Good Riddance, Kafeel Ahmed!

Glasgow terror suspect dies from burns


* Note that he is described as a ‘terror suspect’- which supposedly means that nothing is proven. Then check who wrote it: By TARIQ PANJA, Associated Press Writer

* Wanna bet that Tariq Panda is an adherent of the Muhammedan faith?

* Wanna bet that Ahmed, the failed terrorist, will get a martyr’s funeral back home in Bangalore?

*A man critically burned after allegedly crashing an explosive-laden Jeep into Glasgow Airport died of his injuries Thursday, Strathclyde Police said.

* Tariq, tell us: ‘allegedly’- is that supposed to mean it only happened in our imagination? It never really happened, or was it the Jooozzz again who blame it on an innocent Muslim?

Kafeel Ahmed, 27, had been in the hospital for a month with burns from the alleged attack on June 30, which followed a day after two failed car bombings in London. The other man in the car, Iraqi doctor Bilal Abdullah, has been charged with conspiring to set off explosions.

“We can confirm that the man seriously injured during the course of the incident at Glasgow Airport on Saturday June 30 has died in Glasgow Royal Infirmary,” said a spokesman for Strathclyde Police, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with force policy.

Ahmed, an Indian national from Bangalore, was burned on 90 percent of his body and had been in a coma throughout his hospital stay. He had been kept under armed guard at a burns unit.

Kafeel Ahmed’s brother, Sabeel Ahmed, 26, also faces trial after being charged with withholding information that could prevent an act of terrorism. He was arrested in Liverpool on the day of the Glasgow attack. Jordanian doctor Mohammed Jamil Asha is the other man facing charges over the botched attacks.

Mohamed Haneef, the 27-year-old cousin of the Ahmed brothers, was arrested and charged in Australia over the attacks. But he was released after police were forced to admit they did not have enough evidence to hold him.

Early reports said that Kafeel Ahmed, like the other suspects, had been a medical worker. But Indian officials said he was an engineer with a doctorate in design and technology.


No Virgins for Kafeel


11 thoughts on “Good Riddance, Kafeel Ahmed!”

  1. It was Allah’s will that he should go but he probably won’t get any virgins ‘cos he didn’t take any infidels with him.

  2. so what do we get from bbc radio, an interview with the lawyer retained
    by the idiots family!
    in an aware society he would have got a bullet at the scene.

  3. I just love the MSM ‘alleged Terrorist’ is possibly admissable as he has not been convicted but ‘allegedly crashing his car’ is ABSOLUTELY ridiculous. I also note they have no problem in using the word Indian in regards to describing this TERRORIST but will not use the M word. If I was an Indian in UK I would be furiously contacting the media,the Government and anyone who would listening loudly complaining that it is disgusting that hundreds of thousands of decent law abiding Indian Hindus and Sixths are being slandered and maligned by this loose PC reporting.

  4. Used up his 72 Virgin “frequent exploder” points!

    The Strathclyde Police have an anonymous spokesman? I can understand the Special Branch or CIB being anonymous, but the spokesman?

  5. It really breaks my heart that this punk was in a coma during all this time. It would have been better had he been fully aware of all that pain-call it the burning love of his god.

    Now the question is what happens to him in Islamaniac heaven. Does he get the virgins looking like he did upon his death or does he get them looking like he did before? And if he looks like he did at his death does that mean the virgins will have to look like that too? Such burning (heh heh) questions-perhaps one of those online Dr. Fatwas can answer them. Inquiring infidels want to know!

  6. Unfortunately for Kafeel, the sexually deviant demons that he will encounter in hell will all be virgins that have never gotten frisky with a man. ];(

  7. The Strathclyde Police, using an anonymous spokesman to confirm the death of the seriously injured man, has since moved on to more newsworthy matters, like the Puppy Web Cam:

    Latest News
    Strathclyde Police Launch Puppy Web Cam
    By logging on to the Force website, , you
    can check out the progress of the six newborn pups live via web cam.

    No mention of Islamic terrorism on the site, but it will tell me about…
    “puppy tales”

  8. Mullah>>’No mention of Islamic terrorism on the site, but it will tell me about…
    “puppy tales”’

    Wouldn’t that qualify as culturally insensitive, since pictures of dogs aren’t allowed in Muslim homes?

  9. Why is he a suspect when he was caught in the act? It must be the political correctness again trying to sugar-coat Islam. Nope, Islam had nothing to do with this act. It was the Jooooooozzz like you mentioned Sheik.

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