‘DYING FOR ALLAH’ comes at a cost of £150,000 to the National Health Service

Final email of Glasgow airport bomber:

‘I want to die for Allah’

by NEIL SEARS /Daily Mail

The Glasgow airport bomber who died of burns in the attack sent an email confession to relatives, a security source claims.

Bomber: Kafeel Ahmed sent email saying he wanted to be a martyr

Kafeel Ahmed, 27, who died in early August of 90 per cent burns just over a month after the bungled terror attack, is believed to have been the driver of the Jeep Cherokee deliberately driven into the terminal.

* He is not ‘believed to have been’ the driver, that SOB WAS the driver…

And it has now emerged that there is damning evidence of the Indian-born engineer’s dedication to terrorism.
Not only is he said to have sent an email claiming he was acting in the name of Allah and discussing martyrdom, his relatives have also identified him in CCTV footage fleeing one of the failed nightclub car bombs in London the day before the Glasgow airport attack of June 30.

In addition, analysis of his computer is said to show he visited bomb-making websites, and his mobile phone was found in the burnt-out Jeep.

The evidence is vital for anti-terror experts, who believe Ahmed, who lived in Glasgow, could have provided crucial information about Al Qaeda networks.

His death came despite a long battle to save him from his injuries, at a cost of £150,000 to the National Health Service.

* No doubt his fellow jihadists will refund it, they always do…

A security source has told reporters that Ahmed sent a text to a relative just two hours before the Jeep was driven into Glasgow airport.

The text contained a password to access a linked email.

In the email, Ahmed is said to admit to both the London car bombing attempt and the Glasgow plot – and to say he was serving Allah.

Although the email apparently accepts that his relative will be shocked by his involvement in terror, he says that he desires martyrdom and appears to describe the Glasgow attack as a suicide bombing.

The email was not read by its recipient however until after the Jeep had been engulfed by flames at the airport.

It is believed that the Glasgow attack was launched in a hurry after the London bombings failed, because the terrorists feared they would be arrested imminently.

Medics at the Glasgow Royal Infirmary said Ahmed never emerged from a coma throughout his long unwilling battle for life after he was hauled from the flaming Jeep.

The source said: “This was one of the worst cases of burns I have ever seen. It was very traumatic for everyone involved in his care.

“I was surprised he survived this long.”

The other occupant of the Jeep, Iraqui doctor Bilal Talal Samad Abdullah, has been charged with conspiring to set off lethal explosions.

Also charged over the attacks are Jordanian doctor Mohammed Jamil Asha and Ahmed’s brother Sabeel, 26.



Moonbat Judge Restores Haneef Visa

* Birds of a feather flock together: The failed Glasgow bombers and the Pakistani doctor Haneef shared more than a common interest in stamp collecting and growing beards. To Haneef’s good fortune, the ultimate wisdom of Australia’s libertarian judges will not tolerate the slightest whiff of ‘guilt by association’- even though Haneef steadfastly refused to talk about the jihad during his 20-some day’s interrogation. In a typical grandstanding gesture of defiance, judge Jeffrey Spender claims immigration minister Kevin Andrews acted improperly when he revoked Haneefs visa.

As the criminal case against Haneef crumbled, Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews revoked Haneef’s work visa, saying that he had failed the “character test” because of his association with suspected criminals.

In his ruling Tuesday, the judge, Jeffrey Spender, said that he himself might fail such a test, because he had associated with known criminals as a defense lawyer. A victim of domestic violence might also fail, he said, because she had associated with her partner.

* Judge Jeffrey Spender failed to establish the connection between domestic violence and the global jihad.

Link to Herald Tribune

Andrews to appeal Haneef ruling


INDIAN doctor Mohamed Haneef has come a step closer to returning to Australia after a court ruled his work visa should be reinstated.

But the former terror suspect’s return to Queensland’s Gold Coast is not guaranteed, after Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews said he would appeal today’s decision, which hinged on a point of law.

“When I made the decision to cancel Dr Haneef’s visa, I made it in the national interest and I stand by that decision,” Mr Andrews said today.

Link to Herald Sun


Manipulation: Muslim Website Claims “Indian Aussies turn against Howard over Dr Haneef”

Thanks to Mullah

* An interesting attempt by ‘Indian Aussies’- (in reality none other than our friends from the ummah) to throw some political weight around in order to appeal to some vote whoring labor prop:

By Neville D’ Cruz

Melbourne, Aug 19 (NNN-Bernama) The Howard Government is facing an electoral backlash from the nation’s Indian community over the Mohamed Haneef affair, according to “The Australian” newspaper.

The United Indian Associations (UIA), the peak body representing the 150,000 Indian-born Australians, said the Indian community felt “badly let down” by Prime Minister John Howard and would vent its anger at the polls due before the end of this year.

* One wonders why Hindu’s or Christian’s from India would ‘feel badly let down’ by the PM for having a Muslim terror suspects visa revoked.

Nice try, Muslims. Nice try!

* Australia’s Indian-born population has almost doubled under the Howard Government, from 77,000 in 1996 to 147,000 at last year’s census.

* Their numbers would be too small to matter if they were spread evenly across all electorate but they cluster in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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  1. What a waste of money in trying to save that punk. He wanted to die-they should have let him. I hope someone in need of medical care that wanted to live wasn’t bumped out of their turn because of this loser.

    As for Haneef, it’s just another case of a cesspoolian just itching to get back to the land of infidels. Funny how infidels never struggle to get into the ummah, isn’t it? Of course the fellow travelers will hasten his return so that he may “practice medicine”- his rights must not be denied.
    Meanwhile, the rights of Australians to live terror free continue to be trampled on endlessly.

  2. Beattie, Brown & co are quick to call for Immigration Minister Andrews’ resignation, but I’m not sure any incumbent Minister would have done it any better. We are reaping the bitter fruits of the Howard Government deciding that Indians, Lebanese, Sudanese (etc) Muslims can come to this country, & the circumstances in which they come.

    It would have been better to block the Islamic trojan horse, instead of doubling the size of the Indian population (not all Muslim, of course, but at least weed out the Haneefs & the like). Now, according to “Indian Muslims”, Indian Aussies are turning against Howard over Dr Haneef, and playing the victim card … community / demonisation / tainted all law-abiding Indians (etc)

    “Australia’s Indian-born population has almost doubled under the Howard Government, from 77,000 in 1996 to 147,000 at last year’s census.”

  3. I just left the following comment on the indian moslems link:

    What if the Indians are Hindus or Christians? You don;t speak for all Indians. You are moslems and the things you do to the Hindus in India and in Pakistan is not likely to make the Hindus abroad see things your particular way.

    So don’t even try it.

    PS. I thought you are the religion of peace and the terrorists are only a “tiny minority”. Then why do you get your panties in such a twist over the SOVEREIGN Nation of Australia deciding to revoke a visa for a known terrorist?!

    Makes me wonder.. and more than just me..

  4. Oh if only we could vote judges in or out of office!
    These guys are so out of touch with reality…..
    Good luck, Kevin Andrews, am sure you have support from many ‘real Aussies’.

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