Aussie Diversity Director Calls for Muslim Prayer Rooms in All Universities

Multiculti-diversity at its best worst:

* The value free, enlightened society of socialist utopianism is ready to prostrate itself for a cult of troglodytes, and far left university professors (are there any other ones?) are the first to bend over to recognize the superiority of a militant 7th century cult:

By Evelyn Yamine/Daily Telegraph

HALAL food and prayer rooms should be adopted at all universities to help Muslim students meet their religious and educational obligations, a conference heard yesterday.

The religious needs of Muslim university students were addressed at an inaugural conference launched by the University of Western Sydney.


Asshat of the Month

Dr Seweryn Ozdowski OAM

Doctor of Social Science honoris causa
RMIT University

UWS Director of Equity and Diversity Dr Sev Ozdowski said they wanted to develop national standards for Muslim students which could be incorporated by other universities.

The “Access, Inclusion and Success – Muslim students at Australian universities” two-day conference is covering issues relating to gender, discrimination and how to meet the fundamental religious needs of Muslim students.

Dr Ozdowski told The Daily Telegraph the aim of the forum was to raise awareness and to find a way to make sure Muslim students can meet obligations to their religion as well as the university.

UWS already has prayer rooms and halal food at a majority of its campuses for its 2000 Muslim students – the largest tertiary Muslim student population in Australia.

“There is no model or national standard to guide Australia’s universities on how they can best address the varied cultural, ethnic and religious needs of their diverse student populations,” Dr Ozdowski said.

“It’s important that all people, including those from Muslim backgrounds, have the ability to fully participate in higher education so they can gain good employment and strengthen their place in society.

“We also need to address the practical realities that Muslim students face every day, such as providing prayer space and cafeteria food that is halal, to ensure university campuses are welcoming of all cultures and faiths,” he said.

About 150 people are involved in the conference including representatives and speakers from universities and TAFE, the government and local muslim communities.

Muslim student Najwa Hussein – who is completing her post graduate diploma in psychology at UWS – believes the conference is a positive step forward for Muslim students.

It is part of our obligations to fulfil these religious duties, to pray and to ensure we eat halal meat,” the 21-year-old from Guildford said.

“These small things are part of our daily life so if the universities adopt such facilities, that would be awesome,” she said.

The conference, held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Parramatta, concludes today with practical workshops.


*Frank sez: ‘Remember there’s a big difference between kneeling down and bending over…’


Today’s Fartwa:


Muhammad’s Pipi Cures All Your Ills!

But don’t take my word for it:

Dr. Ali Gomaa from Al Azahr, no 1 Islamic university in Cairo wouldn’t lie to you:

Link in German

Link in English


Muslims ‘Respect All Prophets’


* Qualified, intelligent Brit’s are leaving by the thousands while their incompetent, corrupt socialist politicians replace their electorate with a militant, misogynistic Muhammedan proletariat…


Unis urged to let gods on to campus

Clones of each other:

* University prof’s and far left polit-whores are prostrating themselves to establish the sharia under cover of multiculti-diversity and political correctness:

They even look alike:


Prof. Bouma and Dr Ozdowsky: Hatched from the same egg?

Adele Horin/The Age
September 5, 2007

UNIVERSITIES have been urged to abandon their long-held commitment to secularism and incorporate a better understanding of religions in their teaching programs.

Gary Bouma, a professor of sociology at Monash University, told a Muslim students’ conference that the secularist stance of universities was no longer appropriate at a time when religion played a more important role in public life. He said secularism was not a neutral stance but was itself an ideology that was inimical to religions.

“Religious diversity is on the increase and religion is back in the public space,” he said. “Secularists have a right to have a voice in universities but not a voice to denigrate or relegate religions to a non-space.”

* Whoring for petrodollars? Read it all…

Paul Keating, Australia’s Ratbag no 1, pukes on Howard;


* “Talking down to people because they are not Caucasians …

…not Anglo-Saxon Christians, isolating our Islamic community, putting them all under suspicion, these are not the unifying things that I believe all prime ministers of Australia have been broadly into – except for John Howard.

“I mean Malcolm Fraser, Hawke and me, we always tried to bind the place together.”

* Right: Just what Australia needs: ‘Ein Volk ein Fuhrer’- united under Keating…

7 thoughts on “Aussie Diversity Director Calls for Muslim Prayer Rooms in All Universities”

  1. Do universities have chapels for Christians to pray? (I really don’t know.)
    If they do then how can we stop the Muslims from having the same?

  2. Let’s ask our Universities if they also intend to make provision at campus food outlets for the dietary requirements of observant Jewish students (kosher food) and Hindu students (no beef products)?

    If the universities wish to provide, at public expense, Muslim prayer rooms and Muslim foot baths on every campus are they also prepared to provide, at public expense, a synagogue and Mikveh (Jewish ritual bath) on every campus?

    The Jewish community in Australia is quite small (about 85 000 at last count) but I would hazard a guess that they have – and have always had – a very significant presence at our Universities both as faculty and as students. And, I may say, without whingeing anywhere near as much as Muslims do. Time for us to show our appreciation of the enormous Jewish contribution to Australian intellectual life and academia, by making available a synagogue, mikveh and kosher food outlet on every Australian campus that has Jewish staff and students.

    Now: if prayer rooms – for Muslim use only – are to form part of the PUBLIC infrastructure of our universities, then why not include in that infrastructure also a University Chapel for Christians (not within the grounds of some church-run residential college, but right in the middle of the campus, publicly-funded), a University Synagogue, and provision for other faiths as requested (e.g. Taoist temple, Confucian ancestor shrine, Hindu temple, Buddhist meditation room/ shrine, Sikh temple and Aboriginal Australian teaching circle/ corroboree ground or ‘bora’ ring?) – and, too, a nice open-air forum complete with soapboxes/ milk crates, or even a lecture hall, for the use of the Atheists and Agnostics?

    If this is not done then our public universities are in effect ‘Establishing’ the Islamic religion.

  3. Jenny might want to explain to us how, when there is a multi-faith prayer room available on campus, it always ends up becoming a ‘muslims ONLY’ prayer room?

  4. Professor Gary Bouma, of Monash, noted that it is “becoming easier to win battles “over the protests of the secularists” with the establishment of courses in Islamic law at the University of Technology Sydney, and in Islamic banking at Monash University.”

    The “Islamic Studies Centre”, funded with$8M in taxpayer dollars, is a step in the right direction, according to Bouma, implying that it is just the first of the jizya coming on stream.

    As far as the blasphemous (seethe! rage! kill! maim! loot! destroy!) claim that Jesus is the slave of Allah, God is not mocked, and while He will willing forgive on the basis of Jesus’ death & resurrection, judgment will come in the form of Ezekiel 38 / 39.

  5. Jenny, there was a non-denominational chapel at Monash university and as far as I know it is still there.
    I don’t know of any other such places, but someone else might. Certainly most universities have a lot of clubs pertaining to other denominations so I guess they could meet and arrange activities. (not the same thing.)

    You would think that uni-dwellers, being generally lefties, would not want any religion on their premises at all. I think they don’t. But they certainly are happy to cave in to muslims, and make them comfortable.

    If they caved in to everyone to wouldn’t be as bad, but we know they won’t, and we also know that islamic countries don’t cave in to any other religions.

  6. Hi Otter. I didn’t know there is a multi denominatiomal prayer room in the university and I don’t know why it ends up being a Muslims only room. That is why I asked.
    I agree that if the universities cater for Muslims in a special way then they should cater for each and every religions requirements to the same extent.

  7. I hope Frank’s toilet is facing the right way…

    Do all our unis have to provide lots of little rocks for Muslim arse-wiping on campus these days, or do Muslims still have to bring their own rocks?

    Paul Keating, while as Treasurer and as Prime Minister, was Islam’s best friend in Australia…

    If you want someone to blame for all this Islamic bullshit going on in this country you would do well to investigate Paul Keating’s personal, political, and business association with many Muslims from about 1975 onwards…
    Particularly the very wealthy ones with lots of pretty little female ‘relatives’.

    Nothing like keeping wealth and influence within The Family.

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