Egypt calls Wilders “racist”

Which ‘RACE’ is Islam again?

CAIRO (AFP) – A far-right Dutch MP who called for the Koran to be banned in the Netherlands is a racist and ignorant about Islam, an Egyptian official said on Thursday.

* Once again: Making sense and trying to protect your country makes you ‘racist’ and ‘far right’- Muslims and their red ratbag -foot soldiers in the West stop at nothing to discredit Wilders…


MP Geert Wilders on Wednesday branded the Islamic holy book a “fascist” text that exhorts followers to kill and rape, saying it has “no place in our constitutional state.”

Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman Hussam Zaki said Wilders’ call “only demonstrates the racism of certain Western politicians.

It also reflects total ignorance of the contents of Islam and its precepts, applied by an overwhelming majority of Muslims around the world,” he added in a statement received by AFP.

* Only a Muslim can understand Islam. Kufar’s and apostate’s are ‘ignorant’- even if you studied the Koran for 20 years….

Wilders wants to ban the Koran
Iran condemns call for
Koran ban

The Dutch government swiftly condemned Wilders’ remarks as damaging for community relations in the Netherlands, and said the proposal was unworthy of consideration.

“It has to be perfectly clear that banning the Koran in the Netherlands is not up for discussion for this government and will not be up for discussion in future. We have freedom of religion here,” Integration Minister Ella Vogelaar said in a statement.


* Ella Vogelaar is a far left goose who rides on the Islamofascist ticket

Vogelaar described Wilders’ call as “an insult to the majority of Muslims in the Netherlands and abroad who reject calls to hate and violence.”

* Vogelaar is an insult to every upright Dutch person.

The outspoken Wilders lives under police-protection 24/7. Vogelaar doesn’t have that problem. Treason pays dividends…

Wilders, who heads the far right Freedom Party which has nine of the 150 seats in Parliament, argued for the ban in a letter published in the De Volkskrant newspaper.

* If being against Islamofascism makes you ‘far right’- perhaps we have to just live with it until the coin drops.

What say you?


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6 thoughts on “Egypt calls Wilders “racist””

  1. I can live being totally right, far right an even completely right, specially when the survival of my culture and nation is at stake. Being wrong is not an option.

    What is with this ‘far right’ business anyway? Almost all the really horrific monsters of the 20th century were far left communists, or socialists as they prefer to call themselves these days. Stalin, Mao and even the National Socialists of Germany were of the Left. Between them they did a lot for Global Warming.

  2. “The Dutch government swiftly condemned Wilders’ remarks as damaging for community relations in the Netherlands … ”

    But they were happy enough to ban this book:

    Extracts only there – but still a long read. Written by a Pakistani (initially illegal) immigrant to the Netherland, who was telling the Dutch what mugs they are. And this was back in 1990.

  3. Muslims always try to convince infidels that Islam is peaceful, but never try to convince terrorists of same. It’s a bit old.

  4. Can’t Egypt understand what they are doing to Christians living in Egypt? What happened to these European politicians?, you don’t have to apologise for anything. The islamic countries have no freedom to practice any religion other than Islam, so why can’t these Islamic countries ask themselves about the freedom of religion in their countries.

    How many terrorists are from Egypt? How many people are killed in Egypt for talking against Islam? Let me have an answer to these questions?

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