Sweden: Who let the dogs out?

Muslim groups to exhibit ‘Muhammad Dogs’

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* Hmm, this will be interesting. Will it be the Mohound Dogs, the dogs of war or will this whole dog-show go to the dogs?

* Seeing is believing and unless we see it it nothing really happend, right?

Two Muslim groups have indicated their willingness to exhibit controversial sketches by artist Lars Vilks after galleries in western Sweden declined to show the artworks.
Inspired by Sweden’s recent ’roundabout dogs’ craze, Vilks composed a series of sketches portraying the Muslim prophet Muhammad as just such a creature.

The well-known artist took his pictures to galleries in Värmland and Bohuslän. However, both refused to show the drawings on the grounds that the security risk was too great.

But now two groups – the Secular Muslims in Sweden (Semus) network and the magazine Minaret – have taken a joint decision to exhibit the sketches.

“This will take place at an established musical and cultural venue in Stockholm. Negotiations are underway and I think it will be ready at the beginning of next week,” Semus spokesman Hooman Anvari told news agency TT.

Anvari believes that there is a very good chance that the exhibition will go ahead as planned. .

“Partly because there’s a public interest in generating a nuanced discussion on this issue and partly because Lars Vilks has agreed to participate,” he said.

While he himself considers the drawings to be tasteless, Anvari is adamant that they should be put on display.

“Our intention is to create a nuanced debate around freedom of speech, religious freedom and democracy. These issues tend to cause polarization if they are not tackled in the right way,” he said.

* Looking forward to Dog Rage

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