One in 11 British Muslims backs suicide bombers, says Brown aide

Shouldn’t that be ‘Asians?’ Just a few days ago Gordon Brownnose, Britain’s new PM decreed not to use the ‘M’-word anymore for fear of offending the tiny minority of extremists.


As many as one in 11 British Muslims agree with and proactively support terrorism, a Government adviser has warned police.

Haras Rafiq also told officers at Scotland Yard that up to 20 per cent of the Muslim population ‘ sympathize’ with militants, while stopping short of being prepared to ‘blow themselves up’.

* How do we know its not the other way around? Could it be 80% ‘militants?’

* Besides, we don’t actually have any Muslims who clearly speak out against the militants without making mealy mouthed excuses and blame the ‘policies’ of the host-country, besides imagined grievances and injustices…

His remarks underline the scale of the task facing Gordon Brown to win the hearts and minds of Muslims, only a week after he promised an extra £70million to councils and community groups to fight extremism.

Mr Rafiq, an adviser to the Government’s preventing extremism taskforce, said: “A percentage of people actually agree and support pro actively the people that are deciding to blow themselves up.

“It varies, it can be 7 per cent, 5 per cent, 9 per cent.”

With 1.6million Muslims living in the UK, nine per cent is the equivalent of 144,000 people supporting terrorism.

‘Proactively’ supporting terrorism is understood to mean the people are vocal in their support for fanatics, rather than actively helping them to commit atrocities.

Mr Rafiq, filmed by Channel 4’s Dispatches, went on: “Next we can have a percentage of people that can actually sympathise.

“These people at this stage … won’t go out and be operational and won’t decide to blow themselves up but can sympathise with the people that can blow themselves up.

“Again this can be in double digits. Then we have a percentage of the population that actually empathises with the people that blow themselves up. It could be 15 to 20 per cent.

“It could be somebody who says, ‘I don’t agree that these guys are blowing themselves up but I can actually understand why’.”

* Well, if they are in agreement then perhaps Britain should look at some way of repatriation, wouldn’t that make sense?

Dispatches discovered that Abu Mohammed, a fanatical preacher based in Europe, managed to make a series of visits to Britain, lecturing to young Muslims in houses in Luton, before being banned by the Home Office in March this year.

He continues to radicalise followers here via the Internet.

Mohammed is filmed by reporter Phil Rees declaring: “We are in a state of war and no covenant exists…British Muslims should know that the British Government will do everything to frighten them, to make them very uncomfortable and they have to be prepared to pay the price and fight back.”

* Actually, its called jihad and it is incumbent upon every Muslim…

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But this is important, just in case you had any doubt:

Hamas leader praises Sheikh Qaradawi for his support for suicide operations

Al-Qaradawi has been praised by establishment Islamic scholar John Esposito as a champion of a “reformist interpretation of Islam and its relationship to democracy, pluralism and human rights.”

Hamas Leader Khaled Mash’al Praises Sheikh Yousef Al-Qaradhawi for His Support of Suicide Operations and States: Holocaust Exaggerated, Being Used to Extort Germany, and Zionist Holocaust Against Arabs Much Worse,” from MEMRI

This is important, because this is what all the apologists lie about:

“…because some of the nation’s religious scholars – and we do not underestimate them, for they are good people… But due to a certain confusion, they had dissenting views on the martyrdom operations, and this caused us great embarrassment. However, in his unequivocal fatwa, the sheikh, may Allah reward him, considered martyrdom operations to be the most noble level of jihad. That was unparalleled support for the people of Palestine, because, brothers and sisters, you cannot imagine how difficult it is psychologically for a young Palestinian man or woman to sacrifice themselves or what is most dear to them, only to encounter a conflict in their minds and hearts as to whether they are on the path of righteousness, or whether they are committing a religious violation.”


Fitzgerald: Ten questions for 10 out of 11 British Muslims 

The inimitable Hugh Fitzgerald on the wildly underestimated numbers of Muslims in the West  who agree with  JIHAD,- because its not simply an act of terror here and there.

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4 thoughts on “One in 11 British Muslims backs suicide bombers, says Brown aide”

  1. Nice-keep those doors wide open and let more of the peaceful ones in. Why stop at a mere 9% when you can shoot for more? The best part is that this 9% not only approves of jihadism but they actively strive to bring the cesspoolian touch via less violent means while at the same time soaking up tax funded resources (schooling, prison, welfare, etc). Yeah, these are great days to be of the peaceful ones in the lands of infidels-you CAN have your cake and eat it too. It’s enough to make one want to convert-might as well be on the winning team even if you have to drive a stake through your own integrity to do so.

  2. It was 1.6 million in the census of 2001. More like 2 million now.

    So you need to up your numbers in proportion. 9% approving of suicide bombings now becomes 180,000. Our entire army is only half that.

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