Denmark Jihad Update

* Danish authorities have arrested eight Al Qaeda-connected Muslims planning a bomb attack, and Al Bebeeceera seems to think Denmark is getting what they deserve:

Denmark arrests ‘bomb’ suspects

* Please note: Al Bebeeceera puts “Bomb’ in exclamation marks, which obviously means that the device was either a figment or our imagination or a simple ‘inner struggle’ bomb… Oh well, there is nothing to worry about then, is there?


We have prevented a terror attack

Jakob Scharf
Danish police intelligence agency

The suspects, aged between 19 and 29, were arrested in Copenhagen and formed part of a terror cell with links to a senior al-Qaeda figure, police said.

They were of Afghan, Pakistani, Somali and Turkish origin and six were Danish citizens, police said.

Denmark’s contribution to the US-led military campaign in Iraq has prompted fears that terrorists may target it.

The country also drew anger from Muslims worldwide after a Danish newspaper last year printed cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

‘Unstable explosive’

Police said they raided 11 addresses overnight on Monday in and around Copenhagen.

Buildings in the city’s southern suburb of Ishoej and its Noerrebro district – both with large immigrant populations – were among those cordoned off by police.

Link: Islamist Website Hosted in Minnesota Calls for Suicide Operations in Denmark


Danes apologize to Islam


Norway: Religion of Inner Struggle Plotting Terror Attacks

Three Muslims have been indicted in Norway in connection with attacks on a synagogue and a plot to attack the US and Israeli embassies.

OSLO, Norway (AP) — Three men have been indicted on charges connected with an attack on an Oslo synagogue or plotting to attack the U.S. or Israeli embassies in the Norwegian capital, the national prosecutor said Tuesday.

All charges related to the cases were dropped against a fourth man, said prosecutor Kristine Rise. He had been identified in earlier court rulings as 29-year-old Mohammed Adnan Nabi.

The others have also denied any wrongdoing, and their attorneys said the basis for the indictments was weak.

Arfan Bhatti, 30, was indicted on charges of firing gunshots at Norway’s main synagogue in September 2006, for conspiring to commit a terror attack on the embassies and on other unrelated charges.

Andreas Bog Kristiansen, 27, was indicted with Bhatti on charges of plotting to use explosives or weapons to attack the U.S. or Israeli embassies, and conspiring to commit armed robbery. Ibrahim Oezbabacan, 29, was indicted, with Bhatti, for either firing or being an accomplice to 13 shots being fired at the Oslo synagogue.


Sweden: Cartoon Rage & Litigation Jihad

Swedish Muslim group to sue newspaper over Muhammad drawing


* The soldiers of Allah tried it in France but failed. But extreme cowardice, irrational fear and self censorship in the newsrooms of the Western media clearly shows the (desired) effects of blackmail and intimidation by the adherents of the RoP:

Swedish Muslim group to sue newspaper over Muhammad drawing

An update on this story, from the Associated Press:


A Swedish Muslim group on Tuesday said it plans to sue a local newspaper for publishing a drawing of the Prophet Muhammad with a dog’s body. The Nerikes Allehanda newspaper in Orebro printed the cartoon made by artist Lars Vilks in an August 19 editorial that criticized Swedish art galleries for not displaying Vilks’ art.
Mahmoud Aldebe, chairman of the Swedish Muslim Federation, said the group would sue the newspaper for inciting hatred against ethnic groups. “It ridicules our religion. This is discriminating and insulting… they want to see just how far they are able to go by pushing the boundaries of press freedom,” he said.


All together now: Which ethnic group is Islam again? And for that matter, the paper has not at all overstepped the boundaries of Western freedom of the press — boundaries which should not be moved to give Islam any special status.

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  1. * Islamist Website Hosted in Minnesota Calls for Suicide Operations in Denmark

    And the US Department of Homeland Security is doing what, exactly?
    Attending the ISNA conference, perhaps, to assure the peaceful ones they won’t be targetted & profiled.

    Out of curiosity, I tested the treasonous, seditious jihad site in SurfControl: is not in our list

  2. And in Germany, 3 misunderstood victims of islamophobia have been arrested with 700kg of hydrogen peroxide intended for explosives to blow up Frankfurt airport & Ramstein base … oops, for use in their hair salon.

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