Sheik Yer’mami ask’s the Imam: ‘Do we have to shave scrotum? ‘What exactly is “hind parts” that we have to shave?’


Today’s Fatwa:

One has to shave the scrotum and the hair around it as well.

By hind parts is meant the circle around the anus, as it is very likely that faeces could get attached to any hair present there. (Raddul Muhtaar Vol.2 Pg.481-H.M.Saeed, Tahtaawi alal Maraaqi Pg.527-Ilmiyyah, Fathul Bari Vol.10 Pg.343)

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

* Where would we be without the good mufti? Without his guiding light we wouldn’t even know how to shave our balls!


We almost missed this one:


Con George-Kotzabasis


“In a battle between flaming fundamentalists and mute moderates, who do you think is going to win”? Irshad Manji Muslim writer

As we have predicted in the past, the stepping down of radical Hilaly as Mufti of Australia and his replacement by another imam who would be just as radical but who would attempt to cover the sinews of his spiritual radicalism under the garments of moderation, has just happened. The selection by the Australian Council of Imams of the elderly and scholarly Sheikh Fehmi Naji el-Imam of the Preston Mosque to replace Hilaly as Mufti of Australasia, is no less than an attempt by the politically minded advisers of the Australian Council of Imams to cozen and dupe the Australian public that they were substituting a moderate cleric in the person of Sheikh Naji for the radical Hilaly.


A not so moderate sheik Fehmi Naji

But let us see whether our prejudgment of the new Mufti is too hasty and facile by looking at the past conduct and statements of Sheikh Naji. Six years now since the twin towers bombing and all the objective evidence who was behind the attack, the Sheikh still refuses to acknowledge that Osama bin Laden was behind it. His reply is that he has heard people saying that al Qaeda were the perpetrator but he himself has not seeing the evidence. Now the Sheikh is reputed to be a scholarly and intelligent man and one would expect of him to use the latter two qualities in search of the truth. If six years after the event, he still cannot make up his intelligent mind, despite the resounding evidence that is also verified by the statements of bin Laden himself that al Qaeda was the deadly agent, as to the real perpetrator of that dastardly action, then people must come to the conclusion not that the Sheikh does not have the truth in his hands but that he hides it. And the reason why he hides it is that he does not want to alienate himself both from other imams, who also believe that bin Laden was not behind the attack, and of the wider Muslim community which also believes likewise, after hearing their clerics for so long repudiating that the attack was engendered by al Qaeda.

Hence the important question is not what Sheikh Naji truly believes about 9/11 but what he truly represents. That a great number of Muslims, after being indoctrinated for so many years by their radical imams about the evils of the West and the Great Satan America have been also radicalized, and it’s exactly this fundamentalist stratum that the Sheikh represents. That there is a majority of fledgling radical Muslims in our midst has been lucidly illustrated by the recently religiously arrogant statements of the head of the Supreme Islamic Shia Council of Australia, Kamal Mousselmani, as reported in the Australian, on June 23-24, 2007. He said, his entire of 30,000 Shi’ites in Australia were avid [my emphasis] supporters of Hezbollah (Party of God) and haters of Israel, considered Hezbollah to be a “resistance group” not a terrorist organization. He continued, “Shia in Australia considers Israel a terrorist organization and also view those who support Israel in the same light”. And with the superciliousness of a fanatic who speaks in the name of God, he said to the reporters attending his press conference, “put those words down, we are not afraid to say that”.

Certainly there is a minority of moderate Muslims within their community but who would dare to swim against the stream of such torrential river of radicalism? This is why the expectation by some civil libertarians and politicians that moderate Muslims can oust the radicals from their position of power and influence, is completely unrealistic at least in the short term. And in “the long term we will all be dead”, to quote John Maynard Keynes.

Furthermore, Sheikh Naji’s record speaks for itself. He officially supported the application for residency of Abdul Nacer Benbrica, who presently awaits trial for alleged terrorist actions in Australia. Asked by a reporter if moderate Muslims should take a stronger stand against extremists, he ducked the question and answered that the media misrepresented the facts about Muslims. What he would say to those Muslims who wanted to go overseas and participate in jihad, he replied, “I don’t know what (the) circumstances outside (Australia) would be”. He also called for the removal of Hezbollah’s military arm from Australia’s proscribed list of terrorist organizations. And in a lame attempt to shift jihad in favor of Australia, not realizing that he was throwing a boomerang in the air, he said that Australian Muslims would participate in a jihad to “protect Australia from its enemies”. (m.e.) Presently Australia is fighting its enemies, extremist Muslims, in Iraq and Afghanistan; is the Sheikh going to send his holy warriors to these theatres of war as an outcome of his pledge to protect Australia? Lastly, asked in his press conference after his election as Mufti about the war in Iraq, he was promptly muzzled by his minders to articulate his views on the issue, pleading his ill-health (he had suffered a stroke), and was quickly whisked away from the tough-fisted questions of some reporters, his advisors replying that he will answer these questions another time.


Australia needs more ‘Rage Boyz…’ 

Hence, the Australian Council of Imams being too clever by half, not only have they picked a seemingly moderate imam to replace Hilaly, so he can pass muster in the eyes of the general community, but a frail one to boot. So whenever Sheikh Naji faced difficult questions of the media his minders would plead his ill-health, thus shielding him from giving an impromptu answer that could compromise his position as a moderate imam, and, also, exposing all those who elected him Mufti as being also avid representatives of the radicalism of their flock since they happen to be its sires.

The general public must not allow itself to be duped by this latest farce of the Muslim clerisy that they are willing and preparing to walk hand-in-hand with the Australian maiden, on the path of moderation, mutual respect, and peace, when their sermons are replete to the brim with the seeds of war against the infidels, the Jews, and the Great Satan, America.

Islam in the media – Sheik Fehmi 


Sheik Fehmi Naji El-Imam is the mufti of Australia – the spiritual leader of Australias Muslims. He replaced Sheik Taj el-Din el-Hilaly as the mufti in June 2007. 

When he was first appointed as mufti, some journalists asked some tough questions, questioning whether he was truly a moderate because of statements he had previously made: he didnt think Osama bin Laden was responsible for 9/11, he had praised Hezbollah, questioned the Iraq war, talked of Islam not allowing the killing of innocent people and had not distanced himself from the Melbourne imam Sheik Mohammed Omran. [sources below]


Last week Sheik Fehmi was featured in a Focus article/interview in the Sunday Herald Sun.

He encouraged Muslims to embrace Australian culture such as football, the beach and BBQs.

In the long article, Sheik Fehmi also talked of:

participation of Muslims in charity/voluntary work.

his arrival in Melbourne in 1951

his work in promoting a multi-faith and multicultural society

forming the first Islamic Society and building Victorias first mosque in Carlton North in 1957

becoming a full time imam in 1976

raising $1 million and building the large Preston Mosque. The mosque was completed with funds given by the Saudi Arabian government.*

In the interview, Sheik Fehmi speaks about the current terrorism trials and the nature of Islam:


While refusing to comment on the trial, he says terrorists should be dealt with under the law. Extremism has no place in Islam and people who take innocent lives in name of God are outside the fold of Islam, he says.

The extremists are not applying Islam. They call themselves Muslim, but they are not. Unfortunately, Islam is the most misunderstood religion at the moment amongst the people who live in Australia, maybe in the world.

But in Australia we are concerned that we live here to show Islam. Islam is tolerant. Islam is friendly. Islam is amicable. [emphasis added]

In this extract he again uses the word innocent – but in Islam an innocent person is one who is a Muslim. He also refers to in Australia which leads one to ask what about elsewhere?

The two articles from the Sunday Herald Sun follow along with articles documenting his previous statements and an interview with him that appeared on Compass.



A thoroughly modern muslim 

Focus article, Sunday Herald Sun, Laurie Nowell, September 21, 2008.

AUSTRALIA’s top Muslim cleric is working to make sure the Islamic community embraces Australian culture. He tells Laurie Nowell how footy, barbecues and the beach have become multicultural glue.

SHEIK Fehmi Naji el-Imam, the spiritual leader of Australias 300,000 Muslims, has some surprising connections with footy. First, Sheik Fehmi thinks Muslims should embrace the game. He says so as an illustration of his belief that Muslims should be, and are, playing important roles in the wider community.

Second, he holds up Essendons recruit Bachar Houli, a Muslim, as a role model and pin-up boy of his multicultural philosophy. . . .


Sheik to Muslims: Play the game 

Herald Sun, Australia – 20 Sept 2008 

MUSLIMS should embrace Australian culture by playing footy, going to the beach and having barbecues, the nation’s most senior Islamic cleric says. …


* Sheikh Fehmi

Uncommon Lives, National Archives of Australia, Muslim Journeys, Dept of Immigration and Citizenship.

Sources for previous statements by Sheik Fehmi:

New mufti muzzled over Iraq views

The Australian, June 12, 2007.

Meet our new moderate mufti

Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun – blog, Monday, June 11, 2007.

Muslim leaders under pressure to publicly denounce acts of terrorism

ABC, The World Today – Monday, 25 July , 2005


The Sheikh of Melbourne

ABC Compass, Sunday May 6 2001.

In-depth profile/interview with Sheik Fehmi Naji El-Imam.

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  1. If I were Bin Loser I’d be ticked off at my “brothers” constantly denying me my glory. The bastard admitted doing 9/11 yet the Islamaniacs and their fellow travellers refuse to acknowlege it.

    And I aint shaving a damn thing! One can use their imagination as to what they can do in place of all that shaving in that area-that’s my response.

  2. * The general public must not allow itself to be duped by this latest farce of the Muslim clerisy … brim with the seeds of war against the infidels …

    OT, but relevant – we were assured that the “men” arrested in Sydney for planning to blow up ATMs, safes & the like were nothing to do with you know what, and it was just a criminal plot to make money.

    Turns out that the “men” are Linley Desire Jose Anthony, 20, of Yagoona (OK, possibly just a crim); Fadi Bassil, Badawi Nassour and Elias Taouk … nothing to see here, with APEC coming up, & Sydney fenced behind a ring of steel. ( )

  3. * By hind parts is meant the circle around the anus

    Hamza the Hook might pass on this bit of advice, if Nurse Queenie is still tending to his needs.

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