It’s Mega(hed)-Official: Smiling Muslim “Just Fireworks” Terrorists are Islamic Jihad, Tied to Al-Arian


A few day’s ago some Islamofascist sympathizers

accused Sheik Yer’mami in being judge, prosecuter and executioner, telling us the 2 smiling creeps from Tampa are ‘not terrorists’ and perfectly ‘innocent’- here’s what we know now:


Ahmed Abda Sherf Mohamed and Yousef Samir Megahed–the Smiling Mugshot “Just Fireworks” Muslim terrorists–are tied to Islamic Jihad founder and American frontman, Sami Al-Arian.

Surprise. Surprise. In investigating Pipe Bomb possessors, Mohamed and Megahed, the FBI searched a house owned by a man who now occupies a house owned by Sami Al-Arian co-conspirator and co-defendant, Palestinian Islamic Jihad official Sameeh Hammoudeh. Sounds confusing, but that’s how they work. Like the Mob, terrorist groups have a million interlocking companies, directorates, and property (including houses).

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Pamela from Atlas Shrugs dug a bit deeper, as usual


Muslim student pipe bombers with mysterious liquid (fireworks, my ass) tied to terror search and Ramadan Shallah and Tarik Hamdi


Meanwhile, the smiling would-be terrorists seem to have at least one fan in the nutroot quarters, who vouches for them. But no need to link to it: One declares ‘usf students are not terrorists’- well it must be the old ‘one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist’ or vice versa…

Mystery at Goose Creek: Who are the accused Pipe Bomb Boys?

Fortunately, local Florida media and bloggers have kept a close eye. And there have been some very newsworthy developments. The Tampa Tribune reports today that the FBI has raided a home in connection with the accused Pipe Bomb Boys:

Read it all…


Canada: ‘Peace’ in English, ‘Fighting’ in Arabic


A billboard has suddenly appeared in Windsor, Ontario, openly supporting the genocidal radical Islamic terrorist group Hizballah, including a statement in English about “peace” and a statement in Arabic about “fighting.”

Members of the Jewish and Lebanese Christian communities in Windsor are outraged by the appearance of a billboard that appears to promote Hezbollah — an organization the Canadian government considers terrorist.

“That organization is banned in Canada,” said Harvey Kessler, executive director of the Windsor Jewish Community Centre. “How can that billboard be up in Windsor when it represents a terrorist organization which is banned under the laws of Canada?”



Terror Supporters Defend Pro-Hizballah Sign

Sun, Aug 12, 2007
“Brazen” doesn’t even begin to describe the attitude of the Hizballah supporters in Windsor, Ontario: Backers defend controversial sign.


“People who have something against the billboard don’t like Hezbollah and they don’t want peace,” he said.


Update:  Pro-Terrorist Billboard Removed in Ontario

The billboard featuring Hizballah terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah in Windsor, Ontario, has been quietly removed today. 

5 thoughts on “It’s Mega(hed)-Official: Smiling Muslim “Just Fireworks” Terrorists are Islamic Jihad, Tied to Al-Arian”

  1. Stix Of Fire>>” He’s a nice kid, an excellent student, and given the bully pulpit of a speech class, never used his time to spout any kind of extremist rhetoric.”

  2. Does this guy expect terrorists to wear al-Qaeda t-shirts and be loaded down with armaments? LOL!

  3. My gut feeling, which I cannot (yet) confirm, is that this points to Jamaat al-Fuqra. FBI took a suitcase belonging to Ahmed Mohamed, a gas can (used for the lawn mower :)), and some PVC pipe (used to repair the sprinkler system :)). Mo’s tentacles are spread all over the USA.

  4. Continuous terror or the fear of terrorism, the never ending security checks, security cameras, and all the apparatus of state used for sureveillance to find Muslim fanatics. will eventually lead to a police state. This is the price we are paying for allowing Muslims to immigrate to the West.

    A civil war is coming, and then we will have a few choices to make.

    1. Accept defeat and become an Islamic state – that will not stop the terror

    2. Defeat Islam – unlikely, as we will have to defeat and hold down hundreds of milions of Muslims in 50 odd Muslim countries

    3. Stop Muslim immigration and then reverse it over a decade or so.

    Common humanity shoud dictate that #3 is the best option for all mankind.

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