The Footbath Circus & The ATM Jihad

Doing that wudu that they do so well: Universities Install Footbaths to Benefit Muslims, and Not Everyone Is Pleased

Yesterday’s Washington Times included Andrea Billups’s excellent story on the installation of footbaths for Muslim students at the University of Michigan Dearborn. Billups reports that the footbaths “were requested as an accommodation by a Muslim Student Association’s task force.” The object of the demand for footbaths is to secure the expenditure of public funds to support Islam. The phenomenon is insidious.

A little background on the MSA should provide a clue. Founded in 1963 by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the MSA is, according to Stephen Schwartz, MSA “a key element in the Wahhabi lobby, and a cornerstone of the conspiracy by Saudi-backed extremists to control American Islam, as well the public discourse about Islam in America.” It appears to be closely linked to the Islamic Society of North America, a key unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation prosecution. Joe Kaufman’s “MSA: The missing co-conspirator” provides background.

John Matthies, assistant director of Islamist Watch, a Philadelphia-based think tank, said more than a dozen colleges and universities across the nation have foot baths or are in the process of creating them. He thinks the foot bath amounts to “specific rights accorded to a particular demographic.”

“I think it’s shocking that the university administration has become so susceptible to this kind of pressure from student groups. It is wrong for people to remain quiet because this is clearly not a question of racism or of civil rights,” Mr. Matthies said. “If small concessions like these are allowed to go forward with little or no discussion, then we leave ourselves open to demands for privileged or segregated space. This is one particular group singled out using taxpayer money to do it. It has nothing to do with openness or inclusiveness.”

University of Michigan at Dearborn establishes Islam, constructs Islamic footbaths 


* There is no such thing in all of Islamistan. In most places the worshipers of the prophet would be happy to have a hose…

1st of July 2009 Update:

Thanks G-d They’re Dumb: Four ‘googled ATM bomb plan’

Four men hatched a plot to rob ATMs after one of them used the Google search engine to find out how to blow up ATM machines, police say.

The men, all from Sydney’s west, aimed to “own the world starting with Lakemba”, according to police documents tendered in Sydney Central Local Court today.

But police fact sheets instead exposed the men as bungling amateurs who left a glaring communications trail about their plans to blow up ATMs.

Police said they practised manufacturing the explosive in a public park at night.

Three of the men, who were among five arrested yesterday in a joint operation by federal and NSW police, were denied bail by a Sydney court today.

Fadi Bassil, 20, from Lakemba, Elias Taouk, 19, from Kingsgrove, and Badawi Nassour, 20, of Greenacre, were all remanded in custody until October 23.

A fourth man, Linley Desire Jose Anthony, 20, of Yagoona, was refused bail when he appeared in the same court yesterday. The fifth was released after questioning by police.

Police said the arrests followed a tip-off from Northern Territory authorities about the purchase of otherwise legal chemicals that could be used in the manufacture of nitro-glycerine.

The police documents said the men bought 23 litres of chemicals as well as mixing equipment such as beakers, thermometers and droppers from a Darwin company.

The products could have been used to manufacture up to 40kg of nitro-glycerine.

The men never received the chemicals they ordered as police replaced them with an inert substance prior to delivery.

Police alleged internet surveillance revealed that Bassil had googled “how to blow up ATM machines” and “how much money is kept in bank ATMs”.

The men also had googled a recipe for the explosives, and eventually gained all they needed from the internet in terms of knowledge and know-how to carry out the job, police alleged.


6 thoughts on “The Footbath Circus & The ATM Jihad”

  1. When the ATM plot broke, we were assured that it had nothing to do with terrorism, APEC etc – just a desire to get rich. I suspect you could blow up quite a few ATMs with 40kg of nitro, or quite a large building?

    “Internet surveillance” implies that Bassil (Fawlty?) and friends had come under notice before he googled for ATM “withdrawal techniques”.

    They’ve been under surveillance, but they are “bungling amateurs”???

    Aren’t they always? Pipe bombs for 4th of July or a birthday party, jerry cans & gas cylinders in a Jeep in case they run out of fuel …

    When will the authorities start telling the truth about the “Religion of Peace” and its jihadist ambitions, instead of feeding us more “garden grunt” (seriously good shit)?

  2. Doesn’t everyone possess such items for fun? This has absolutely, positively nothing to do with committing crimes on behalf of Illah-the lads are innocent!

    Heh heh.

    As for Dearbornistan, no surprise there. Parts of Michigan and Minnesota are virtually of the ummah. One day the Upper Midwest of the US will probably secede and go with Illah and in this civil war the South will strive to keep the Union whole (I hope).

  3. ISLAMSFORLOSERS said – One day the Upper Midwest of the US will probably secede and go with Illah …

    No need for any part of the USA to secede to go with Illah; Uncle Sam is rapidly yielding to Uncle Samir, as it continues to crank out its message of “great respect for Islam and its ideals of justice, tolerance, and peace.”
    Reflecting the Views of the United States Government

    Extremists Are Enemies Of Islam
    30 August 2007

    U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Anne Patterson says “the United States has great respect for Islam and its ideals of justice, tolerance, and peace.” Ms. Patterson met with government officials and religious leaders in Lahore, the capital of Pakistan’s Punjab province. [chomp]

  4. Mullah L-

    You’re probably right-all we ever hear from our wonderful pols is how peaceful the cult of death is. If they mean the peace of the grave then they would be correct. I should live so long to see them all put to death by the peaceful ones whose world takeover they are enabling day by day.

  5. Re the atm story.
    When I first saw this the suburbs mentioned were a bit of a giveaway.
    I jumped to a conclusion that turned out to be correct.

    As for the foot baths,,all things like that are just giving up more and more and more.The more we give the more they ask for and this will continueuntil they get all they want.

    I am getting the impression that the US is further down the dhimmi road than what I first thought.

  6. Dhimmi Road currently passes through Michigan and Minnesota but continues to be extended on a constant basis in all directions. Eventually, it will link up with California’s version. The common denominator for these places? Lots of lefties of the worst kind who bend over backward to accomodate all this insanity.

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