “Islamic” in gogle news – typical day gives about 60k results.

    Gordon Brown has been reported (or misreported) as referring to “Islamic terrorists”.

    Like the alchemists of old, seeking the elixir of life, or how to turn lead into gold, Brown, Bush, Howard etc vainly search for the magic formula that will “separate mainstream Muslim opinion from the terrorists who are opposed to the western way of life in a violent and vicious way.”

  5. The most serious implication of the recent banning of Robert Spencer’s ‘Jihad Watch’ website has gone largely unnoticed and unmentioned: that it is reflective of the first strategy of the Islamist 20-tactic agenda to take over the United States of America (by the year 2020) and that first tactic is “to replace America’s freedom of speech and replace it with hate crime bills statewide and nationwide.”

    And this worries me. We can only defeat a jihad tactic if we are aware of it first.

    What recently happened to Jihad Watch is a perfect example of this first tactic in the Islamic agenda for the Islamization of USA: the blog was shut down locally on the grounds that it constituted “hate speech.” There is no mistaking it–this Islamic strategem of warfare has now been put into action!

    It is extremely important that all Americans be vigilant for this type of action being leveled at them, as the Muslims actually intend to take over America with eliminating Americans’ constitutional right to free speech as one of the primary means of accomplishing this.

    ps-Barack Obama is secretly a Muslim (and has been hiding this from the American people). Since he is a government representative of Illinois, it is entirely possible that he was involved in this– this banning was largely in effect in the Chicago metropolitan area of Illinois.

    Please get the word out about this– the danger for Americans is absolutely real.

  6. The way is very simple with Islam.
    1-Take you bull-shit troops off Iraq and Afganstan
    2-Stop sending jews to a place you know very carefully that they will be fight to just stay in a land that is NOT and WILL BE not thiers
    And because WEST know very well that the best place to get rid of jews is to throw them to muslim.
    3-Treat those people as humen, stop stealing their OIL and land
    4- There is a price you have to pay, 500 years of occupations and colonism
    Stealing Muslim land and wealth
    The muslims are in thier uprising

  7. the fact that all non-islamic countries with provinces occuppied by majority muslims are at war with muslims, that tells me that muslims are not willing to live peacefully with non-muslims.they are seeking independence that caused wars. extremism in islam was actually originated in saudi arabia. Saudi arabia are building mosques around the world with no problem, but non-muslims that actually built thier country are not even allowed to have religious book. We all have to confront saudi arabia for thier bias against non-muslims. They should not be allowed to build mosques outside thier country. they are the originator of hatred against non-muslims. They’re even beheading thier own people caught converting to other religion. Saudi Arabia is the main evil islamic impire.

  8. this is a reply to Haised, Did you remember 9/11 attack on america happens before the invasion of afghanistan and iraq. Unitil now you probably didnt heard americans stealing oil from iraq? right? America is actually spending billions of dollars to rebuilt iraq, we americans can afford to buy oil anywhere, and for your information, we can probably produce our own oil in america, if we just dont care about our invironment. but arab countries have no other source of money but oil, after all, it is all western technologies that actually run all arab countries, and it is also the western technologies that actually discovered and produces oil in those countries. the main problem is islamic religion that actually blinded most muslims to the real truth.

  9. Please read this post about the pro terrorists “Rev.” Jim Sutter who has been on a campaign to shut down what he consider hate sites he and his buddies have been writing exposes’, articles, letters, emails and complaints to shit down sites he doesn’t approve of. He wants to Getting ISPs to ban access to hate sites (the “Sutter” definition of hate) he wants Microsoft to block access to these sites to anyone using Internet Explorer and finally indictments, for what I’m not sure


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