Australia: The Inmates Run the Asylum

Just in thanks to Mullah Lodabullah:

Are we financing Islamic fanaticism?

“Millions for defense, not a penny for tribute,” was the rallying cry of the United States during the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson, when it dispatched its infant Navy and Marine Corps against the Tripoli pirates who were raiding American shipping for ransom. Meanwhile, another mindset has taken hold in our politically correct society. When Australia sends a billion dollars in aid to Indonesia after a devastating tsunami, the clerics of Aceh were mostly concerned about female nurses not wearing a hijab, because in Aceh they had sharia law, and that would hurt the sensitivities of the locals, who came running to the choppers with Bin Laden T-shirts, grabbed whatever they could grab and ran away. The government of Indonesia was very concerned that the US-Navy didn’t spent too much time either, since they felt threatened, and in Kashmir after the earthquake the locals took the help of the infidels as a matter of course, without gratitude, it is simply seen as something we owe them.

Then, Indonesian ‘militants’ bomb our young in Bali twice, bomb our embassy, but Bucktooth Bashir gets off with a slap on the wrist.

When a few dumb Aussie-kids get caught with drugs and promptly go on death row, the good folks back home all nod in agreement and say ‘they deserve it’- what’s wrong with this picture?

Meanwhile, we are paying the jiziyah: 

Indonesia, Australia officially open 46 Islamic Schools

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Bill Farmer, and Indonesian Minister for Religious Affairs Muhammad M Basyuni here on Wednesday attended a ceremony at MTs PSA Al Fauzan in Labruk Lor, Lumajang District, East Java Province, to mark the opening of 46 Islamic junior secondary schools (Madrasah Tsanawiyah) that have been built with Australian assistance.

The construction of the 46 schools commenced in 2006 and are ready for the 2007 school year, which began last month. Work is due to commence in coming weeks on further 275 Islamic schools that will open to students in mid 2008.

Farmer said the schools were part of the Rp2.5 trillion Australian Government program which is funding the construction or expansion of 2000 schools in 20 Indonesian provinces until 2009.

“Of those 2000 schools, 500 are madrasah, which demonstrate clearly the importance of Islamic schools to the Indonesian education system, and Australia’s understanding of their role in educating Indonesia’s children,” Farmer said.

The construction program will create more than 330,000 new junior secondary school places for 13 to 15 year olds, targeting children from poor and remote areas.

Al Fauzan school is built on land that was donated to the public by the Lumajang District head and Al Fauzan Foundation.

Local people built the school using locally supplied materials. All school sites were selected based on an assessment of unmet demand, enrolment rates and community involvement.

“Australia continues to support education in Indonesia, recognizing it can significantly improve the quality of people’s lives,” Farmer said.

* Sure. Give them money and pay them to study the Koran. What did Stalin say: ” The capitalists will sell us the ropes by which we will hang them. “

Some 330 junior secondary schools have been built in partnership with the Ministry of National Education. The construction work of up to 1200 general and Islamic schools is expected to be completed by mid 2008, a press statement of the Australian embassy said. (*)

* Strange. Why was there no mention of any secular, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu schools financed in Indonesia with Australian taxpayers money? Christian schools and churches in Indonesia are burning, Christian children are being beheaded, and our government gives our tax-money to Indonesia to build Islamic madrassah’s?

Is this a bad dream or a nightmare?

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  1. Another example of how the infidels continually prop up Islamania and enable it to kill them. When will this insanity ever stop? This BS MUST end if Islamania is to be defeated.

  2. Picture this, we (infidels) are paying to build Islamic schools in Islamic countries. And Saudi Arabia is paying to build Islamic schools in the western countries Something is wrong with this picture.

  3. ISLAMSFORLOSERS said “When will this insanity ever stop?”

    When our leaders stop “embracing and celebrating diversity” and start accepting that Islam is making its move for global domination. There won’t be too much “cultural sensitivity training” in these Oz-funded madrassahs; only blind obedience to “Allah’s” will as per the Koran & Hadith.

    I can’t imagine “Braveheart” responding to the Glasgow attack by welcoming Muslim leaders to a reception “as part of the One Scotland campaign to celebrate diversity”.

    Islamic methods:
    jihad (“inner struggle”) / kidnapping / beheading / suicide bombing / victimhood / dissembling (etc)

    Western responses:
    “celebrate diversity” / outlaw “hate crime” & “islamophobia” / muslim “reference groups” / “war on terror” that doesn’t name the perpetrators of terror / increase muslim immigration / wudu washers in airports / super lax prisons with halal food for jihadi recruitment (etc)

  4. Mullah L:

    A pity that these schools can’t at least teach the little brats a more benign type of Islamania. Since tax money’s being used to build these schools it should be a precondition before even one school is built. Instead, politicians dole out free money to these losers and let them teach the brats how evil the infidels really are. At least when they teach that infidels are stupid they are teaching the truth.

    Meanwhile, my property taxes always go up because education at home needs more money. Disgusting.

  5. Insulting Islam gets infidels murdered. Infidel goodwill money to further Islam convinces them Allah is causing us to pay tribute. Which in turn convinces them their murders are working.

  6. Dirty money: Saddam paid money to the families of Palestinian homicide bombers to kill Israeli civilians in an attempt to take their country from them. The result? A Palestinian(Zarqawi) began dispatching homicide bombers to murder Iraqi civilians, Saddam had his country taken from him, his own children died as a result of bombs, and he was hanged in the gallows like a modern-day Haman.

  7. Ofcourse we are. We give billions in aid every year, to almost every Islamic country. They take even more from the World bank, IMF, and then promptly default or are forgiven.

    The Palis ofcourse are the biggest beggars in the world. They are beggars though with a difference – they are armed beggars (armed by us ofcourse), and threaten to start the airplane Jihad if their Jizya is not paid up in time.

    Straight answer – get out of the Islamic world, and get the buggers out of our hair as well. Stop doing any business with them but the essential. If that makes them come around and ditch Islam- fine. If not, atleast we can sleep easy and travel safe.

  8. “Is this a bad dream or a nightmare? ”

    It’s a nightmare and our leaders are amking it come true:(

  9. Gramfan said “It’s a nightmare and our leaders are amking it come true:( ”

    Quick, go back to sleep. I just woke up to this, in WND:

    JERUSALEM – Republican presidential candidate Gov. Mitt Romney has cited the social welfare network of the Lebanese Hezbollah terror group as a role model the U.S. should copy to help promote “goodness” and “freedom” around the world.

    One bit of good news: Kafeel Ahmed (Glasgow jeep driver) carked it today.

  10. Sam Deakins>>”Picture this, we (infidels) are paying to build Islamic schools in Islamic countries. And Saudi Arabia is paying to build Islamic schools in the western countries Something is wrong with this picture.’

    All take and no give :>(

  11. As all the comments show, Islamania’s gratitude knows no end in giving thanks via bloodshed. All the more reason that it is wise to minimize all contact with the ummah.

  12. Mullah,
    On the same wave length, mate!

    (I made a typo in that sentence,sorry).

    Funny!! I just found that article a couple of minutes ago. Romney has lost the plot. Hezbollah is some kind of idealistic socialist utopia?? Gimme a break!

    The man is ignorant in the extreme. I thought Sweden was the world’s example of socialist utopia? And look what is happening there. Swedistan.

  13. Gramfan>>”Romney has lost the plot. Hezbollah is some kind of idealistic socialist utopia?? Gimme a break!”

  14. Gramfan said – Hang on,,here’s an update from Romney: (WND)

    This would be the source document on his site …

    Defeating the Jihadists

    He is pushing the all-too-common line of defeating Jihadists by “moderate, modern, mainstream Muslims”, but allowing for the “spin” on his site, he comes across as honest & sincere, and reasonably competent, and as he is in Michigan, not pandering to the mozzies of Detroit & Dearbornistan, and understands the Islamic goal of a global Caliphate. Seven out of Ten?

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