Religion Of Lies: “3 Types of Lies Are Permitted”- Sez Egyptian Cleric


The Wisdom Of Arabia:

From a children’s program on Egypt’s Al-Nas TV, Egyptian cleric Mahmoud Al-Masri instructs children on the times when it is appropriate to lie: to a wife, to Jews, and to reconcile two arguing Muslims. (Courtesy of MEMRI TV.) via LGF

Mahmoud Al-Masri: We should not teach our children to lie, because it is forbidden. But there are three types of lies that are permitted. Let me tell you what they are.

The first, my dears, is lying to the wife in matters of the heart. You are not married yet, but Allah willing, you will be one day, and then you will know what I’m talking about. The wife always likes her husband to say sweet things to her: “I love you,” “I’m crazy about you,” things like that. All the forbidden things he used to say before he was married –he should say them now, when they are no longer forbidden. The wife always likes to hear emotional stuff, in order to feel stability in life. The wife does not want money. She wants sweet words and emotions. Sometimes, the husband reaches the point where he gets tired of his wife, and can’t stand her, and doesn’t want to see her anymore. The same goes for the wife – she can’t wait for the day that Allah will take him away from her. So what should we do in such a situation? In order to preserve the Muslim family, the Prophet Muhammad allowed the husband or wife to lie to one another – but only about matters of the heart, mind you. About what?

Children: Matters of the heart.

Mahmoud Al-Masri: Matters of the heart. If the wife asks her husband: “Do you love me, Abu Muhammad?” He should say: “Of course I love you, honey. How could anyone not love you?” He might not love her at all, but when he says: “I love you,” she feels happy and stable, and feels that this is still her home, and that these are still her children and her husband. Right? But if he were to say to her: “The Prophet has forbidden lying, so I cannot tell a lie – I hate you, I want to kill you, and get rid of you…” Can they possibly continue to live together after this? No. That’s why the Prophet Muhammad said: “You are allowed to lie to your wife, but only about matters of the heart.” He is not allowed to lie to her about money, or about his comings and goings, and so on. No – only about matters of the heart. “Do you love me?” “I’m crazy about you, my life, you are a part of my heart. If you opened my heart, you wouldn’t find anybody there but you.” You should say such things that will make her happy and fix matters. That, my dears, is the first kind of lies that are permitted. What lies?

Children: Permitted lies.

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  1. These weasels look(and act) exactly like the antisemitic Jewish caricatures they use for propaganda!

  2. Lying is forbidden, but….
    What a shock-always that little “but” when it comes to the peaceful ones.
    Killing is forbidden, but…..
    Stealing is forbidden, but…..
    Mistreating infidels is forbidden, but….

    The buts just never end with this bunch. The only shocker here is that only 3 types of lies are (officially) permitted.

  3. Muslim honesty and integrity (right?):
    1. Why am I smiling at you? I hate you!
    2. Why am I killing you? To send you to Heaven to be taught of Allah how wrong you are – mercy killing??? I love you – Bang!!
    3. Why am I stealing from you? Because you don’t deserve what you earned (Hmmmm! That is the monta of the Socialists in DC)
    4. Why am I mistreating you? Because I must teach you to accept my loving god Allah (and because it is profitable to me and acceptable because you are an infidel)
    Now let me discuss the take on the other 10 commandments from God – ooops Alllah

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