Selected Muhammedan Transgressions Update


(ANSAmed) – LECCO, AUGUST 21 – A Muslim immigrant triggered a northern villagés ire today by trying to wall up a local statue of the Madonna. The immigrant recently moved in to a new home in the village of Casatenovo near Lecco but was unhappy with the Madonna perched on an alcove outside his lodgings. Armed with a trowel and a bucket of cement, the immigrant moved in to action today, seeking to entomb the statue. The Madonna was rescued at the last minute by a group of angry villagers, who took her away saying they would find an alternative site. But local Mayor Antonio Colombo said the Madonna should be returned to her original resting place. He also threatened to take action against the immigrant, whose actions he described as “arbitrary and uncivilised”. “Despicable and intolerant gestures of this sort must not be allowed to undermine our efforts to create a harmonious society based on mutual respect for different idea, traditions and religious convictions,” Colombo said.

* Expect more of this behavior, Mr. Colombo. Its just something that Muhammadans do. Its their cult(-ure) that makes them do it…

* Islam has nothing to do with it! (Sarc off!)


(Pakistan) Sikh Temple Taken Over by Angry Muslims…

* Just wondering: Have you ever seen Muslims when they’re not angry? Ah yes, don’t remind me, that was when they all went over the moon on 9/11

Muslims groups occupy Sikh Bhai Taro Singh Jee temple in Lahore

Lahore, Aug 20 : The ownership of Bhai Taro Singh Jee temple in Lahore’s Naulakha Bazaar has become the centre of a confrontation between the Sikhs and Muslim hooligan groups, which have allegedly taken over the temple’s ownership.

The Sikh community has alleged that local Muslim hooligans, who are getting support of Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), have taken control over the temple and have debarred them from entering inside it.

Representatives of the Sikh community said that the hooligans had stopped them from entering the premises for the past two months.

Muslims first prayed for saint, Pir Shah Kaku, and then started offering Asr and Maghrib prayers and started holding Quranic mehfils at the temple, the Sikh groups said.

According to Daily Times, Sikhs’ religious symbols has been removed from the temple and Islamic slogans of ‘Ya Allah’ and ‘Ya Rehmatul Alimeen’ had replaced them. A plaque giving details of the pir’s identity had also been put up on one of the walls.

The daily also spoke to the leader of the occupants of the temple, Sohail Butt, who said that they have taken the step (to occupy the temple) in their personal capacity “for the welfare of the Muslims community.”

He admitted that the former guard of the temple had seen a dream where Pir Shah Kaku “had urged him to keep the Sikhs away from the temple”.

Read it all

Imam play’s dumb on Hannity & Colmes

* Colmes plays the usual moron (but with him you never know, he probably is that deluded)


The Thai-Jihad in the ‘Restive South’ Continues:

The religion that just keeps on giving: Beheadings, bombings, shooting, arson etc.

Here is a good website that explains some of the background rather well

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  1. HMM Cementing Madonna may not be a bad idea, a little kinky though. I bet she has been cemented before, lots of times. I would cement her myself if I could find my trowel.
    Hannity and Colmes. Colmes is a straight man for Sean to play off of. They remind me of the old movie comics Stan and Ollie. Have you ever noticed that
    Allan/Stan scratches the top of his head a lot. And the big guy looks at the little guy and says…’What a fine mess you have gotten us into this time’…I finally found my trowel, the little bugger hides out on me a lot. Which way did Madonna go?

  2. All of these examples illustrate that the ummah’s anthem should be “We Are The World” because in their minds the whole damn planet belongs to them. Interesting how little violence accompanied these incidents. On the other hand, had these type of things happened in the ummah thanks to infidels heads would literally roll in the streets.

  3. * Just wondering: Have you ever seen Muslims when they’re not angry? Ah yes, don’t remind me, that was when they all went over the moon on 9/11

    But they were a tiny minority of misunderstanders of Islam, who had hijacked a noble religion of peace and truth, according to the official fairyta… version.

  4. I was wondering when it would start – the muslims starting to destroy European art. It has started. It is not the end either, we will hear more on this type of thing happening, and it will get worse. It isn’t hard to figure this out – they destroyed India’s art, buildings, etc through 3 waves of death and destruction by muslims throughout the centuries since mohammed – they destroyed many other’s art, churches, etc (many people’s art was in their churches during many time periods), and they destroyed the Buddhist statues.

  5. Yes, I have seen them happy – when one of their own is a shahid (martyr). They will dance and ulalate because they know they are now guaranteed a place in heaven too since the shahid can give allah their names to be one of the saved. They dance and ulalate, and take the person’s guts and blood, when a Jew/infidel is captured, hanged and slit open.

    They are such a joyful people when the moments are just right.

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