Dutch Minister: “The Netherlands will be Islamic at some point in the future”

From the ‘Dumb-as-a-sack-full-of-bricks-department’

The bad news from Holland 

Unbelievable as it may seem, the Dutch ‘Minister voor Wonen, Wijken en Integratie’ (Residence, Neighbourhoods and Integration (I’m not making this up)), Ella Vogelaar, today has declared in an interview that The Netherlands will be Islamic at some point in the future. She feels that The Netherlands should adapt to Islam, and subsidise Islamic institutions. What will emerge, according to her, is a “Christian-Jewish-Islamic culture”. As if Christianity and Judaism aren’t 100% opposite to Islam’s teachings. The stupidity of the statement is mind boggling.


Watch out for Ella: She’ll bite you and your dog!

Never mind separation of state and church, Vogelaar is willing, even advocating, to spend extorted taxpayer’s money on converting a western nation to Sharia oppression. According to Vogelaar, “terrorism and religious violence are not unique to Islam; this also occurs with other religions. We have to accept this as part of our society and of every religion”. Vogelaar wants to “make Muslims feel at home”. Well, if they come to The Netherlands voluntarily, which they do, and they don’t like it here, which apparently they don’t, nobody’s stopping them to go back home. I fail to see why I should have to pay in order to make another person happy, and that does not only apply to Muslims.

Everyone has a right to life, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. They do not have a right to happiness, as it would make me their slave, having to make them happy no matter their demands. Well, suit yourself. If you can adapt to the Dutch way of life, become western, and make your own future, through your own achievements, you are welcome. If you feel you have to impose a totalitarian belief, live from my money, and complain we don’t adapt to your backward culture, please go home and stay there.

Don’t invade my freedom.

Unfortunately, Vogelaar is just one of many traitors to the western culture, member of the PvdA political party (Partij van de Arbeid, Labour Party). She is totally incompetent. Ignorance never was an excuse for incompetence, and it’s certainly not becoming one now. She actually thought that Mohammed Bouyeri, Theo van Gogh’s killer, was some sort of social worker who’s ideas she found agreeable 

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9 thoughts on “Dutch Minister: “The Netherlands will be Islamic at some point in the future””

  1. What will emerge, according to her, is a “Christian-Jewish-Islamic culture”.

    What will emerge, according to the Bible, is a counterfeit religious system, described as “Mystery, Babylon The Great” … the harlot of Revelation 17.

    All the crap about “three great Abrahamic faiths” that “His Royal Highness” the Prince of Wales refers to, and GW Bush referring to Ramadan commemorating “the revelation of God’s word in the Holy Koran to the prophet Mohammad”.

    Our leaders exchange the truth for a lie … the blind lead the blind, into a ditch of their own digging, and traffic in the souls of their own citizens.

    No to Sharia – No to Noahides

  2. She must be pals with that Swede who said the Swedes should be nice to Muzbots, because then the Muzbots would be nice to Swedes when they took over.

    We are all governed by treasonous morons.

  3. The Eurodhimmis are not exactly hiding their intentions to put Europe behind the Iron Burka. Remove mention of Winston Churchill and others who might resist the treason, and “root” Islamic “culture” in the Dutch culture. Islam “roots” whatever it touches.

    ( http://www.gulf-daily-news.com/Story.asp?Article=187839&Sn=BUSI&IssueID=30117 )
    Sunday 15th July 2007
    Dutch woo Islamic banking

    Amsterdam: The Dutch government will look into ways to attract Islamic banking to the Netherlands, the Finance Ministry said.
    Minister for Integration Ella Vogelaar told Dutch daily Trouw that Islamic culture is rooting in the Dutch culture.[]

    Islam – a dog turd on the front lawn of life!

  4. Why didn’t they adapt to Nazi occupation? It would have been an improvement compared to being part of the ummah. The Jews had better get out while the getting is good because what happened in WW2 will be repeated all over again if this moron’s prediction does come to pass.

  5. I am thinking of putting together a glossary of short postings for our ‘blogs:
    1. unbelievable!
    2. traitorous leaders!
    3. morons!
    4. dumb!
    5. child abusers!
    6. No surprises!
    7. Gimme a break!
    8. Heaven help us!
    9. Not again!
    10. Cult of death strikes again.
    11. religion of peace???

    I could go on,,,,I won’t right now.

    I’ll leave the 4-letter words out for the moment.

  6. Europe is doomed. The women in the satanic death cult of Islam in Europe are crapping out little warriors for Allah at an alarming rate. Meanwhile, the indigenous population is dying off; their birth rate is something like 1.2 per woman.

    It gets worse. I go to German chat rooms from time to time, and I hear sentiments just like those from this moronic Dutch traitor. And even the vast majority of those who never talk such nonsense are in complete and utter denial.

    Maybe, just maybe, Europe will wake up when Paris or Berlin or the Hague
    are in flames and multiple thousands are butchered by some of the estimated 42 million followers of the barbaric, demon-possessed Muhammed (piss be upon him) that infest the continent. I pray she does.

  7. I’ve always thought of the Dutch as a practical lot but this womans’ comments are possibly one of the most stupid things I’ve ever heard.
    I can only hope the Dutch people disown these stupid politicians. All over Europe politicians are selling out their countries, what is the matter with them? I can see a political uprising coming in the future when all the ordinary decent people can take no more.
    I’m glad I’m not Dutch.
    Islam is not compatible with any other religion. It’s their way or the highway.

  8. @IsalmsForLosers
    “Why didn’t they adapt to Nazi occupation? It would have been an improvement compared to being part of the ummah”

    What makes you so sure? The Nazi’s had very close relationships with Islamic leaders back then. So the ummah might have been a fact by now…

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