UK: Brownshirts, Assclowns & Climate Changers


Me thinks they doth fart too much:

Drunken Anti-Israel Climate Change Hooligans Who Love Hamas

Police were confident of being able to contain the expected climax of the climate camp at Heathrow Airport.

Protesters, buoyed by an influx of new arrivals, promised 24 hours of direct action, starting from midday on Sunday.

The move came after 20 anarchists from the camp broke into a warehouse in Hayes, owned by Carmel Agrexco, an Israeli fruit and vegetable importer. Up to six were arrested on suspicion of burglary, police said.

Amos Orr, general manager of Agrexco UK, said: “They broke in. A lot of them were drunk, they broke doors, spread papers everywhere and they were very aggressive. They were singing about Hamas.”



Muslim Weekly: Islam in America before Columbus

* Yes, we were all born Muslim who -somehow- got off the rails and went astray. Like the prophets Abraham, Moses and Jesus, until a pedophile Arab warlord, a genocidal lunatic misogynist named Muhammad, brought light upon the heathens with the scimitar. The not so peaceful religion of delusions keeps on spinning the fairy tale jihad:

* But make no mistake, there is a method in the madness: Zoubeir’s article may seem to many to be simply an exercise in chauvinistic overreaching until one realizes that to some Muslims who take his claims seriously, America is now Muslim land — and Islamic law stipulates that Muslims possess by right any land that once formed part of the House of Islam; this is a key element of the claims to Israel and Spain put forward by Hamas, Al-Qaeda, and others. Chauvinistic overreaching, yes, but most definitely with a political agenda.

Hugh Fitzgerald explains, here


By Hisham Zoubeir

Cooking Islamic History for America, Eurabia and Australistan

Columbus was a Muslim too (like me and Joo..)


Thanks to Atlas Schrugs:


Before the West declared themselves the great scientists of the earth, before their own Renaissance, Muslims already were making discoveries in science that took the West hundreds of years to even begin to imagine. What a shame that people in Europe were being persecuted by the Church for their suppositions that the earth was round; they should have come to the Islamic world—- an Afghan Muslim had proved that in 793 C.E.!

However, the studying of the universe brought forth more questions, and more curiosity. The Muslims in West Africa were so intrigued by what was on the other side of the Great Sea, that they began their expeditions into the great unknown. Early reports of these travels are sketchy, but we can be sure that they crossed the Atlantic by 889 C.E.

That was 603 years before Columbus. And that is not counting the actual physical evidence in the United States today that dates back even further; however, we do know, as De Lacy O’Leary pointed out, that Muslims definitely had the scientific knowledge and skill to make journeys across the Atlantic ocean.

We were in the Americas, hundreds of years before Columbus, and of that we can be sure.

Clyde-Ahmad Winters. Barry Fell. Alexander Von Wuthenau. Ivan Van Sertima. What do they have in common? A lot. They all provided evidence to the above statement; and it is a statement of fact, not an opinion, although many have chosen to ignore it.

Read it and weep… tears of laughter


Mufti of Australia: this was Muslim land


Hilali claims it all :

If the above did not make you spew your coffee over your keyboard, go right ahead and read this. But again, keep in mind that these people are dead-serious, and they are actively doing da’awa among the Aboriginal communities. Land rights is a serious matter Downunder…

Read it all…

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  1. Singing about Hamas, eh? Why don’t they go to Gaza and live in glorious Hamastan? Of course they’ll have to give up the joy of getting drunk since Hamas is known for frowning upon drinking but it’s a small price to pay for living among such wonderful people.

  2. “Me thinks they doth fart too much:”

    Can’t argue with a petomane of your caliber.

    “..the camp broke into a warehouse in Hayes, owned by Carmel Agrexco, an Israeli..”

    Judeo paranoia turns a simple crime like theft into a hate crime, a persecution complex of mastodontic proportions, and who said jews didn’t have much imagination.

  3. Muslims have perfected the art of “victimology”. They never do anything wrong,,ever!

    ISLAMSFORLOSERS how’s things? Haven’t seen you around that much:)

  4. Hey Mohammedans in Australia – I hear there’s a lot of Great White Sharks in the waters off Australia. Please, go swimming today!

  5. I found the moslem poster: “Mort Aujuif” And he stated that Israelis are paranoid.. ROFLMAO!! I think they’re NOT NEARLY PARANOID ENOUGH!!

  6. Wasn’t hard to find either..

    @Stephanie.. I don’t think that even the sharks could stomach moslem meat… I think the moslems would end up eating the sharks.

    Their usual technique.. gross everyone out.. then BADGER them to death and keep whining and whining and whining.. getting the softer elements in a given society to listen to their demands, thereby forcing the rest to go along..

    They’ll do the same thing to the sharks.. mark my words.. but I’d like to see them swim toward, say ….INDONESIA??!!

  7. What Hilali has said should be taken very seriously indeed. What he has done is set the preconditions for a Jihad against Australia in that a Jihad is justified where the goal is to return previously conquered lands to Dar-al Islam, this is the context behind the conflict in the middle east.

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