Kurnaz and the Al Qaeda Torture Claims

* Suddenly, mysteriously, he has become ‘German born’- in earlier articles Kurnaz was described as a ‘Turk with an expired German residence permit’-

* The Red-Green Israel & Jew-hating, Pali-coddling wankers in the German parliament are firmly on his side and take the former Jihadists whining seriously. America is the enemy and German soldiers ‘tortured’ him…!

New Testimony May Back Kurnaz Torture Claims


Spiegel online


Murat Kurnaz says he was beaten by German soldiers in Kandahar.


What 60 Minutes Didn’t Tell You About Murat Kurnaz

Murat Kurnaz was portrayed as an unjustly imprisoned man in a recent CBS report — when there is ample evidence linking the former Guantánamo inmate to terrorism/ Source

German-born not “German born” Turk Murat Kurnaz has long claimed that he was beaten by German special forces troops in Afghanistan after being arrested as a terror suspect by the US. New testimony may prove him right.

The tent flaps were fluttering in Kandahar’s icy wind, the temperature was below freezing and the prisoners, wrapped in thin blankets, were exposed to the Afghan winter. It was a few weeks after the beginning of the American military campaign in Afghanistan. By January 2002, the Taliban appeared to have been defeated, and the US Army had set up a temporary camp in southern Afghanistan where prisoners were to be held.
According to Major Matthew W. Donald, whose 108th Military Police Company had been stationed in Kandahar since early January 2002, the hygienic conditions were at first abominable. There was rarely any hot water, and both prisoners and soldiers were forced to use make-shift latrines. The prisoners were ordered to carry the fecal matter in buckets from the latrines to oil barrels. “The fecal matter was picked up with a truck,” says Donald. “The drivers drove through the main gate to the pickup point on the prison grounds.” There, says Donald, the barrels were loaded onto the trucks, driven to a point outside the camp and incinerated. Soldiers call the procedure, not uncommon in war zones, “shit burning.”

May Have Committed a Crime

Standard war zone memories, perhaps. But the recollections of Major Donald, who now teaches military history at the University of Ohio, could soon play a central role in one of the most sensitive cases in the German judicial system. Since last fall, the prosecutor’s office in the southern German town of Tübingen has been attempting to determine whether elite fighters with the Special Forces Command (KSK) mistreated Murat Kurnaz, a prisoner in Kandahar at the time, before he was flown to the US detention center at Guantanamo Bay. A parliamentary investigative committee is examining whether Germany soldiers may have committed a crime in the politically controversial fight against terrorism.

* ‘Politically controversial fight against terrorism’– that’s a new one! obviously there is no Islamic jihad for the pop-tarts from SPIEGEL,- perhaps we shouldn’t talk about it. It might just go away. Alright, so we can all go back to sleep, right?

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  1. It’s interesting indeed how often our/Western brutal soldiers violate the rights of jihadis.
    Our own ‘homeboy’ Habib had all his fingers broken (it’s is not clear whether it was Howard himself who tortured Habib) for example.
    Fortunately this should be easy to verify.

  2. Jihadist prisoners are lucky their wishes to die aren’t fulfilled. If they were, they’d see just how full of crap their insane beliefs really are.

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