Brussels: “it was the Jews who have organized the 9/11 demo.”

* Resistance is building in Europe against  the socialist  Grand-Mufti, mayor of Brussels,  Freddy Thielemans,  and his compagnions who are trying to forbid a peaceful demonstration against the Islamization of Europe on 9/11 for fear of ‘upsetting their Muslim constituents’-


Protest at the Belgian Embassy in Copenhagen

by Baron Bodissey/Gates of Vienna

This evening at 7pm local time, protesters gathered at the Belgian embassy in Copenhagen to protest Brussels Mayor Freddy Thielemans’ refusal of a permit for the 9-11 “Stop Islamisation of Europe”. SIOE organized the protest at the embassy at Øster Alle 7, and Steen was there with his camera.


* But Brussels is not always so disapproving of demonstrations, as long as they are anti-American and not anti-Jihad. In his post tonight Steen quotes this report from Brussels Journal:

* Demo approved:

A far-left group of anti-American conspiracy theorists, calling itself “United for Truth” (UfT), is going to demonstrate in Brussels on 9 September. The group will march from Brussels North Station to its South (Midi) Station in protest against “George Bush’s involvement” with the 9/11/2001 terror attacks in New York and on the Pentagon.

On its website UfT writes:

Recently the French Minister for Housing and the City Mme Christine Boutin expressed her doubts about the official 9/11 report. Before, Michael Meacher, secretary of state in Britain and Andreas Von Bulow, ex Minister from Germany, stated clearly that 9/11 and the war on terror are orchestrated by the Bush administration.

Truthers = Fuckwits united against reason!

It seems there’s sauce for the goose, but none for the gander.


Russian Neo-Nazi’s are beginning to ape Al Qaeda’s head chopping

Jihad Supporters & Al Qaeda Soldiers are Outraged!

Mirror Mirror

A Russian Neo-Nazi group has posted a horrific video showing the murder of two Muslims. In the video one of the victims is beheaded and a second is shot so as to fall into a freshly dug grave. The video appears to be patterned after the dozens and dozens of snuff films released by Islamic terrorists in Iraq.

Via The Telegraph: A previously unknown Russian nationalist group has posted a video on the internet showing the execution of two Muslim men, prompting fears that neo-Nazis are beginning to ape the techniques used by Islamic extremists in Iraq.
The footage surfaced on the Russian version of the popular social networking website LiveJournal over the weekend. It was quickly taken down.

The three-minute video, titled “Execution of a Tajik and a Dagestani”, begins with two men kneeling before a masked extremist in combat fatigues.

Apparently unprompted, they mumble that they have been taken hostage by “Russian Nationalist Socialists”.

The masked man then uses a knife to decapitate one of his prisoners in a grim sequence lasting 90 seconds.

The second captive is later forced to kneel in front of a grave before he is shot in the back of his head. The clip, which has a caption claiming to have been filmed by “The National Socialist Party of Rus”, ends with a still image of a red and white flag emblazoned with a swastika.

* But now suddenly there is outrage amongst the al-Qaeda supporters. They are calling the Russian Nazis dogs, terrorists and barbarians. Which is perfectly correct. But since seeing the reflection of their own barbarity they have vowed to…you guessed it……murder some more Russians.


Vlad the Impaler, otherwise known as Count Dracula, certainly knew how to deal with the Musulman, since he was sold in his youth by his own family to become a janissary: After sultan Mehment’s emissaries refused to remove their headdress, the Fez, he had them nailed to their heads. In 1462 Dracula attacked the Turks to drive them out of the Danube River valley. Sultan Mehmed II retaliated by invading Walachia with an army three times larger than Dracula’s. Dracula was forced to retreat to his capital, Tirgoviste. He burned his own villages and poisoned wells on the way so that the Turkish army wouldn’t have any food or water.

When the sultan reached Tirgoviste, he saw a terrifying scene, remembered in history as “the Forest of the Impaled.” There, outside the city, were 20,000 Turkish prisoners, all impaled. The sultan’s officers were too scared to go on – Dracula had won again.

Cruelty works?

Read it all from the Jawa Report..

Graphic images below:


5 thoughts on “Brussels: “it was the Jews who have organized the 9/11 demo.””

  1. The idiocy of 9/11 conspiracy theories just never ends. Bin Laden admitted this was his handiwork and only a complete retard would think he’s a tool of Bush and/or the Jews. The only thing more ridiculous than these asinine theories is the West’s neverending quest to keep propping up Islamania rather than just letting it die of its own accord.

    As for the Russian beheadings it is regrettable they occurred. However, this is a predictable backlash against Islamania. It seems some people are sick and tired of watching infidels being killed in such gruesome manner and now want to give the inventors of this barbaric practice a taste of their own medicine. Islamania turns everyone into maniacs.

  2. This is the type of action that people are reduced to taking when elected governments refuse to stop the surging Islamization of their countries.

    Watch out for more in the future.

    Shiva is correct. Savagery is the only message that mohammedans understand. They are weaned on it.

  3. We tried the concentration camp thing in world war 2, it didn’t work, all we got was a whiny bunch of perpetual victims that cry antisemitism every time someone disagrees with them.

  4. Dear Mr Death to the Jew (mort au juif) –

    Please crawl back under your rock. As for “whiny bunch of perpetual victims”, read a newspaper anywhere in the world that Muslims have immigrated to: Talk about whine! … All these poor folks seem to focus on is the audacity of their host countries, who choose to maintain their rights and freedoms, and who refuse to capitulate to the demands of the ever-agitating imams.
    As far as the Jews, wherever in the world they go, they are productive members of society. They invent vaccines, they make music, they work, they’re productive, they adapt to society. They don’t murder their wives and daughters in the name of false “honor”. They don’t make videos of their soldiers beheading people.
    If I had to make a choice between living in a Jewish country and an Islamic one, I’d pick Jewish in a flash. If I were forced to convert to a different religion, I would most certainly pick Judaism over Islam, no hesitation!
    Wherever there is Islam, there is misery, poverty, and corruption. Wherever Islam rules, critical thought and freedom are extinguished. There’s no doubt in my mind: whenever religions or societies are compared, Islam comes in dead last.

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