Europe Unite: Free Speech Is Not Negotiable! STOP The Muhammedan Nightmare!

Islam in Europe:

It’s Pat Condell, known to the blogosphere for his pointed YouTube criticisms of Islam — one of which left Berkeley’s Peace and Justice Commission in need of smelling salts — and less known for his pointed YouTube criticisms of Christianity. Here’s his YT page; “United States of Jesus” looks like a humdinger.

The occasion for this rant is the almost unbelievable ban imposed by the mayor of Brussels on an anti-shari’a demonstration scheduled for 9/11 of this year. Not banned: a Truther demonstration scheduled for 9/9. Condell’s had about enough. Haven’t we all.

Here’s his video response to Berkeley from a few months back, in case you missed it at the time.

The Founding Fathers, Islam & the Constitution

By Hugh Fitzgerald:

There is no doubt that the American political and legal system flatly contradicts, and is flatly contradicted by, Islam. There is no doubt that the Founding Fathers could never have imagined that Muslims would live in this country. Indeed, it was until just a few decades ago a fantastic idea that more than a handful of Muslims — and those of course not citizens — would exist in Western Europe.

Such an attitude was also held by Muslims. For traditionally Muslims were informed by their clerics that it was impermissible to move to non-Muslim countries and thus to endure rule by non-Muslims. Latterly that has changed. It is permissible, if in doing so those non-Muslims allow full Muslim worship and, of course, then the Muslim presence can not only be permitted but encouraged, even possibly commanded (in Islam there are two categories: the Commanded, and the Prohibited), if those Muslims are engaged in the struggle konwn as Jihad, that is the struggle to remove all obstacles to the spread of Islam, and to work, employing all conceivable and effective instruments including the Money Weapon, Da’wa, and demographic conquest (outright military conquest at this point is not possible, and the only kind of “qitaal” or military combat that is possible is the variant that we Infidels clearly identify as “terrorism” but that Muslims very clearly do not). For that has now been taken to justify the presence of Muslims in what are assumed to be — and may be — lands only temporarily in the hands of non-Muslims.

John Quincy Adams Knew Jihad:

By Andrew G. Bostom

John Quincy Adams possessed a remarkably clear, uncompromised understanding of the permanent Islamic institutions of jihad war and dhimmitude. Regarding jihad, Adams states in his essay series,

“…he [Muhammad] declared undistinguishing and exterminating war, as a part of his religion, against all the rest of mankind…The precept of the Koran is, perpetual war against all who deny, that Mahomet is the prophet of God.”

And Adams captured the essential condition imposed upon the non-Muslim dhimmi “tributaries” subjugated by jihad, with this laconic statement,

“The vanquished may purchase their lives, by the payment of tribute.”

Essential reading. Read it all…


Italy: ‘Mosques are a network of terror’- sez Magdi Allam 

“Die Moscheen sind ein Terrornetzwerk“

Paul Kreiner

Wenn Magdi Allam vor Islamisten warnt, lässt er sich den Mund nicht verbieten: „Man bekämpft Halsabschneider ja nicht, indem man sich Zungenabschneidern anvertraut.“ Magdi Allam ist selber Muslim. Vor 55 Jahren in Kairo geboren, lebt er seit dem Soziologiestudium in Italien. Als Journalist trägt bei der Tageszeitung „Corriere della Sera“ den Titel eines „Vizedirektors“ – und wird auf Schritt und Tritt von der Polizei geschützt.

Denn Allam hat sich Feinde gemacht im muslimisch-fundamentalistischen Lager. Er wettert gegen die Moscheen, die in Italien aus dem Boden schießen wie Pilze – „alle vier Tage eine neue“ – die sich jeder Kontrolle entziehen und „Predigtstätten des Todes“ seien.


11 thoughts on “Europe Unite: Free Speech Is Not Negotiable! STOP The Muhammedan Nightmare!”

  1. “Europe Unite: Free Speech Is Not Negotiable!”

    Feel free to slag off anyone you wish except for the zionists or you will be branded an anti semite and will be promptly censored or even jailed.

  2. Pat Condell has true things to say about islam, but unfortunately he seems to group all religions together. This is one of the great tragedies, when the effects of islam are somehow also projected onto other religions. As a Christian, who believes that to follow Jesus is to know true freedom, I am truly disheartened to think that a rejection of satanic islam should justify the rejection of all other faiths. Christians have been at the forefront of science, have led the battle against slavery, promoted missionary service in third world countries, all by following Jesus’s example. Completely the opposite of the islamic cult. Should Christianity be banned or discredited along with islam?

  3. John

    if only you knew how much better the world would be if Christianity were banned …..for one, the raping of children by Catholic priests would stop and Africans would be allowed to use condoms. Has it ever occurred to you that the only reason you are Christian is because you are white, live in a Western country and were brainwashed as a child to believe the utter insanity that the Bible teaches.? The West must take the lead and get rid of religion as a matter of urgency and then hope the rest of the world follows. You only need to look at 75pc atheist Scandinavia to realise the benefits of a relgion-less society ….

  4. “if Christianity were banned …..for one, the raping of children by Catholic priests would stop and Africans would be allowed to use condoms”

    from a posting above. The poster should provide a link that proves a connection of the Christian dogma/scriptures that encourages or justifies the rape of children, like Islam does.

    And if Africans don’t use condoms (who’s fault is that? The Christians? Notice the racism in his statement, this ‘atheist’ is sooo superior…)

    Last time we checked it was the Muhammedans who used the outbreeding jihad to conquer, along with the scimitar, the Bilad al kufar. Of course.
    And then there is the ongoing genocide in Darfur against the black Muslims by equally black African Muslims who believe they are somehow superior ‘Arabs’-

    Reason doesn’t apply. We have ‘atheist’ left wing fetishists among us who desperately hold on to a belief that some kind of uncooked anarcho-fantasy could replace reality.

    It doesn’t. It won’t. It can’t.

  5. you miss the point as usual. And to suggest relgion = reality must surely go down as the most obtuse statement I have heard for a long time.
    Religion is everything but reality and it is the duty of every free thinking person earth to expose it for what it really is. Relgion poisons EVERYTHING. In the US alone last year more than 600 victims of child rape by Catholic clergy received over 500 million dollars in compensation. I can’t recall the last time I read about a Muslim Imam raping a child even though the Koran encourages it, as you point out. You know, as well I do, that the Bible is full of filth, murder, unspeakable atrocities and sexual perversion. How dare you claim this to be reality !! shame on you ..

  6. Hello Atheist,

    The greatest atrocities the world has seen were performed in the name of atheism and “survival of the fittest”. Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, and Hitler. What a lovely bunch. However, I don’t believe this is the right place to debate your misguided views about Christianity, however I would hold Jesus up to any honest scrutiny. Islam (as proved by history both ancient and modern) is a satanically inspired man-made ‘religion’ that is still responsible for slavery, brutality, the suppression of womens’ rights, etc etc…
    Christianity (as in, faith in Jesus as Lord, not ‘catholicism’) looks to a real historical manifestation of God in the flesh. Would you not consider Jesus to be a commendable moral compass compared to mohammed?

    By the way, where does the Bible say not to use condoms, or to abuse children? But I can give you heaps of references where we are commended to turn the other cheek, love our neigbour as ourselves, practice forgiveness, help the unfortunate. And the really big message is GRACE, a word not mentioned in the koran. Suggest you look it up.

    Thankyou for your comments.

  7. Atheist, please provide me a website that exposes the daily atrocities committed in the name of Christianity, anything that comes close to what islam perpetrates through its brainwashed masses. 500 years ago I could easily agree with you but today nothing even comes close to islam’s perpetual murder and mayhem, your comparison concluding the two major religions are somewhat equal is idiotic. BTW, I believe Jesus did not exist..

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