UK: “Identifying muslim terrorists as muslims will lead to ‘violence and death’-“

Victims, nothing but victims, wherever you look, sez Ajmal Masroor


Ajmal Masroor blames the press:

MSM “Fuelling fury

“I fully understand the role of the media as an objective and neutral storyteller but what I do not understand is how spreading hate and hyping up hysteria is beneficial to any communities or serving of its objective neutral role?”

* When was the last time you checked the hatred your clerics are spreading around the mosques, Masroor? Since when has the media the role of ‘storyteller?’ Last time I checked the media was supposed to report the news, not tell stories. But most of the stories they cooked were in your (Muslims) favor, now you have a problem with that?

Headlines such as “Islamic shoe bomber”, “Islamist terrorists” and “Mosques breeding terrorism” only lead the masses to believe that Islam, Muslims and terrorism are all synonymous. When masses are led to believe such lies the potential for disasters is glaringly obvious.

* My, why would anybody believe such a thing after GWB declared that Islam was a ‘RoP’ and Tony BLiar said ‘he read the Koran several times’-, that it ‘inspired him’ and “it is so clear… the concept of love and fellowship as the guiding spirits of humanity,” in an interview published in the Muslim News.

* But wasn’t that when Tony still hoped to become a consultant for Sowdi Arabia, and his wife Cherie, the ‘human rights lawyer’-, made sure Islamofascists clerics got asylum in Britain, and Britain was making all those weapons deals with our friends, the Sowdi’s…
* Mr Blair told the newspaper that he appreciates Islam as “a deeply reflective, peaceful, very beautiful religious faith” and if BS had legs it would walk from here to Bagdad and back with a million dollars in gold nuggets.

zappa.gif Frank sez: Stupidity is the basic building block of the universe.

Anyhow, here is Ajmal Masroor with whining fury:

I have a stark warning for those hatemongering and irresponsible media agencies: if your biased and unfair reporting leads to breakdown of community cohesion, violence and death, history will not forgive you – for you would be no different than those who preach and promote hate.

* Sounds rather threatening, Masroor. Do you preach and promote hate in your mosque too?

We learn from history that vilification of a community by the media has resulted in genocides in some parts of the world. We should not forget what happened to former Yugoslavia when the Christian Serbs vilified their Bosnian Muslim neighbours. Thousands of people lost their lives from both Muslim and Christian communities. It was the media in that country that fuelled the fire of hate. The net result was genocide.

* Right. Your cult has a long history of genocide, Masroor. Let’s talk about it…

In a civilised world we must not abuse freedom of speech, we must not allow anyone to spread community discord or be bystanders to the vilification of a community. How many more imams and Muslims would have to be attacked before we all stood up against those who perpetrate such attacks and those who fuel the fire of hate?

* No you will NOT shut us up, Masroor. We will continue to expose you whether you like it or not. We don’t live under sharia and if you don’t like it piss off and ship out!


A Plan to Radicalize Muslims

Hat tip Mullah


Ajamal Masroor is quite a piece of work. To call him a radical would be an understatement. But this doesn’t stop the Guradian from spreading his jihad by the pen:

This is what the government should be doing if it wants to promote extremism:

Communities minister Ruth Kelly has announced a six-point plan to deal with extremism and radicalisation among young Muslims. Here is my 12-point plan that is guaranteed to turn young Muslims into radicals.

1. Associate extremism with Islam and terrorism with Muslims.

The best way to destroy people’s confidence is to continuously connect them and their faith with violence and fanaticism. They will feel victimised and under attack. When they feel that there is a conspiracy against them they will become more extreme and some may resort to terrorism.

2. Interfere with the way mosques are run.

Send consultants and civil servants to help draw up plans to ensure that the mosques are used for rituals and secular activities only. Train the management on how to ban debates and discussions and only allow such debates and discussions that support a particular agenda. Any dissent must be quelled and quickly labelled as extremist – especially those who criticise the government’s foreign policies. Make sure all the mosques are run by government-friendly people. And just for good measure recruit members of the committee to be informers – the eyes and ears of the secret services.

3. Tell imams what to say.

Invest in a new generation of imams who are not politicised and who focus on a secular notion of spirituality. Imams who speak good English to give standardised sermons and lessons from syllabuses and literature which has been vetted by the Whitehall experts. Promote scholars and academics who are not loyal to their faith and are willing to exchange their faith teachings for titles, fame and fortune.

4. Set up and fund rival Muslim groups.

Let the Muslim community compete for attention. Let there be an internal fight for control and influence. Keep the Muslim community divided. Send threats to those groups who do not toe the line with disengagement and no funds. Pretend to be friends with one, while condemning the other and vice versa. Since young Muslims are normally not part of the hierarchy, do not bother talking to them.

5. Raid Muslim family houses.

Use anti-terror laws to raid Muslim family houses in as many cities as possible. Make sure you carry out such raids openly and publicly with maximum number of police and marked vehicles. Discreetly alert the media just before the raid so that it can be headline news the next day.

6. Arrest and detain more young Muslims.

Arrest and detain young Muslims who are Asian or Arab looking, who wear a beard and foreign clothes, hang around a mosque or have recently become more religious. They are the potential terrorists. Go through their mobile phones, computers, contact lists, text messages and emails. Copy all the information, call friends or family members of the detainee and threaten them with arrest unless they co-operate. There are 28 days to frame the detainee. If the detainee is intelligent and of good value, offer him positions or incentives to be an informer for the secret services.

7. Boast about the success in Iraq and send more troops to consolidate it.

The invasion of Iraq was to give Iraqis the taste of freedom and democracy. It is not your fault that the Iraqis have chosen to kill themselves. They have given shelter to al-Qaida, become part of a terrorist network and now carry out suicide attacks against the troops from the coalition of the willing. The only way to deal with terrorists is to eliminate them. A few innocent lives may be lost in the process but it is a worthwhile price Iraqis have to pay for democracy.

8. Kill more Afghans and blame the Taliban for it.

Afghans are producing drugs that are destroying young people in the western world. Even Islam does not sanction production of narcotics. They are responsible for Bin Laden and al-Qaida. They are responsible for 9/11 attacks in the USA and July 7 bombings in London. They are backward, ill-educated and most importantly they are not willing to modernise themselves. The Taliban are hiding in Afghanistan. They must be flushed out. There is no choice but to send more troops and destroy those people who wish to take the world back to the dark ages. The task is simple: kill them wherever you find them, and if the precise intelligence is lacking about their whereabouts destroy the whole village. What is loss of few Afghan lives compared to one eliminated Taliban?

Ajmal Masroor makes his 12-point case for the Islamic conquest of the UK, and useful Guardian idiots are providing him with a forum to spread his twisted world view.

In a sane world enemy agents like him, Muhammedan agit props who spread propaganda behind enemy lines, should be detained and deported.



8 thoughts on “UK: “Identifying muslim terrorists as muslims will lead to ‘violence and death’-“”

  1. He’s a Muslim and they are, by their own definition, innocent. Until they understand that it is possible for Islam to be in the wrong we are wasting breath that could be used preparing for the battle that Islam is forcing on us.

  2. I thought it was the Bosnian muslims who started that war with the intent of being a muslim country, They murdered those cadets in Marshal Tito Academy – I thought that was the spark and that Izetbegovic was a islamist.

  3. (from al-Guardian article above)

    * “I was horrified to read reports of a brutal attack last Friday on one of the imams in London’s most prestigious Regents Park Mosque.”

    This “most prestigious” Regents Park Mosque wouldn’t happen to be the one where Abu Izzadeen and Abdullah Hassan were alleged to have incited terrorism in 2004 would it Ajmal? Well, according to al-Guardian, yes, it would.

    Incitement to terrorism by Muslims in the “prestigious” Mosque couldn’t lead to “breakdown of community cohesion, violence and death”, could it, Ajmal? Perhaps you might do better pointing your pinkie at your fellow Muslims who make a habit of inciting jihad / terror / suicide bombing etc,
    and leave the media to simply report the carnage, as on “7/7”.

    Would Ajmal Masroor be the same one who the MPACUK denounces as being a snake, ready to stab the Ummah in the back, “betraying” the Palestinian “cause”, and a “traitor”? Apparently, according to the MPACUK site –

  4. The subtext of Masroor’s argument is:

    “violence is normal in Muslim societies, so why does the media report it like it’s some big deal? Everybody should just get used to it and shut up.”

  5. Another interesting link – Masroor’s 12-point plan that is “guaranteed to turn young Muslims into radicals”. He is dangerous, as he poses as a “moderate”, while pushing a radical islamic agenda.
    1. Associate extremism with Islam and terrorism with Muslims.
    (tell it like it is)

    3. Tell imams what to say.
    (tell Imams where to go!)

    5. Raid Muslim family houses.
    (where the terrorists are hatching their plots)
    (And so on)

  6. Now visiting Norway, Oslo, to speak to “young muslims” about “Peace” and “The Pleasures of Marriage”

    “Learning to be a Peacemaker”

    “Would you like to… study peacemaking from the prophet Muhammed (pbuh)…”

    Thursday 7 April – Sunday 10 April 2011

  7. Svennson,
    Please use your muslim name – you are NOT Norwegian/Swedish. Peacemaking from the prophet – is this after or before the rape/murder party in honor of mohammed??

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