Good Riddance, Kafeel Ahmed!

Glasgow terror suspect dies from burns


* Note that he is described as a ‘terror suspect’- which supposedly means that nothing is proven. Then check who wrote it: By TARIQ PANJA, Associated Press Writer

* Wanna bet that Tariq Panda is an adherent of the Muhammedan faith?

* Wanna bet that Ahmed, the failed terrorist, will get a martyr’s funeral back home in Bangalore?

*A man critically burned after allegedly crashing an explosive-laden Jeep into Glasgow Airport died of his injuries Thursday, Strathclyde Police said.

* Tariq, tell us: ‘allegedly’- is that supposed to mean it only happened in our imagination? It never really happened, or was it the Jooozzz again who blame it on an innocent Muslim?

Kafeel Ahmed, 27, had been in the hospital for a month with burns from the alleged attack on June 30, which followed a day after two failed car bombings in London. The other man in the car, Iraqi doctor Bilal Abdullah, has been charged with conspiring to set off explosions.

“We can confirm that the man seriously injured during the course of the incident at Glasgow Airport on Saturday June 30 has died in Glasgow Royal Infirmary,” said a spokesman for Strathclyde Police, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with force policy.

Ahmed, an Indian national from Bangalore, was burned on 90 percent of his body and had been in a coma throughout his hospital stay. He had been kept under armed guard at a burns unit.

Kafeel Ahmed’s brother, Sabeel Ahmed, 26, also faces trial after being charged with withholding information that could prevent an act of terrorism. He was arrested in Liverpool on the day of the Glasgow attack. Jordanian doctor Mohammed Jamil Asha is the other man facing charges over the botched attacks.

Mohamed Haneef, the 27-year-old cousin of the Ahmed brothers, was arrested and charged in Australia over the attacks. But he was released after police were forced to admit they did not have enough evidence to hold him.

Early reports said that Kafeel Ahmed, like the other suspects, had been a medical worker. But Indian officials said he was an engineer with a doctorate in design and technology.


No Virgins for Kafeel


Australia: The Inmates Run the Asylum

Just in thanks to Mullah Lodabullah:

Are we financing Islamic fanaticism?

“Millions for defense, not a penny for tribute,” was the rallying cry of the United States during the Presidency of Thomas Jefferson, when it dispatched its infant Navy and Marine Corps against the Tripoli pirates who were raiding American shipping for ransom. Meanwhile, another mindset has taken hold in our politically correct society. When Australia sends a billion dollars in aid to Indonesia after a devastating tsunami, the clerics of Aceh were mostly concerned about female nurses not wearing a hijab, because in Aceh they had sharia law, and that would hurt the sensitivities of the locals, who came running to the choppers with Bin Laden T-shirts, grabbed whatever they could grab and ran away. The government of Indonesia was very concerned that the US-Navy didn’t spent too much time either, since they felt threatened, and in Kashmir after the earthquake the locals took the help of the infidels as a matter of course, without gratitude, it is simply seen as something we owe them.

Then, Indonesian ‘militants’ bomb our young in Bali twice, bomb our embassy, but Bucktooth Bashir gets off with a slap on the wrist.

When a few dumb Aussie-kids get caught with drugs and promptly go on death row, the good folks back home all nod in agreement and say ‘they deserve it’- what’s wrong with this picture?

Meanwhile, we are paying the jiziyah: 

Indonesia, Australia officially open 46 Islamic Schools

Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Australian Ambassador to Indonesia, Bill Farmer, and Indonesian Minister for Religious Affairs Muhammad M Basyuni here on Wednesday attended a ceremony at MTs PSA Al Fauzan in Labruk Lor, Lumajang District, East Java Province, to mark the opening of 46 Islamic junior secondary schools (Madrasah Tsanawiyah) that have been built with Australian assistance.

The construction of the 46 schools commenced in 2006 and are ready for the 2007 school year, which began last month. Work is due to commence in coming weeks on further 275 Islamic schools that will open to students in mid 2008.

Farmer said the schools were part of the Rp2.5 trillion Australian Government program which is funding the construction or expansion of 2000 schools in 20 Indonesian provinces until 2009.

“Of those 2000 schools, 500 are madrasah, which demonstrate clearly the importance of Islamic schools to the Indonesian education system, and Australia’s understanding of their role in educating Indonesia’s children,” Farmer said.

The construction program will create more than 330,000 new junior secondary school places for 13 to 15 year olds, targeting children from poor and remote areas.

Al Fauzan school is built on land that was donated to the public by the Lumajang District head and Al Fauzan Foundation.

Local people built the school using locally supplied materials. All school sites were selected based on an assessment of unmet demand, enrolment rates and community involvement.

“Australia continues to support education in Indonesia, recognizing it can significantly improve the quality of people’s lives,” Farmer said.

* Sure. Give them money and pay them to study the Koran. What did Stalin say: ” The capitalists will sell us the ropes by which we will hang them. “

Some 330 junior secondary schools have been built in partnership with the Ministry of National Education. The construction work of up to 1200 general and Islamic schools is expected to be completed by mid 2008, a press statement of the Australian embassy said. (*)

* Strange. Why was there no mention of any secular, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist or Hindu schools financed in Indonesia with Australian taxpayers money? Christian schools and churches in Indonesia are burning, Christian children are being beheaded, and our government gives our tax-money to Indonesia to build Islamic madrassah’s?

Is this a bad dream or a nightmare?

European Socialists take aim at “Islamophobia”

Eurabia Alert. “European Socialists decide to tackle Islamophobia,” by Selçuk GültaÅŸli for Today’s Zaman:

European socialist organizations have decided to stem the increasing Islamophobia in Europe by breaking the monopoly on the debate which has, up until now, primarily belonged to far-right and ultranationalist groups.
The above labels are often introduced in an attempt to marginalize all who speak critically of Islam and Muslims as fringe-element wackos who couldn’t possibly possess any element of truth, and from whom this group believes they will somehow rescue the subject:

The Party of European Socialists (PES) — a caucus representing 214 members of the European Parliament (MEPs) drawn from 33 socialist and social democratic parties — has created a committee to seek ways to combat Islamophobia. Believing that Islam is now a European religion, the 25-member committee wants to “listen” to the 20 million Muslims now living in Europe in a bid to understand their problems, as well as provide solutions to alleviate their grievances.

Once again, we see the discussion proceeding on an assumption that Muslims around the world can only react to problems that must be the fault of the West, and thus that the onus is entirely on Westerners to bend over backwards to fix it all.


The violent life of the prophet Muhammad


The EU is an eldorado for failed leftie loonies from the late sixties, and Muhammedan infiltration already takes its toll.

Even if there are 30 million Muhammad worshippers in the EU, their representation in the EU parliament should not exceed 10%, but fact is it already exceeds 20.

Its no different from the UN.  The soldiers of Allah are in cahoots with the commies from 1968 and their heirs, who are  driven around like royalty in high powered luxury limousines on tax-free privileges.

It is an Orwellian scenario. Its ‘Animal Farm’ all over. You can see it also in local politics in England, where people like Galloway and Jack(-ass) Straw  can only hold on to their positions because they’re pandering to the Muslim vote,  an undeserved and undesirable privilege which should have never been extended to Muslims in the first place but has now created an army of political parasites who feed on it.

Worst of all, they’re trying to shut up everyone who speaks up against it. Disgusting!


‘Muslims lived together with Christians in Spain and Bosnia for centuries’…

Thanks to Bat Yeor and Andrew Bostom, we can re-translate that innocuous sentence to correctly reflect the abundantly documented historical facts:

‘Muslims oppressed, enslaved and killed Christians and Jews in Spain for eight hundred years’. “Muslims oppressed, enslaved and killed Christians and Jews in Bosnia for many centuries”.

Bozkurt is a Turk. Her ancestors ruled over dhimmi peoples in the Balkans and south central Europe with a heavy hand and an iron heel, grinding the life out of the land and the peoples.

When she mentioned Bosnia, the Greek MEPs should have risen to their feet and howled one word at her: DEVSHIRME!!!


“European Socialists take aim at “Islamophobia”


They will cement anti-vilification laws to be used against people like us, they will use taxpayer funding to support Muhammedan clerics with 3 wifes and 15 children to spew hatred, they will facilitate more mosques and suppress all dissent.

Australia: Better Safe Than Sorry!

The pink brigades, civil libertarians and assorted nutroots team up with Muhammedan government funded agit-props to attack anti-terrorism laws, designed to protect Australians from Islamic terror:

Piers Akerman tries to reason with the unhinged Howard/Ruddock/Andrews haters:

What is not surprising is the struggling Nine network chose 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown for its sympathetic cash-for-comment Haneef interview or that she found him “a shy man . . . gentle for a suspected terrorist”. It has an eerie echo in a phrase by John Hooper, in The Observer, who described Mohamed Atta – the terrorist who piloted American Airlines Flight 11 into the World Trade Centre – as “a shy, considerate man who endeared himself to Western acquaintances”.


Terror doctors Al Zawahiri, 9/11 hijackers, doctor Haneef, doctor Mengele

‘Soft spoken, shy and gentle..’


* Tara Brown would have melted for the irresistible charm of doctor Mengele 

Readers may remember Brown as the reporter who let Mamdouh Habib sail through another 60 Minutes interview without answering pertinent questions such as whether he visited Afghanistan when he supposedly looking for quality schools in Pakistan? Or how he managed to finance his trips while on an invalid pension?*

A WEEK before the undesirable Dr Mohamed Haneef bolted from Brisbane, the self-proclaimed great and the good gathered at Griffith University to demonstrate their willingness to be used as political pawns in his support.

They were welcomed by the ABC’s Sandy McCutcheon, Radio National Australia Talks Back host, and addressed by Haneef lawyer Peter Russo and barrister Stephen Keim before a torrent of the usual civil libertarians, lawyers, preachers and Democrats spoke.

A featured speaker was Dr Mohamad Abdalla, director of the Griffith Islamic Research Unit which receives funds as a participant in the Federal Government’s National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies – which operates under the proviso it “does not promote any organisations or teachings supportive of violence and terror”.

* Hmm, did any of these participants ever take a look at the Koran, sira and hadith?

The ABC has in the past found McCutcheon’s involvement in an anti-Iraq war symposium could have given rise to a perceived conflict of interest and “and reminded (him) of his responsibilities”.

Naturally, at the end, a nun read a prepared statement protesting Haneef’s innocence.


Immigration minister Andrews: “I genuinely believe this bloke has got real suspicions about him and his activities and his associations,” he said yesterday. “I’m going to protect Australia and Australians first. So far as I’m concerned, his visa is cancelled and that’s that.”

Under the Act, the Minister has that discretion and in this matter he has acted both legally and correctly.

It’s called leadership. It’s in short supply in the ALP and obviously an alien concept to Haneef’s supporters who gathered at Griffith University.


* Griffith University has just funded a Dr Abdalla, B Science (Hons), PhD (Islamic Science) Centre Director, to establish a Griffith Islamic Research Unit with 8 million dollars

* While Dr Abdalla specialises in the history of Islamic science, his research interest focuses on
Islam in Australia
Islamic ethics
history of Islamic civilisation
contextualisation of Islamic thought
Currently, he has ten PhD students working with him, including the former deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Dato Sari Anwar Ibrahim.

Comment from the Akerman blog:

Irfan sez:

“Further, are you suggesting that the Griffith IRU (and the Law School to which it is attached) is somehow breaching its funding conditions?”

Given that Griffith IRU is founded on LAW derived from Judeo-Christian principles one would suggest that Griffith most certainly breaches its funding conditions. By engaging Muhammedan propagandists like Dr Abdalla to proselytize and to promote sharia, an alien and barbarian construct, to use public funding to further the perversion of free inquiry and the free discourse of thought, most certainly violates every principle our society and Griffith university was built on. Yes, it would certainly suggest that Griffith’s funding was breached.

Stop this nonsense before its too late!

Read it all

Some interesting exchanges in the comments, too:

We have enemies, the Islamo-fascist infil-traitors and their useful idiots on the left, who are aiding and abetting the Islamization of Australia. They seem to believe that fanatical Muslim-hordes can be used to bring us some kind of socialist multiculti-diversity paradise, which they so grave, but they’re in for a rude awakening.

Here, Hugh Fitzgerald discusses the noted difficulties involved in integrating Muslim populations in Western countries:

Islam, is an alien creed. To be sure, plenty of Believers in exotic creeds alien or new to the West have managed to fit in perfectly well, and be friendly neighbors and loyal citizens, even if they came from Vietnam or India or China. Only one group, only one belief-system, distinguishes itself by appearing incapable of fitting in. And that is Muslims, and Islam…

But if one really knew what Islam contained, as not all Muslims born or raised in the West may quite realize, then how could any decent person remain a Muslim? Hard to explain the hold of this belief-system on so many who cannot, out of some kind of diseased loyalty, insist on standing up for it…

The solution is to stop all Muslim migration to the Lands of the Infidels, and wherever possible, to reverse it…
And along with it, in ways little and big, the country can be Islam-proofed the way a house is child-proofed…it should not be hard to find ways to limit the spread or practice of Islam. And if in addition to whatever local, state and federal government officials do, private parties simply conduct their own boycott of goods and services offered by Muslims, in the same way that they would have refused to buy, in 1938, a German Voigtlander camera..

Europe already needs to reverse the folly of the mass Muslim migration that has helped make life so unpleasant, expensive and physically insecure for Infidels everywhere in Europe, and will continue to do so unless Muslim migration is halted, and these countries made, not Muslim-friendly, but Muslim-hostile, so that demographic conquest can end and inroads be reversed. It may come to something like the Benes Decree in Czechoslovakia. Surely whatever threat the tolerant Benes-Masaryk government sensed from the Sudeten Germans in 1946, which prompted their large-scale expulsion, was as nothing compared to the threat that a large Muslim population would pose to non-Muslims.
[Link: ]…]

People of good will should second that, wholeheartedly. Sharia and freedom cannot co-exist.


The Law is Not Justice: Richard Carlton Meltdown on Radio 2UE

* The Western news media, so it was revealed in a recent survey, is totally infiltrated by by a lunatic fringe of far left, agenda driven journo’s and talk-show hosts.

In most countries in Europe the percentage is over 90%. In Australia it is no different: Australians are constantly disabused by clueless socialist agit-props on how the world should be, not how it is.

Dr. Haneef became a darling of the far left media circus virtually over night, just like Hicks (aka Muhammad Dawoud) and Mamduh Habib before him.

Taking the side of Dr. Haneef, a rather obvious terrorist sympathizer affiliated with the failed Glasgow bombers, Mike Carlton has a go at one of the few remaining conservative radio jock’s and has a meltdown:

‘The Law is not Justice”

Confused broadcaster Mike Carlton, on Sydney radio 2UE yesterday, loses his cool with a leading legal expert

PETER Faris: The question (in the context of Immigration Minister Kevin Andrews’s decision to revoke Mohamed Haneef’s visa) is this: is there an association? And there’s a number of points (in commonwealth solicitor-general David Bennett’s opinion) which go to indicate there is an association. Being related is one of them.

Carlton: But I have a distant cousin who was done for drugs. But it doesn’t mean I’m a drug dealer. You’re drawing a very thin bow here to the point of snapping.

Faris: Let me say it one more time. The purpose of this exercise is to answer the question: Was there an association between Haneef and these bombers, or alleged bombers in the UK? That’s the question.

Carlton: Well, the answer is no. There happened to be a family connection, but it’s not as if they were partying together.

Faris: You say a family connection is not an association?

Carlton: Well, it doesn’t matter …

Faris: That would be part of the basis for revoking a visa. So if another cousin of the bombers in the UK wanted to come to Australia, one of the things that could be considered to establish an association is their family relationship. That’s one of the things.

Carlton: So there is no natural justice here at all. The minister can, with a stroke of a pen, and no answers back, say, “No, you’re not coming in. Or if you’re here, get out.” Right?

Faris: Well, it’s just not right. You have no idea what you’re talking about.

Carlton: And nor do you, frankly. You’re a pompous arsehole sometimes, aren’t you? I mean, you really are.

Faris: Well, I think that’s offensive.

Carlton: It is. Don’t accuse me of not knowing what I’m talking about.

Faris: No, you’re saying there’s no natural justice, which is a legal concept.

Carlton: There is no natural justice in this business.

Faris: I don’t think it’s really a very good thing to do to ring up people at seven o’clock in the morning and abuse them. You just admitted you’re being offensive.

Carlton: You started it by accusing me of not knowing what I’m talking about.

Faris: That’s not offensive. That’s a fact. But to call me a pompous arsehole on the air, I think, is extremely offensive.

Carlton: All right. I apologise for that remark, but you have a way of goading people with this attitude that you take that somehow you are vastly superior.

Faris: I don’t accept any apology from you, but I’ll try to explain it to you again. It was a question of proving association. Bennett has listed a number of points: one, two, three, four, five, six points of association. In Bennett’s view, that is sufficient for the minister to decide or to have a suspicion of association. That satisfies the law.

Carlton: That’s the point, isn’t it? The minister can decide with a stroke of a pen.

Faris: But that’s the law. The minister has followed the law.

Carlton: I know. We agree entirely on that.

Faris: Well, it’s not a fiasco, then, if the minister follows the law. For you, it may be wrong. You may not like the law.

Carlton: But there is no justice in that for DrHaneef, is there?

Faris: Well, that’s the law … The question is, has the minister followed the law?

Carlton: All right. I apologise again for doing my block at you, but you are a very provocative person.

Faris: Well, I’m just standing my ground.

Piers Akerman has more on his blog



Downunder the nutroots and the far left media manipulators are all up in arms over the Haneef case. You see, nothing ‘really’ happened, so Haneef is ‘innocent and his rights have been violated’- .

In the twisted logic of the left, nothing can be proven until after the fact, but then they blame the government for failing in its duty to protect us from Islamic terror.

If that fails, they blame the Jooozzz…


GOLD Coast terror suspect Mohamed Haneef has been linked to the al-Qaeda global terrorist network in an Indian police dossier.

The four-page document was revealed last night by the SBS Dateline program.

Islamic Terror in India Ignored by Racist Western Media

When it comes to racism, the 5th column in our Western MSM never tire to accuse us of being ‘Islamophobic’- while deliberately ignoring the fact that Islam is not a race, but an ideology, a very unpleasant one for infidels and Jooozzz….

In case you’re wondering why a major terrorist attack in Mumbay that killed 257 people goes unreported in our media, it might have something to do that the hypocrites behind their TV camera’s are themselves racist cowards who are afraid of reporting on Islamic terror activities for fear of reprisals.

Or did you really believe our politically correct MSM-wankers care about brown Indians?

Main plotter in Mumbai bomb attacks gets death

Published: Saturday, 28 July, 2007, 02:36 AM Doha Time
Sister-in-law of the 1993 Mumbai bombings mastermind Tiger Memon, Rubina Memon, is escorted by police as she arrives at the TADA court in Mumbai yesterday
MUMBAI: An anti-terror court in India yesterday sentenced to death one of the main conspirators behind serial bomb blasts in Mumbai in 1993 that killed 257 people, prosecutors said.
Yaqub Memon, the brother of the alleged main plotter and fugitive Tiger Memon, faces the gallows for his role in the devastating “Black Friday” attacks which also injured more than 800 people.
His brothers Essa and Yusuf and sister-in-law Rubina were each sentenced to life in prison.
The attacks were believed to have been staged by Mumbai’s Muslim-dominated underworld in retaliation for deadly Hindu-Muslim clashes a few months earlier.

* Sure. Its always in ‘retaliation’ for some perceived injustice when our Muhammedan terrorists strike, or is it?
“The court gave (the) death sentence to Yaqub for distributing funds and assisting acts of terror,” chief prosecutor Ujjwal Nikam said.
“This is the message to main conspirator Tiger Memon that terrorist acts will always get what they deserve.”
Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim, the alleged masterminds of the blasts, have been on the run since 1993. Indian investigators say they were helped by Pakistan’s intelligence service, a charge denied by Islamabad.

The prosecutor said Yaqub, an accountant by profession, is also facing new charges of contempt of court after he insulted the judge, Pramod Kode, by saying: “Lord, forgive this man for he knows not what he does.”
Sister-in-law Rubina is the first woman to be sentenced to life in the case.
“She allowed her car to be used to carry explosives,” the prosecutor said.
So far, 96 of the 100 people convicted in the case have been sentenced, with 12 receiving the death penalty and 20 getting life sentences in jail.

They can appeal their punishments and India’s Supreme Court stipulates that the death penalty be used only in the “rarest of rare cases”.
Death sentences are regularly delayed indefinitely or commuted by the president.
The most high-profile figure caught up in the case, Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt, appeared in court yesterday, but his sentencing is likely next Tuesday.
Dutt, who is on bail, was found guilty of possessing weapons last year but was cleared of the more serious charge of conspiracy in connection with the attacks. The hugely popular Dutt faces up to five years in prison.
Illegal bookies have taken an estimated Rs1.1bn ($27mn) in bets on what Dutt’s sentence will be, the Times of India reported.
The newspaper quoted a source as saying that most were gambling on the probability his plea for probation will be rejected, and that he will receive at least three years in jail.
“For every rupee, a bettor stands to make Rs1.4,” the source told the newspaper. Most of the bets have come from in and around his hometown Mumbai.–AFP

“Palestine belongs to its Arab residents, not to the Jewish occupiers.”

Ahmed Tibi    

Arab Member of Knesset Rewriting History:

“Palestine belongs to its Arab residents, not to the Jewish occupiers.”

( Israeli Arab Knesset Member Ahmed Tibi (United Arab List/Ram Ta’al) attacked the State of Israel in a fiery editorial published in the Arabic-language newspaper Al-Quds on Sunday.


Mr. Tibi,

Political rights to self-determination as a polity for Arabs were guaranteed by the League of Nations in four Mandates – in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and later, Trans-Jordan. Palestine has been recognized as the Jewish national home by all 51 member countries – the entire League of Nations – which unanimously declared on July 24, 1922:
“Recognition Has Been Given to the Historical Connection of the Jewish People with Palestine and to the Grounds for Reconstituting their National Home in that Country.”

Article 6 of the “Mandate for Palestine” clearly states:
“The Administration of Palestine, while ensuring that the rights and position of other sections of the population are not prejudiced [as in your case Mr. Tibi, since your civil and religious rights are protected as an Israeli Arab inhabitant in the land of Israel], shall facilitate Jewish immigration under suitable conditions and shall encourage, in co-operation with the Jewish agency referred to in Article 4, close settlement by Jews on the land, including State lands and waste lands not required for public purposes.”

The “Mandate for Palestine,” a historical League of Nations document laid down the Jewish legal right to settle anywhere in western Palestine, a 10,000-square-mile area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, an entitlement unaltered in international law and valid to this day.

And since you, Mr. Tibi, cite Martin Luther King, Jr., and explicitly attack Zionism, it would be worthwhile to cite Reverend King in a 1968 appearance at Harvard University, where he said: “When people criticize Zionists they mean Jews. You are talking antisemitism.”

Mr. Tibi, you have 21 Arab countries to choose from. The Jews have one homeland – Israel – and they do not plan on giving it up.
Myths and Facts
Eli E. Hertz | July 17, 2007

CAIR- Agit-Prop Hooper confirms Islam is an ideology, NOT A RACE

‘There is NO Islamophobia”- alert:

Hooper (without the coffee filter this time) smears Robert Spencer from Jihad Watch for statements he never made.Watch the video with Dennis Prager, Christopher Hitchens conducted by Paula Zahn, on CNN of all places!

Hooper, spokesman for unindicted co-conspirator in terror group funding case defames Spencer on CNN

Prager and Hitchens shredded Hooper, and it is all worth seeing, but Hooper went out of his way to defame me about 4:30 into this segment, and so I felt it incumbent upon me to answer. He quoted a genocidal comment that was made on this website yesterday, and made it appear as if I had written it. (Prager would have none of it, and spoke highly of Jihad Watch, for which I thank him, although at the end of the segment, when Hooper attributed something else to me that I have never said, Prager disavowed it and responded, “I will” to Hooper’s “Then tell Mr. Spencer that.” In fact, I do not hold and have never stated anything of what Hooper attributes to me on this show.) In reality, someone kindly alerted me to the existence of the comment shortly after it was posted, and I removed it and banned the poster. The comment itself seemed to me and to others who posted on the same thread to have been written by a provocateur — someone who wanted to discredit Jihad Watch and me by planting a comment here. Such people come through here fairly often. And now, after Hooper’s use of this comment despite its being deleted, I suspect even more strongly that it was written by a provocateur.

* More likely than not. That’s what they do, people who kill and lie for their ideology will defame their adversaries, no doubt.

I allow comments here because I believe in free speech and free inquiry. But in reality, I don’t endorse any of them. Some I agree with, some I don’t, some are brilliant, some are not, some apologize for jihad and defend jihadists, and some are extremely angry with jihadists — but no one can legitimately assume that I endorse any of them unless I say so. And certainly if I remove a comment, it is a clear message. Every comments field bears this heading: “Note: Comments on articles are unmoderated, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Jihad Watch or Robert Spencer. Comments that are off-topic, offensive, slanderous, or otherwise annoying may be summarily deleted. However, the fact that particular comments remain on the site IN NO WAY constitutes an endorsement by Robert Spencer of the views expressed therein.”

Were Hooper interested in honest dealing, he would have noted that, as well as the fact that the comment he quoted was deleted, and not attributed it to me. Had he actually done his homework, he might have noted the many times I have stated here that genocidal comments are not welcome — and they certainly don’t reflect my views, or he could have quoted something I actually said.

Four or five years ago I called Hooper, ready with questions. He is, after all, a media spokesman, and I was ready, even eager, to give him a chance to clear up all the questions and suspicions people quite rightly have about CAIR. He called me “Islamophobic” and hung up on me. I saw what he was then, and I see it even more clearly tonight. I think you will be able to see it too.

Charles at LGF has both parts of this long segment with Hitchens, Hooper, and Prager.


* Mostly unnoticed by many bloggers is that Hooper actually calls for ‘making all desecration of religious books a hate-crime’-, a dangerous proposition. Once implemented, it will doubtlessly be used by harebrained judges to enforce censorship like judge Higgins did in Melbourne with the 2 pastors who read from the Koran in front of their congregation.

CAIR’s Vision for America

One picture tells all:


Currently posted at the web site of the Saudi-funded radical Islamic front group calling itself the Council on American Islamic Relations, a little 8K JPEG image that reveals a very large agenda: the US Capitol building re-imagined as a mosque, complete with gold dome and minaret: