Video: Taliban Terrorist Mansour Dadullah

Hostage taking and kidnapping for ransom is traditional Muhammedan business dating back to the early days of Mohammed himself. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Here  we have a video clip from UK Channel 4 via LGF, an interview with Taliban terrorist leader Mansour Dadullah. It’s the face of the enemy. These creatures do not hide anything about their intentions, their depravity, or their love of killing—and Dadullah, who was released in a hostage deal made by Italy, makes a point of noting that kidnapping is a tactic that very obviously works for them, and promises more.

Includes pictures of the Taliban’s failed 6-year old suicide bomber.

One thought on “Video: Taliban Terrorist Mansour Dadullah”

  1. Another tactic! So, now we could have this war called “war against da’wa”, or ‘war against taqiyya/kithman’, or ‘war against kidnapping’ instead of ‘war against terror’!

    Gee, why don’t we call it what it should be – a war against islam – not islamists, not jihad, not anything else mentioned above – but… ISLAM!

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