Glenn Beck: Steve Emerson & Michael Scheuer

* In the American Politically Correct-TV landscape, there are very few Glenn Beck’s. Glenn takes risk and is right onto the global jihad. Glenn has not only basic understanding of what’s at stake, but he also has his heart in the right place.

Michael Scheuer, ex-CIA spook, is the archetypical, deluded ‘Pile’- straight out of Graham Greene’s ‘Quiet American’-, the quintessential full-of-s*#tboy-scout; naive, stupid, cocky and obnoxious, but convinced that he can’t do no wrong. Guy’s like him failed us all along. It was guy’s like Scheuer who couldn’t even predict the collapse of the Soviet Union.

But moonbats like Michael Scheuer have done a lot of damage to our society and will continue to do so unless we pull the rug out from under them. Scheuer and the ‘its all our fault-brigades’ have overstayed their welcome. Scheuer is full of understanding and sympathy for Islamofascist grievances and blames the US for everything that’s wrong in the ME:

Watch how Scheuer melts down when Emerson rubs a little reality on him:

Here’s a transcript of the piece.

Here’s the fireworks part;

EMERSON: I`m sorry. With all due respect, that`s a lot of malarkey. They may hate U.S. foreign policy. They hate the United States. They hate secularism. They hate the separation of church and state. They hate our values, and nothing will stop them, other than to see our obliteration.
Whether in fact that`s a possibility or not, they believe it is, and that`s the only thing that`s motivating them.

SCHEUER: That`s a very silly statement, and it`s dangerous because.

EMERSON: It`s not a silly statement, Michael. I mean, come on, Michael. You know as well — you have been under…

SCHEUER: Only an uneducated person would make a statement like that.

EMERSON: I`m sorry to be uneducated.

SCHEUER: I`m sorry you are too, sir.

EMERSON: I`m sorry. You`re the most educated person in the world, yet you know nothing.

BECK: Wow. Here we go. See, we just wanted to bring a little peace to the world, and the whole thing starts crashing down on our heads.


Comment from LGF:

Michael F. Scheuer is one of the incompetent assholes promoted by the Clintonoids to replace the intelligent people that used to work at CIA.

He’s got a lot more writing, promoting, interviewing, and excusing to do to explain why the unit he was in charge of in the 90’s failed to capture or kill OBL.

Worse for Scheuer, the Clintonoids and Clarke have been working very hard at making sure that it is Scheuer and not themselves thrown under the “failed to get OBL when they had the chance” bus.

Of course, nobody has managed to explain why or how Scheuer was promoted to the head of the “get OBL unit.” Much less what he was doing so far outside of his field of expertise to begin with.

To loosely paraphrase Robert Baer, they fired all the field agents and replaced them with analysts. Analysts, like Scheuer, tend to make for really bad field agents.


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  1. Michael Scheuer still hasn’t made the connection between Al Qaeda and islam. Scarier still is the fact that people like him could still be in our security agencies.

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