Thailand: No Peace In ‘Restive’ South

 AFP reports that the ‘insurgents/militants/shadowy groups/rebels’ in the south don’t want peace talks. Why would that be?


Thai Prime Minister Surayud Chulanont said Wednesday that separatists fighting in Muslim-majority provinces have refused to take up his offer to launch peace talks.

“As of now, there has been no progress on starting negotiations, because that would require the agreement of both sides. So there are no talks for now,” he told reporters.

“My government is still adhering a policy of non-violence, but cooperation from the people is crucial,” he said.

Since Surayud took office following a military coup last year, he has made a series of peace gestures to the militants fighting along the southern border with Malaysia.

But the violence has only escalated since the coup, and the government has deployed thousands more troops and paramilitary forces to the region.

Human Rights Watch said in a report Tuesday that despite the peace gestures, Thailand still has no concrete strategy to end state-sanctioned abuses.

* “Human rights watch” is an euphemism for a commie/Muslim infiltrated scam-org. which supports Islamic causes.

The report warned that the conflict was degenerating into a brutal armed conflict in which 89 percent of the fatalities have been civilians.

Foreign Minister Nitya Pibulsonggram welcomed the report and said he believed it would help the international community understand why Thailand has struggled to find ways of reining in the shadowy insurgency.

“The international community will have a positive attitude toward Thailand. The report is fair and does us justice,” he said.

“We always regret the loss of life, regardless of who the victims are,” he said.

More than 2,500 people have been killed since the separatist unrest erupted nearly four years ago. The region was annexed by Buddhist Thailand a century ago.

* AFP never misses that last slur. As if Thailand was somehow  in the wrong for defending its territory… 

3 thoughts on “Thailand: No Peace In ‘Restive’ South”

  1. The Thais have a reputation for being hard core fighters. What are they waiting for?

  2. The muslims are told that if they feel they are strong that they don’t have to negotiate a peace deal. Peace deals with muslims are stupid anyway. They are told that a peace deal should last no longer than 10 years and can be broken at anytime once they feel they are rearmed and regrouped in order to fight again. They are only to consider a peace deal if they are weak. (sound familiar of the continuing saga of the Israeli/muslim ‘peace’ deals that Israel, and all ignorant ones of islam, keep trying to make with muslims?)

  3. The only way that we can make peace with muslims if we keep their numbers sufficiently small. That way they never gain the foothold, and the boldness, that numbers give them. One of their tactics is da’wa which depends on their numbers increasing so they can take jihad a step further. All of this is jihad. Basically, it is the goal to conquer all the lands and peoples and bring them under islam – however they achieve it is jihad. But, it is mostly achieved through the violent jihad not only because mohammed put such a high regard and reward on it, but sane people do not tend to become muslims and so islam has to spread via the ‘sword’.

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