Luxemburg will pay (dearly) to have a Mufti

Muslims in the Grand Duchy are to have their religious leaders financed by the state –after an agreement reached between politicians and religious groups.

* A decision that Luxemburg will come to regret. But who are we to argue with the infinite wisdom of the elected officials of the Grand Duchy?

The infiltration of Eurabia continues on an unprecedented scale…

The criteria specified under the law have been satisfied – in that the religion is recognised on a global scale, and is officially recognised already within at least on other EU country. Further – Muslim leaders have agreed that adherents will be subject to the law of the Grand Duchy, and that the Islamic community is well established here – with over 10,000 followers. The change in the law necessary to bring the Islamic faith in line with the five other state-sponsored religious groupings in Luxembourg will also permit Muslims to build Mosques.

The degree of financial support offered will pay for one Mufti – who will be considered the leader of Muslims in the country – who will be assisted by one secretary – with the support of up to five Imams. The Mufti will be deemed to be on a par with the Anglican vicar or the Grand Rabbi – and the Imams roughly equivalent to Christian curate.

There is more on this in German, here…

4 thoughts on “Luxemburg will pay (dearly) to have a Mufti”

  1. Who are these elected officials? Are they raving mad?
    I agree with Islamforlosers.
    GOODBYE Luxenburg!

  2. Someone is paying them a lot of money. Money has power.
    No person of integrity could do this after seeing what is becoming of the rest of Europe.

  3. Speaking of “Eurabia”:

    «And today? Today Politically Incorrect informs us that Bat Ye’Or’s book Eurabia will not be published in German. The translators found it too “violent” in content and too “shocking” for the German public, so the contract between the author and the publisher was cancelled. Where is the old Hun who felt doubly well when Jewish blood was spurting from his knife? Now it’s everything not to irritate the Arabs. They might not like us anymore.»



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