Mosque Jihad Downunder: “They used violence and force … to control a mosque..”

* Shocks, horror! And you thought mosques are houses of worship, right?

* But not to worry, nothing that can’t be fixed: Just give them money to build another mosque!

Sacked hardline cleric forces his way back

Richard Kerbaj | The Australian
A HARDLINE Islamic cleric who was sacked by moderate Muslims for praising jihadists has forced his way back into Canberra’s only mosque to preach anti-western messages.

Mohammed Swaiti used his predominantly Palestinian and Jordanian support base to topple the Islamic leadership in charge of Abu Bakr Mosque, allowing him to continue preaching Wahabbism — a fundamentalist strand of Islam espoused by Osama bin Laden.

Islamic Society of ACT president Sabrija Poskovic, whose organisation is in charge of the mosque at Yarralumla, said yesterday he was forced out after receiving threats from Sheik Swaiti’s followers. He told The Weekend Australian that the imam and his admirers would see his return as a win for extremist Islam in Australia.

“They took over the mosque by force, by argument, by screaming, by calling us names,” said Mr Poskovic. “There is no point arguing and fighting with him and his supporters any more.”


Canberra’s Muslim leadership fears the return of Sheik Swaiti — who is being investigated by the tax office for allegedly failing to pay tax on thousands of dollars in clerical allowances he is accused of receiving from the Saudi Government — would further divide the local community and threaten to radicalise more young followers of Islam.

* “Radicalize” more young followers of Islam? But isn’t Islam a “Religion of Peace?”

Mr Poskovic was planning to set up a prayer hall that would be used as an alternative to the mosque by moderate Muslims ideologically opposed to the Palestinian-born Sheik Swaiti.

* Building more mosques will fix it , sure…

A prominent figure in Canberra’s Muslim community, Mohammed Berjaoui, yesterday attacked national security authorities for overlooking Sheik Swaiti’s anti-western sermons and ignoring his supporters’ violent actions, which allegedly led to the bashing of the Islamic society’s secretary, Kurt Kennedy, in May.

Mr Kennedy resigned from his position last month.

“They used violence and force … to control a mosque, which is something that normally happens in the Middle East,” Mr Berjaoui said. “It gives the message that they used force and violence to control the society and police and authorities did not stop them. They can do whatever they want and get away with it.”

The Weekend Australian revealed in April that Sheik Swaiti, who also works for the tax office, was regularly praising mujahideen in his Friday sermons.

While he translated his sermon into English for non-Arabic-speaking audience members, the imam omitted praise for Islamic jihadists in the English version.

Sheik Swaiti delivered yesterday’s sermon at Abu Bakr Mosque.

Sheik Swaiti’s activities have been recorded here here & here


‘Shit-Files’ Actor Duchovny Opts For Blowjob in a Church

* Why don’t you show us you got balls and do it with a Muslimah in a mosque, creep?!!

11 thoughts on “Mosque Jihad Downunder: “They used violence and force … to control a mosque..””

  1. Sheik Swaiti – under investigation for failing to pay tax, also works for the tax office!!! What, as a fraud investigator?

  2. Mullah,
    I hope lots of people hear about this guy. He seems to be a straight shooter. Why aren’t more people brave enough to confront the truth like he has?

    They would get a lot of votes.

    On the other topic: how come so many of them work for the tax department or are QANTAS baggage handlers?

  3. Seems like they just want to have a fight with somebody,….. anybody….

    Genesis 16: 11 The angel of the LORD also said to her:
    “You are now with child
    and you will have a son.
    You shall name him Ishmael,
    for the LORD has heard of your misery.

    12 He will be a wild donkey of a man;
    his hand will be against everyone
    and everyone’s hand against him,
    and he will live in hostility
    toward all his brothers.”

    “Kedar: (black): Second son of Ishmael (Gen. 25:13)… Mohammed traces his lineage to Abraham through the celebrated Koreish tribe, which sprang from Kedar. The Arabs in the Hejaz are called Beni Harb (men of war), and are Ishmaelites as of old, from their beginning.” :Smith’s Bible Dictionary

  4. As for David Dushitvny, this ugly hoook nosed moron is a loser in Hollywood. there’s little chance that this sex-addict scumbag will get any attention for his cheap gimmick. As for offending the “muslimah”, Davidtz Dushitvny- knows very well what will happen to his pathetic balls if he tries that in a mosque.
    Ironically, in Hollyweird Christianity is the only “expendable” religion. For Christ’s gentle and human message of love, charity and forgivness – this is the reward he gets. Hollyweird whould be ashamed of its constant insults directed towards the sentiments of Lord Jesus and his followers. America was made by Christians. The Schitbergs and other feral leftists in Hollweird should NOt forget this FACT !

  5. Also I’m sick and tired of Hollyweird being so damn senti to the mussies and that biatch Mo-Ham-Mad, Piss Be Upon Him ! I saw two movies recently based on terror in the US – and by jove, both of them are soo politically correct and downright luducrous. The terrorists potrayed are NOT the Islamics, rather they’re white Europeans. Wow ! wonder never ceases ! Some Islamic fruit cake should really blow up the Universal studios and assinate the producers there. Maybe then , they’ll wake up to their nonsense.

  6. The James Baker video, interesting but a bit vague and short on solutions or any policy. I’ll probably hold my nose and vote liberal this year because labour is scarier than the muslims. And the libs at the very least, aren’t labour or muslim (yet)

  7. I am not an expert on Islamic matters but a strong feeling creeps in that these butcher muslims are now expert in Blackmailing the US and West ,also. They gobble up all the material aids etc. exploiting the innocence of the west/US flowing to these muslims and yet deliberately not set thier house in order . They seem to be enjoying the kind of life they are having . They are a sick humanity who needs cure.

  8. * [Muslim leadership fears] … threaten to radicalise more young followers of Islam.

    Every action or lack of action to do with Islam that does not appease it leads to the threat of radicalism, jihadism or extremism. A better idea would be for Howard / Rudd / Costello / anyone to say – no, that is not acceptable any longer – no more appeasement; you have implied a threat of violence against this nation, and have 24 hours to leave, at your expense. Your mosque is seized, and will be demolished.

    * allegedly led to the bashing of the Islamic society’s secretary, Kurt Kennedy, in May

    Kurt Kennedy is the President of the “Best Party of Allah in Australia” – which is one “party” I won’t be voting for! Apparently, it doesn’t have many members.

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