“Art” in Germany: Maniacal Mannequins




* There is no art but Muhammedan art but me thinks this art is plagiarized…

* This picture’s been on the net for quite a while now, thanks to Mullah we are reminded that very little original (if any) artwork comes from Islamistan…

A Kurt Vonnegut nightmare? “War of the Worlds” come to life? No. Just a few mannequins with rifles. All part of Ibrahim Lukman’s new piece of art, called “The Madonna Series,” in Frankfurt. The Syrian artist set up the imposing-looking dolls on Sunday.

Spiegel online

* Excuse me while I take a s*#@….


Evolution? From Day Tripper to Space Kadet to Muslim-Transi


Allah works in strange and weird ways…

‘You’re a woman, because you’re not a man’

Karima’s dual ‘conversion’

Karima Tieleman’s first ‘conversion’ was from male to female; six years later she converted to Islam. However, the acceptance she hoped to find has also proved to be sadly absent among her fellow believers. She believes it is her fate to be misunderstood and rejected for the rest of her life. Although she says she’s happy with her life, she also admits that she sometimes tires of having to fight all the time.


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  1. Its not pleasant, but it gets a message across and that message is pretty spot on.
    Obviously they are not nuns, and how many other religious groups can boast such “dedication”?

    It would have been ever better if one of the dummies had been a man masquerading as a woman. That would have made it really authentic.

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