“Nuke Mecca & Medina”- Tancredo Blowback

Congressman Tom Tancredo intends to wipe out Mecca & Medina in case Islamic terrorists succeed in a major terrorist attack against the US.

(in case he gets to be POTUS, of course..)

Pakistan, build on Islam and nothing but Islam, is seething as always: The adherents of the Religion of Peace throw the usual hissy fits. Physical threats against Tancredo, a multi-million dollar lawsuit, posturing, ‘Tancredo hurt the feelings of five gazillion Muslims’- and of course this gem “the US is responsible for terrorism across the world, Tancredo’s statement could be a cause of terrorism”– but we like this one the best: “The West has no respect for Muslims’ emotions,” What say you?

Lawyer serves notice on Tom Tancredo

LAHORE: Lawyer MD Tahir on Friday served a legal notice on Tom Tancredo for his statement and asked him for public apology. He said if Tancredo would not seek apology he (Tancredo) would be sued for $500 million damages for hurting religious sentiments of 1.5 billion Muslims across the world. He said only a sick-minded person could ever think of injuring feelings of Muslims because Muslims never ever thought of attacking the US. Supreme Court Bar Association secretary Sarfaraz Cheema termed the statement as an eye-opener for the whole Muslim community. He urged Muslims in particular and US government in general to take notice of blasphemy committed by Tancredo. He said Tancredo had hurt feelings of Muslims. He said the statement was meant to create clash between the civilisations. He said, “We will sacrifice our lives for the sake of our religion.” He urged Muslims all over the world to be united against the anti-Islamic elements. He criticised the Pakistan government for helping the US in war against terrorism. He said the US was responsible for terrorism across the world, adding that this statement could be a cause of terrorism. “The West has no respect for Muslims’ emotions,” he said. staff report

Hamas Charter, Article 31, Chapter 2:

*… It is the duty of the followers of other religions to stop disputing the sovereignty of Islam…*

Obama cops it also for hurting Muslim sensitivities:


But where is Islamic Rage Boy?


The sensitive types in the state department got the jitters already:

State Dept. to Tancredo and others: Stop the threats

Today, State Department spokesman Tom Casey took particular exception to Tancredo’s remarks, the AP writes:

“It is absolutely outrageous and reprehensible for anyone to suggest attacks on holy sites, whether they are Muslim, Christian, Jewish or those of any other religion,” a clearly agitated Casey told reporters, shaking his head in disgust.

* Obviously Casey is still clueless about the purpose of mosques, otherwise he wouldn’t describe mosques as ‘holy sites’- see below what mosques are used for


“Dath to Tancredo” — and Bush and Obama 

The Religion of Peace promptly springs into action: 

Pakistani protestors chant anti American slogans after setting on fire the effigies of U.S. President George W. Bush, center, Republican Tom Tancredo, left, and U.S. Presidential hopeful Barack Obama, right, at a protest rally in Lahore, Pakistan on Sunday, August 5, 2007. Protesters criticized to Tancredo and Obama for allegedly making irresponsible statements on military strikes against Muslims and bombing on the Islamic holiest sites, Mecca and Medina. (AP Photo/K.M.Chaudary)

The list is getting bigger by the day. No word yet, however, on any demonstrations planned to wish “dath” on Osama bin Laden or any of the others who have, as we’re endlessly told, “hijacked” Islam.

From AP 

Just one recent example what mosques are used for:

Italy: Mosque Terror School Uncovered

Perugia is the capital city of Umbria in northern Italy. Yesterday, a mosque was raided in the outskirts of the city, and three Moroccans, including the mosque’s imam were arrested.

The news appears in Reuters, MWC News, Associated Press via CNN, Fox News and the Herald Sun, from the Evening Echo and the BBC.

The grubby exterior of the Ponte Felcino mosque makes it appear unimposing, but inside it housed a terrorist training school, claimed Italian anti-terrorism chief Carlo De Stefano. Twenty foreign students were also arrested yesterday in a related series of raids. Those without residence permits will be deported, state police. 23 raids took place.

* Comment from Atlas:

* anywhere that mosques serve as places to organize terror, they should be attacked, entered, and those within who resist, killed.

* these mosques have been off limits to retribution far too long. they are used to recruit, incite, train, and launch terror. they are no different from a military fortress or base, and they should be treated accordingly, summarily and brutally.

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  1. mullah cimoc say amerika right now this moment being destroy. No. 1, him barak obama him working for the hilary clinton woman. divert the money from the real competitor with fake campaign. him test water on issues for clinton woman, see what safe for her. No. 2, real mr. imus story of get the fired him. this been planning long time. imus him just convenient target, could have been anyone, if white and the male. this real purpose to terrorize media persons for lose job if tangle with this woman hilary clinton and the most important for signal true end of white male controlling usa. This call the impose discipline. this all part god plan yes.

    thising for purify whitie society to cleanse of the bad. so bad time for tattoo having people when cleansing time come. them get it very very first. like big neon sign on head say: i scum, please cleanse me.

  2. And why should ANY person care about another’s “feelings”?

    Your feelings tell you NOTHING about (reality); but
    your feelings tell you MUCH about HOW YOU ARE SEEING (reality).

    Ultimately, YOUR FEELINGS are… your feelings, subject only to YOU.

    So if I/we/the West DO NOT respond when you use your ‘feelings’ to manipulate our actions, you may seethe and whine as much as you want, because ‘feelings’ are never a rational basis upon which to base policy.

    And while we’re on the subject, Muslim clergy, how do you feel about the Coming of the Qaim, May 23 1844/1260AH?

    How do you FEEL about the Coming of the Mahdi, the Glory of God, Baha’u’llah from 1853 to 1892? (Micah 7:15)

  3. “* anywhere that mosques serve as places to organize terror, they should be attacked, entered, and those within who resist, killed.”

    Maybe there has been a bit of blowback in Bradford, UK, where the mosque leader spoke about a coming “Muslim holocaust in Europe”

    ‘Cartoon row, Bradford Mosque leader speaks out about coming “Muslim holocaust in Europe”’ (Towards A Free World – February 5, 2006)

    Seems there was a fire in a Bradford Mosque yesterday; inside job, or
    the Empire striking back? (or just a “short circuit”)

    Appeal for Witnesses: Fire- North Side Terrace, Lidget Green, Bradford

    Friday 3 August 2007

    Police are appealing for witnesses following a fire which occurrred this afternoon (03/08) between 12:20 and 13:05 at a Mosque on North Side Terrace, Lidget Green, Bradford.

    Fire investigators believe it started in an upstairs room which received damage. There were no reported injuries.

    The incident is being treated as suspicious and enquiries are currently ongoing.

    There were a number of people around the traffic lights on Clayton Road who may be able to assist officers in their enquiries. […]

  4. There’s a precedent for this type of action: Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We were savagely attacked then(P.H.), just as we were on 9-11, and we saved countless Allied lives by dropping the bomb. Hope it doesn’t come down to that. Damn, I hope it doesn’t.

  5. I really don’t care if muslim feelings have been hurt, I really don’t care that they are throwing a hissy-fit, I really just don’t care.
    Whilst I think Tancredo was a bit of a pillock to say what he did, certainly isn’t 500 million dollars worth but it should have been kept under his hat.
    The time will come however,when the west has been pushed very, very far that it might just become an option.
    I am not looking forward to that day

  6. My feelings, as a woman, are hurt every time I see another woman, covered in black from head to toe, dutifully follwing her swaggering male companion (father, brother, husband). I don’t give a damn about this, in any Mohammedan country, but when it happens in America, it really hurts my feelings.

    What are you Mohammedans prepared to do, to soothe my hurt feelings?


    That’s what I thought.

  7. Abscedere: Sorry to correct you.

    But should read “dutifully following her swaggering male companion (father, brother, husband, son (over puberty)).

    This is actually the case.

  8. Abscedere:

    I’m deeply offended when I see the burqa/niqab or any face covering by Muslims in England.

    Essentially, the public manifestation of the burqa is a tacit acceptance of institutionalised slavery in the West. It is an acknowledgement, that we as a Western society have recognised the institutionalised slavery of women in Islam, as legitimate in the West.

    I find this quite galling and unacceptable social manifestation in Britain.

    Enough of this nonsense.

    I realise that we have no business in interfering in the culture of Islam. But that can only be if they are in their own cultural land. In our country they have to accept our customs. If they do not, then rest assured, that even our Liberals will interfere in their customs. This will anger Muslims, and endanger the cohesiveness of the Ummah in the West, and Isla generally.

    Therefore, in our interests, and in the interest of Islam and Mulims, it is best for Muslims to leave the West voluntarily.

  9. DP111>>”Essentially, the public manifestation of the burqa is a tacit acceptance of institutionalised slavery in the West.”

  10. The hijab can be used for mind control: You’ll feel left out in predominantly Muslim countries if you don’t use it; it stands out as a promotion of Islam in the West.

  11. Personally, I always thought Tancredo’s suggestion was one of the most sensible talking points I’ve heard from a US, or any other nations politician. He’s right, we have to be capable of threatening real consequences against the Umah. And, equally important, we have to be capable of convincing them that we mean it. Which would mean demonstrating far more resolve than we have so far.
    The thought of having their most sacred site turned into a giant smoking crater should give pause to even the most fanatic muslim. The blow to their collective ego would be staggering. Try convincing your followers around the world that your God is almighty and bound for victory when HIS most holy place, in the center of HIS most holy land, and protected by HIS most perfect race is a glow in the dark hole in the ground.
    Try spreading your most fanatic beliefs when your followers can no longer practice one of the 5 pillars of their religion for, say about 10,000 years.

  12. Paul of Dallas>>”The blow to their collective ego would be staggering. Try convincing your followers around the world that your God is almighty and bound for victory when HIS most holy place, in the center of HIS most holy land, and protected by HIS most perfect race is a glow in the dark hole in the ground.
    Try spreading your most fanatic beliefs when your followers can no longer practice one of the 5 pillars of their religion for, say about 10,000 years.

  13. You’re 100% right all the way around. Maybe there is a way to gas mecca to evacuate everybody first.

  14. The only things on this planet with FEELINGS are species from this planet, Muslims are not from earth .
    They are a festering boil on the arse of humanity they are not even human they have been body snatched by aliens.
    I don’t suppose it hurts our feelings when these mutations from some cess pit kill us in the name of their religion.
    I promise you I never knew hate until 1999 when my niece was pack raped by a mob of them I hate them!
    I hate them because they created this hate in me by their actions and I cant cope with what they do so my reaction is hate, They put this hate in my heart no one else did!
    I don’t oppose any extreme measure to get them OFF my planet! there would be no hard ships in the world if it was not for them, where they are not there is peace and love where they are is hate and killing, it does not take a rocket scientist to see who the evil ones are!

  15. sorry about my rant above Its just they have done my head in!

    I just wanted to add something I have found interesting and possibly and explanation to the mind control the Mufti’s have over certain people from certain Mosques.
    I have been reading some very old accounts of some very ancient religions, one thing that caught my eye was an unearth secret document not meant for the general public, it was some sort of historical free mason Templars type document.
    Any way there was this new religion that needed submission of the people, it was introduced that the followers had to wash their hands and feet in the blessed water before entering and leaving the temple, unknown to them it was what was called given magnetism.
    now there is any number of substances that Dull the brain, there for making suggestions permeate the subconscious very easily, add to that rocking and chanting 5 times a day, there you go mass mind control magnetism!
    Iv just noticed the same sequence of events a new Mullah or Mufti comes to town the Mosque changes flavour, or some one goes to a new mosque and changes flavour.
    And considering that the old man in the mountain along with his Hashish men practiced mind control with Hash and a variety or Mushrooms which are all available in these areas of Compleat insaneness! does not make this so very hard to accept as plausible and worthy of investigation.
    If there is any thing to what I claim then we would go along way in resolving this mess with out blood shed.
    I mean does any one test the water in these places?

  16. Goanna>>”the followers had to wash their hands and feet in the blessed water before entering and leaving the temple,

    Allah requires these guys to wash before prayers, not eat garlic before coming to the Mosque, not farting while praying, and not being on period while fasting– The Judeo/Christian God is omnipresent, so he naturally doesn’t require these things. Also, when your kid stinks in any of the first 3 aforementioned ways, you don’t mind because you love your child. When it’s another’s child, it’s not the same, you do mind. Makes you wonder….

  17. Lastly, sorry to hear about your niece. It’s understandable why you’re bitter. Please take care.

  18. I couldn’t understand some parts of this article – Tancredo Blowback by Sheik yer’mami, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  19. Yes YES YES We should have bombed saudi arabia on 9/12/011 Our world wouls be very different today. Now we’ve allowed it ALL to go too far to ever return our civilization to a decent track. It will be very sad
    Western civilization is history. And we lost it all to a SCAM religion.

  20. I begin by saying that we Americans and other modern people are not the cause of the worldwide Islamic Terror. The root cause is not a religious war..not the crusades…but a conflict between those posed in the far past and we in the modern world. Islam…those who wish to drag all of humanity kick,bleeding and screaming back to the 7th century. It won’t happen!

    I’ll be frank.. The modern west has made a serious error but that will be corrected
    by China and India..We have not taken the challenge by the Islamic community seriously.
    The USA and modern Europe will soon step back from the desire for empire. We will be forced to conserve, our technical skills will produce substitutes, your oil revenues will decline. China and India will take your resources. They will not tolerate interference from the Islamic world..They have the technology (nukes/bioweapons/conventional arms),…they have human resources,the desire and they don’t have our guilt…deserved or otherwise.

    They don’t have the guilt..that’s the trick….The caliphate will be toast! The 21st century and mankind will be the better for it.

    You’ve got small window in which to build positive relationships with the USA,Russia and Europe. I’ll give you 10 years at best. Most the entire Islamic world will be drived back to their tents full of animals. Their wealth will be in the hands of others. A Saudi Officer once told me..”his gradfather rode a camel, he drives a car, his son will have an airplane but his grandson will ride a camel.” Some Islamic countries a moderizing. They’ll be Islams secular survivors.

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