Australian Muslim Leader Delighted With Burka Mary

From the wankers & flakes department:


Piss Christ, Dung Madonna and now ‘Burka Mary’-: Aussie Art Stupidity on Display:


* Brave libertarian ‘artists’ are convinced that they have moved the boundaries for ‘art’ once again: As long as it doesn’t provoke the soldiers of Allah who retaliate by burning embassies, killing people in their hundreds in a fanatical frenzy its all good, isn’t it?

* Strange that the depiction of the Muslim ‘prophet’ Muhammad is frowned upon. Strange that the depiction of humans is considered ‘haram’ in Islam. Even more strange that Muslims leaders are so obviously delighted with the useful idiots and attention seekers who defecate on their own culture and religious symbols. Or do they just see it as another victory for Islam in the jihad conquest of the West and its decadent, degenerated fools and useful idiots?

The Anglican bishop of South Sydney, Robert Forsyth, said he was surprised by offended reactions to the artwork.

“Christians are not about to go and kill people because someone did some cartoons – it’s not the way we respond,” he said. …

The Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, said: “As a person of faith and religious background I think it’s important to reflect on the icons of our faiths. Unfortunately, some contemporary art is tedious and trivial. These couple of works demonstrate this.

“Regrettably, attempts to insult Jesus and Mary have become common in recent years, even predictable.Too often it seems that the only quality which makes something art is the adolescent desire to shock.

“If this is the best the Blake Prize can do, it has probably outlived its usefulness.”


But the leader of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, Ikebal Patel, thinks it’s excellent to see Mary in a burqa.

But Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Ikebal Patel said the statue was “not at all offensive”, because both the Virgin Mary and Jesus were revered figures in Islam.

* Ikebal would only be offended of his ‘profit’ Muhammad was depicted, like here:

“So [Mary wearing a burqa is] no different to how our mothers and sisters are expected to be modest in their dressing,” he said.

* No doubt Ikebal would prefer to see all Australian females in the proper Muhammedan attire:


He has a little more of a problem with the Jesus-Osama image, mostly because it’s taboo to have any drawing at all of an Islamic prophet.

* Unfortunately the islamic Jesus, ‘Isa’-, is a completely different figure from the the one in the Christian bible: The Muslim Isa will return on judgement day to break the crosses, abolish the jiziyah and slaughter the swine. (The swine are the Christians) but don’t wait for Patel or any other Muhammedan to tell you that…


But Mr Patel said he was affronted by the image of bin Laden’s face blending into that of Jesus, who is deemed a prophet in Islam.

“You have a revered prophet of Islam being equated to somebody like Osama bin Laden.

”Also in Islam, we don’t have any paintings or drawings depicting any of our prophets, so I find it quite offensive.“


Al Reuters has more details on these works of fine art:

“Bearded Orientals: Making the Empire Cross” by Priscilla Bracks is a “double vision” print that depicts both Jesus and bin Laden.

Luke Sullivan’s “The Fourth Secret of Fatima” is a statue of Mary, her head and torso obscured by a blue burqa like the one Afghan women had to wear under the militant Taliban.

The artworks were among more than 500 entries in the Blake Prize for Religious Art, and have been included in an exhibition at the National Art School in Sydney.

11 thoughts on “Australian Muslim Leader Delighted With Burka Mary”

  1. Many responses in the MSM have ridiculed Christians for airing their disgust, as though we (Christians) aren’t allowed to have an opinion. I have yet to read any response to Mr Patel however, when he states that Jesus is recognised by the islamic faith. If so, why are Christians (and Christianity in general) violently targeted by the ‘peace lovers’??
    I don’t know whether it is ‘art’, but the feeling I do get is that the surrounding fuss is just another chink in the armour that is (was?) the strength of this nation built on Judeo-Christian principles.

  2. Osama bin Laden, proudly wearing a Cross! He must be thrilled to bits with the great honour bestowed on him.

    Will his bloodthirsty, fanatical colleagues hack his head from his shoulders now that he has converted to Christianity?

    We can but hope!

  3. Whilst not a Christian, I agree with everything Cardinal George Pell has written.

    The level of intelligence (or lack of) of the so-called artist Priscilla Bracks, of Robert Forsyth, Anglican Bishop of South Sydney, and of the organizers of the exhibition at the National Art School in Sydney, needs to be questioned.

    The artist obviously does not possess genuine talent. It does not reflect well on the Art School of Sydney if this is the type of tripe the students are producing.

    It is abhorrent that the Art School sees nothing wrong in displaying this revolting rubbish in the exhibition.

  4. This is OT but I think the jihadists and their allies are making a major push to silence sites like these. Surf Control has classified Jihad Watch as a “hate site”-since Monday I can’t access it. Now this morning I find Doctor Bulldog inaccessible thanks to Surf Control. Foehammer’s Anvil has long been blocked by Surf Control. I suspect this site will be blocked at any time
    by Surf Control as well. Is anyone else experiencing this sort of thing with sites similar to this one, especially in recent days?

  5. Then placing Mo in a burqa would be even more wonderful. Make him into crossdressing Nazi! Ah, the irony of it.

  6. I think a depiction of mohammad wearing a cross would be apppropriate because he is going to have to ‘ revert’ to Christianity.

    Christianity came first and is a religion that teaches peace and love how much better than islam, which teaches hate and slavery and lies and many other things that are better left out of the human spectrum.

    I think that Nostradamus might have been right about the world having to battle an antiChrist. That would be mohammad and islam and anything associated with it, I see nothing else that fits the bill.

    The ‘artist’ who concocted the crappy works, is not an artist but and idiot and will sink into oblivion after this 5 minutes of notariety. For most of us art is for the depiction of beauty, not garbage.

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