Eurabia: Sarkozy’s Libya Nuke Deal ‘A European Disgrace’

Euro-dhimmies are increasingly irritated over Sarko’s nuke deal with the Libyan dictator Gaddafi:

French President Nicolas Sarkozy went to Tripoli on Wednesday and struck a number of deals with Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, including promises to build a nuclear reactor. Now critics in Germany and France are crying foul, accusing him of going it alone and potentially endangering Europe.


Would you sell this man a nuclear reactor? French President Nicolas Sarkozy has ruffled feathers at home and in Germany after his meeting with Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.


New French President Nicolas Sarkozy is really starting to grate on German nerves. First he tried to shake up the European Central Bank, then he let his wife grab the limelight over the release of the six Bulgarian medics held in Libya for eight years and now he is going it alone to clinch important deals with Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.
Sarkozy traveled to Tripoli on Wednesday just a day after his wife Cecilia flew out of Libya on a French presidential plane with the five Bulgarian nurses and one Palestinian doctor on board. The French president and Gadhafi signed five key agreements on future cooperation, including deals on defense and civilian nuclear energy.

The French even agreed to help the Libyans develop a nuclear reactor to desalinate water. But critics in Germany and France have questioned the wisdom of promoting atomic energy in a country that until 2003 had been trying to develop a nuclear weapons program. The Libyan leader has since renounced terrorism and signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, but many German commentators and politicians argue that the country is still a dictatorship and so its promises should be viewed with caution.


 Part 2: ‘Gadhafi Remains an Unscrupulous Despot’

The conservative daily Die Welt writes:

“Gadhafi remains an unscrupulous despot in his economically underdeveloped country. But neither Gadhafi’s agenda nor the EU’s dispute with Iran seem to bother French President Nicolas Sarkozy … he wants to position himself as a European — if not world — leader.”

“Gadhafi is perfect for a number of reasons: Libya can offer France oil and contracts worth billions for the French nuclear industry. And Sarkozy can revive his favourite topic of a Mediterranean Union, which would now include Libya. By building a bridge across the Mediterranean, Sarkozy is attempting to avert France’s loss of importance in an enlarged European Union that has moved to the east. The Mediterranean Union that Sarkozy envisages would also include Turkey, which would then not be an EU member. And post-colonial France would also be able to win more power in the Mediterranean.”

“But with this combination of nationalist, geo-strategic and private interests, Sarozky is not doing France, the EU or the Mediterranean Union any favors. The idea of bringing those nations who are fascinated with Europe — but whose entry is still almost impossible — closer to the EU is basically sensible. But Sarkozy’s tactics could end up casting the whole idea in a negative light.”

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  1. What a dismal development. Sarkozy sparked such high hopes but with this sort of nonsense he seemingly is going beyond what even Chirac would have done. Yeah Libya has renounced terrorism but that’s only because Daffy Duck feared that after Afghanistan and Iraq Libya would be next in line for a forced change in regime. Building nuke plants in oil rich Libya makes no sense, especially when one considers who’s leading the place. I’d really like to like France but that nation just can never get over the fact that it is no longer a titan on the world stage, regardless of who its leader is and until it does get over it France will remain a pain in the neck.

    you are right. He is an utter disappointment. Who would have thought that?
    He is a true Frenchman after all.

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