How to Beat Jihad

* An Iranian Muslim living in Germany sees a worrying trend and asks advice from the indefatigable Ali Sina, who’s marvelous website ‘Faith Freedom International’ has helped thousands of Muslims to leave the cult of Islam. The greatest favor anyone can do to Muslims is help them leave this perverted belief-system and free themselves from the slavery of worshiping Muhammad’s invention and alter ego, the pagan moon-god of the ancient desert Arabs, Al-Ilha. However, given the murderous fanaticism of Muslims this can be a dangerous undertaking:

Dear Mr. Ali Sina,

I am also an Iranian (my e-mail name is not my real one) who was raised in Germany . I was living in Iran ( Tehran ) for 3 years and am now back in Germany . As I realised that Islam is a demonic, primitive and laughable cult, I am worried about education in German schools.

Some months ago, the authorities decided that besides catholic and evangelic religion, which can be chosen by the students (they’re not obligatory), Islamic education should also be offered. The scary fact is that a lot of students actually chose to study Islam which is taught by Muslims, of course.

As you know a lot of people who are not ”real” Muslims just chose it in order to ”show” everybody that they’re Muslims. And the authorities are happy that ”islamic education will be a nationwide subject soon”. I can pretty well imagine how these teachers feed them all these lies about islam, the quran and muhammad, and how these students will try to advertise Islam and try to ”islamize” the society, their friends and relatives.

I feel really bad about this and would like to ask you what I can do or how I can contribute to their enlightening, as I do not want these things to happen.

Best regards and millions of thanks to you, your website and co-editors.


Dear Farhad.

You have all the reasons to be concerned. It is said that ignorance is bliss. The non-Muslims, particularly the Europeans are blissfully ignorant of the danger of Islam. Only ex-Muslims, who have seen the extent of devastation that Islam causes, can understand the enormity of the threat that this cult poses to the world and human civilization.

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  1. “Islam is not another color in the rainbow of religions. It is the blackness of the night that aims to obliterate all colors.”

    Good post, and I cut/pasted a piece that struck me. It seems the moon is a good symbol for islam. I find it ironic they picked a symbol for the night – the moon – the moon god.

  2. The trouble I have with Ali Sena’ s prescription is that though it may defeat Islam, and that is a really big if, it will still leave a large ex-Moslem population in the West, and with their culture intact. Islam may go away, but their is an underlying culture, that will not go away, and will still be a threat to the identity of the West.

  3. Ali Sina also makes a point about the West being guilt-based, so we try not to do that which makes us feel guilty. (Guilt being internal.) He explains that Islam is shame-based; it’s about image, not-losing-face. (Shame is external.) “Islam is an illogical doctrine that is based on fear and is defended through honor. … Muslims are not concerned about the irrationality of Islam or about good or evil. They are mostly concerned about losing face and upholding the image of Islam.”

    Sounds like we could use mockery as a weapon ?

  4. As long as our leaders continue to pay islam the utmost respect and forbid the mocking and not to mention a possible connection to terror, what hope is there? We can’t win a war without knowing the enemy and shaming, ridiculing them is virtually considered racist hate speech. Sheeesh! We can’t even explain the sordid facts of their horrid sharia law without some politically correct control freak censoring us.
    One fact we must all agree on is that brute force is stronger than civility.
    Now I get it…

  5. The truth has got one true face, you can never beat the Islam I know, the Islam which started at the beginning of time and was practiced by all the prophet of Allah from Adam, Abraham, Jesus and the last of all- Muhammad- May the peace of Allah be upon all of them.
    All human being who are in their positive state of mind are the some. In order to get the greatest and most sincere to oneself, we must be exposed to education. So to suggest that Islam should not be taught in Germany, send a message how you’re ignorant of Islam and how you need help from all civilized citizens of the world to change your thinking. Learning is one thing that promotes peace and leads you to make positive choices that will lead you in life no matter what subject. If you had cared to know a little of Islam, you will not be defaming it the way your doing. It is like your supporting Terrorist who have decided to hijack Islam and Christianity by terrorizing the world while using religion to advance they personal interest. Mark you ,terrorists and suicide bobbers have no room in Islam. When you here names like Ali,Issa, Ahemed, you may be deceived that they symbolize Islam-yet Islam is action but not in a name
    To your Information, Islam is a peaceful religion which respects knowledgeable people and preaches co-existence with people of all color, relgion and cultures that disagree.
    Since it is a complete way of life, the onus is upon us to become the best examples on earth .
    256 71 2 802048

  6. Actually there’s a very easy way to beat Jihad …. it’s called ” night of a thousand nukes”

  7. “To your Information, Islam is a peaceful religion which respects knowledgeable people and preaches co-existence with people of all color, relgion and cultures that disagree.”

    Sounds great in theory. I have heard this sort of comment before.
    The trouble is that when one looks all around the world one sees this isn’t the case at all.

    Not only do muslims NOT get along with people of other faiths, but they are “wonderful” at killing each other as they do in Iraq, to name but one example. In Pakistan the madrassahs are teaching young children to be suicide bombers. They are not tolerant of other muslims, let alone non-muslims.
    This is a classic case of actions speaking louder than words.

    Then of course there are the ‘home grown’ variety of terrorists. I suppose they use a different version of the koran?

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